80% oppose Obama on this…

Belly of the beast: Glenn is heading to DC – here’s why
Glenn is going to Washington D.C. on Wednesday to stand against the immigration reform bill being presented by the ‘Gang of Eight’. But he’s going for more than just that. Glenn passionately explains on radio today how we have been used by the media, and those in power both politically and in massive corporations. “I am not a sheep. You are not my rancher. I do not answer to your voice. I only answer to one voice.” See the rest and find out how you can stand with Glenn in D.C. by clicking HERE.

Glenn, Ann Coulter, and 80% of America agree – No Amnesty
Glenn spoke with the always outspoken Ann Coulter on radio this morning about the GOP’s push for an amnesty bill. Coulter says the GOP elite are worried about missing out on a ‘vote bonanza’ if they fail to pass a bill. Check out the rest of the interview.

Glenn: The immigration bill threatens America’s principles
Glenn argued that the country does not survive the Immigration bill being pushed by the ‘Gang of Eight’ because it targets those who aren’t coming here to be Americans. Nowhere in any of the debates on the issue is anyone talking about American principles and what it really means to be an American. Glenn explains why that’s so dangerous on radio today – WATCH

Immigration activists dump shoes ‘of the fathers he’s deported’ outside Kansas Secretary of State’s home
On Saturday, members of the Kansas nonprofit, Sunflower Community Action, marched in an immigration protest on the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach leaving behind a pile of shoes “of the fathers he’s deported.” Just who is the Sunflower Community Action group? Well, they have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for their work in “advancing economic and social justice.” Glenn shares more on radio this morning.

“Being a dad is so hard”
Glenn talked about his experiences as a child and how that has formed his years as a parent. He explained how difficult and humbling being a dad really is. No matter how hard you try, it is a given that you will mess something up. So what’s the best way to be a good dad? Glenn shares his thoughts on radio. WATCH

Moving Father’s Day video captures everything that’s great about dadWATCH

‘This is a test’ Pat gets busted giving the worst parenting advice ever
Coming off Father’s Day, Glenn and Pat shared a few war stories about how difficult it is to be a parent. After Glenn dished about crushing his 13-year-old daughter’s heart, Pat trumped it with some of the worst parenting advice he’d ever given. WATCH

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WATCH: The B.S. of A. takes on the NSA
The NSA tries out a new spying tactic: First-hand information retrieval. What could possibly go wrong?

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