Pelosi: Abortion is ‘sacred’ because of my Catholic religion

Gohmert Rips Mueller for ignoring Boston mosque

In the testimony regarding the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings, Rep. Louis Gohmert shredded FBI chief Robert Mueller’s weak answers. Mueller’s big defense on not looking at the mosque was that they were there before the bombing, but as part of their ‘outreach’ not an investigation. More on the stunning details from radio today.

Pelosi: Abortion is ‘sacred’ because of my Catholic religion

Nancy Pelosi gave a peculiar reason this week as to why she is against a bill that would ban abortions after the 4 month period. After erroneously claiming it would ban ‘all abortions’, Pelosi said she felt abortion was a ‘sacred’ topic because of her Catholic faith. The Catholic Church is against all forms of abortion. What is Pelosi talking about? Glenn has audio & reaction on radio today.

Obama’s pick for #2 CIA spot also into hosting erotic book readings

Given that Obama was introduced at a gay/lesbian event by a pair of three-year-olds, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that he’s also totally cool with hiring people who love sharing erotica with the public. After buying an old strip club, Obama’s choice for the #2 CIA spot turned the club into a regular meeting place for fans of erotica. Just another day at the office for Obama. Glenn reacts on radio today. WATCH

Intern Blog: Perry goes to Washington

In part two of our Intern Blog, marketing intern Perry describes her experience planning and attending TheBlaze’s “News and Politics in a Multi-Platform World” reception in Washington D.C. this week. As if moving from the mountains of Tennessee to New York City wasn’t scary enough, imagine being asked to go to D.C. your second week on the job. Read the rest of Perry’s story HERE.

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Rep. Steve King: If you grant amnesty, you can never enforce immigration again

Glenn interviewed Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on radio today about the ‘Gang of 8’ immigration bill being pushed in Congress and what the ‘Gang of 70’ House Republicans plan to do about it. Get the latest from radio today.

What exactly does the FBI director do? Doesn’t know anything about IRS either

It’s been a rough week for FBI director Robert Mueller as he has been grilled on several issues in DC this week. The investigation into the IRS scandal was another big issue, and Mueller didn’t appear to know anything about anything. What is Mueller doing all day long? He couldn’t answer even the most basic questions. WATCH

The Father’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift that your dad is sure to love? We’ve teamed up with 1791 and the Marketplace to put together some great gift ideas. Check out all the products HERE.

Equal Justice is not the same as Special Justice

Last night on TheBlaze TV, Glenn took a hard look at the immigration bill and explained why progressives are wrong when they say it’s a solution to a Civil Rights issue. Why is the bill insulting to the people who come to the United States legally? WATCH

Genius: Rep. Mary Landrieu says we shouldn’t build a ‘dumb ‘ border fence … in South Dakota

Rep. Mary Landrieu condescendingly mocked the idea of building a ‘dumb’ border fence to keep illegals from crossing into the country along the ‘South Dakota’ border with Canada. Yep, it would be dumb to build a fence there, since it does NOT border Canada.

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