How progressives on the left and right killed tens of thousands in Syria

‘Free at last’: LA State Senator’s stunning vid explaining why he left the ‘government plantation’

Former Democratic Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory produced a video explaining in detail why he chose to leave the Democratic Party. Based on the content, it’s hard to imagine how he ever was a Democrat in the first place. It’s a moving video and one that is very, very difficult to disagree with. See the video and Glenn’s reaction on radio today.

Was John Roberts intimidated into ruling in favor of Obamacare?

On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) about his new book Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare. Was Chief Justice John Roberts coerced into switching his vote? Why does the argument that Roberts made a brilliant political decision not make sense? Sen. Lee explained this and much more. WATCH

Yeah, right! Obama defends his ‘transparent’ administration

During an interview with Charlie Rose, President Obama touted his administration’s ‘transparent’ handling of the NSA surveillance programs. He also may or may not have taken credit for creating the FISA court system – even though he openly opposed the surveillance techniques and courts as a senator. In the words of the New York Times, Obama has ‘now lost all credibility on the issue.’ See more HERE.

How progressives on the left and right killed tens of thousands in Syria

Glenn explained on radio today how all of the violence in the Middle East has come to pass because of one thing: progressives. After encouraging riots and uprisings to violently oust dictators in multiple countries, when will someone catch on that it’s American progressives, like Bill Kristol, leading the charge and inciting the violence? Glenn has more HERE.

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Glenn interviews Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach about immigration protest

Yesterday, Glenn shared the story of Kansas State Attorney General Kris Kobach who was targeted over the weekend by members of the pro-immigration reform group Sunflower Community Action Network. Kobach, one of the architects of the Arizona immigration bill, called into the radio program this morning to speak about the nearly 700 protesters from the ACORN affiliated group who marched outside his house and why he will not be coerced into backing down from his stance on immigration. Watch the entire interview HERE.

Is this America’s Sumner moment?

Glenn told the story of Charles Sumner, who stood up to slavery on the floor of Congress and was beaten to within an inch of his life, right there in front of his Congressional colleagues. Those in power were desperately clinging on to what authority they had and could not see what is right. Sounds a lot like today. America is supporting terrorists in the Syrian conflict and failing to see the obvious evil we are providing aid to. Glenn had more on radio.

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