Obama: ‘U.S. persons’ are safe from surveillance

‘Evil will stand if good men do nothing’ Glenn gives rousing speech outside the Capitol

Conservatives were busy in the nation’s capital. Members of Congress and activists were holding two separate gatherings: One to protest the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, and the other to inform the country of the immigration reform bill sneaking it’s way through Congress. Glenn gave a rousing speech at the events — his first at such an event in the Capitol since Restoring Honor. And, in a way only Glenn could, he raised the level of discourse from the IRS to the bigger issue: Civil Rights. Check out photos, videos and Glenn’s full speech HERE.

Glenn remembers his good friend, author Vince Flynn

This morning we learned that bestselling author Vince Flynn died at the age of 47 after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer. Glenn and Vince had been friends for many years, and this morning on radio, Glenn shared a heartfelt tribute to the man who was taken from this world far too soon. READ

Obama: ‘U.S. persons’ are safe from surveillance

Yesterday, we told you how President Obama sat down with Charlie Rose and told the world his administration is tremendously ‘transparent’ when it comes to NSA surveillance techniques. Today, Glenn shared another gem from the interview. When asked who can be targeted by the NSA, Obama responded that ‘U.S. persons’ are safe from the spying. So what exactly is a ‘U.S. person’, Mr. President? Glenn reacts HERE.

WATCH: Reporter stumps Congresswoman with abortion question

What happens when a reporter uses the left’s logic on gun-control in a question about abortion? The Congresswoman can’t form a coherent answer, of course. Watch Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) stumble through an awkward answer about why she opposed legislation to ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks – even if it would ‘save one life’ HERE.

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Florida hotel backs out of hosting FreedomWorks event

On radio this morning, Glenn spoke with the FreedomWorks director of grassroots initiatives, Whitney Neal, who explained that the Ritz Carlton in Orlando cancelled the conservative group’s reservations — after the group had already paid for and booked the space for grassroots-training program about Common Core. Was the group politically targeted? And what is the hotel’s response to Neal’s claims. WATCH

Was there anti-Tea Party discrimination on the ground at today’s D.C. press conference?

A voicemail was allegedly left by a Capitol Hill Police Officer for a Tea Party organizer trying to block its rally-goers from attending a congressional press conference. Is this discrimination or was there a legitimate reason for the call? Get the details HERE.

The new Civil Rights fight: Protecting freedom of religion

Pastor Ken Hutcherson and Rabbi Daniel Lapin joined Glenn on the radio show this morning to talk about the new Civil Rights movement they see developing in America. For Hutcherson, who lived through the Civil Rights fight of the 1960s, the similarities he sees between then and now are staggering. Race may no longer be an issue, but our freedom of religion is under attack. It’s time to stand up! STORY

What is the message that can unite all Americans?

On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn made an argument that he has made many times before: history is repeating itself. In light of the ongoing immigration debate and the countless scandals plaguing the United States, it is easy to be discouraged. Instead of fixing the problems, Glenn explained that we are simply redefining them to make ourselves feel better. But there is hope. Find out the message that can unify America HERE.

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