Courage: 70 House Republicans take on GOP leadership over immigration

Chris Matthews reaches unprecedented level of insanity in Cruz attack

On his MSNBC show yesterday, Chris Matthews compared Texas Senator Ted Cruz to a 1930s anti-Semitic radio priest and Joseph McCarthy. Believe it or not, Matthews was once a decent broadcaster, able to navigate both sides of an issue. But in recent years he sounds like he belongs in an insane asylum. WATCH

Courage: 70 House Republicans take on GOP leadership over immigration

This morning, TheBlaze exclusively reported that 70 House Republicans are planning for a showdown with Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) over the immigration bill congressional leadership is trying to push through by July 4. It’s easy to paint all politicians as politically expedient fools (and most times you’d be right), but the decision of these 70 Republicans to stand up to the majority is one of the most courageous acts we have seen in a long time. This issue is no longer political. It is moral. Glenn explains on radio this morning.

What is Glenn’s true gift?

Glenn talks about how he now sees his job as being that of a storyteller, and his latest endeavors are demonstrating his commitment to that ideal. From his latest book The Eye of Moloch – which was written months ago but in light of the NSA scandal appears clairvoyant – to the upcoming July 4th live presentation of Man in the Moon, Glenn is putting his great storytelling abilities to good use. More on both projects and the future today on radio.

Misfits changed the world

We are living in a time where anyone speaking truth becomes an outcast. Try to convince someone on the left that ‘free healthcare’ isn’t really free or why taxing the rich is a bad idea. You will be mocked, vilified until you become a misfit. But that’s okay – Glenn explains on radio how misfits (like George Whitfield, the Wright brothers, Ben Franklin & others) were all misfits too. And they changed the world. MORE

Glenn: The only chance of survival is to change your heart

Glenn became emotional on radio today as he talked about what is coming in the days ahead with the immigration battle and other political fights. Progressives have already nudged and nudged – with the IRS and other scandals – the only thing left is a shove. We must be ready to stand our ground – and the only way to successfully do that is by changing our hearts. Glenn explains on radio today.

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WATCH: Wisconsin state senator delivers incredible anti-abortion testimony

The debate over a bill requiring women to undergo an ultrasound procedure before being permitted to have an abortion resulted in an explosive shouting match on the floor of the Wisconsin Senate Wednesday. Watch one Republican state senator’s eloquent and impassioned plea for the anti-abortion legislation HERE.

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Stu finds his happy place, tries to keep sanity among insane news

Stu filled in for Glenn on TV last night and gave a solid monologue that featured him trying his best not to let the aggravating news-of-the-day ruin his mood. It proved to be harder than it sounds, given the extremely frustrating news breaking this week about the NSA scandal and immigration battle. See Stu’s mono HERE.

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The answer to illegal immigration

Pat & Stu offer up their idea on how to deal with illegal immigration. WATCH

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