Glenn ruthlessly mocks Geraldo’s selfie

Glenn tweets horrifying selfie in response to Geraldo

Ok fine, it wasn’t nearly as horrifying as Geraldo’s ill-advised, basically nude selfie bathroom pic that made America vomit, but any selfie of Glenn has a built in level of disturbia. What in the world was Geraldo thinking? How could he possibly think publishing a semi-nude picture was a good idea? Glenn explains on radio today.

Glenn responds to Zimmerman verdict

In his first radio monologue since vacation, Glenn addressed one of the biggest news stories to break since his departure: George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the murder of Trayvon Martin. While Glenn doesn’t agree with Zimmerman’s actions, the fact remains that the jury found the man not guilty after the facts were presented to them in the case. But in the wake of the jury’s decision, America seems more divided on race than it has in decades. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Glenn shares his thoughts on the division in the country since the verdict was reached and why it’s happening. WATCH

Yes, Glenn put on some condoms during radio today

If the Glenn bathroom selfie didn’t trigger your creep-o-meter, it’s a safe bet that the condom headline just did. In response to the MSNBC host who wore tampon earrings in a bizarre defiance of anti-abortion laws, Glenn made an absolute mockery of the stunt by slipping on a condom glove. WATCH

Glenn is BACK! Catch up today’s radio show HERE and don’t miss tonight’s TV show as Glenn takes on all the news he missed last week on vacation. He also has a pretty crazy beard going, which you can only see on TheBlaze TV! Watch live or on demand HERE.

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Ken Hutcherson: “Put Jesus in front of our blackness”

WARNING: HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL OPINIONS (aka a little bit of harsh truth). The George Zimmerman trial has left a feeling of intense racial divide in America, and people like Al Sharpton are only fanning the flames. Pastor Ken Hutcherson came on the radio show today and discussed what he believes is causing people to be unable to look at the realities of the Trayvon Martin case. What are they? Find out HERE.

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Detroit: A hot progressive mess

It’s hardly shocking that the city of Detroit became the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy last week. In fact, it’s been a long time coming. But what went wrong? Just 50 years ago, Detroit, the birthplace of the middle class, was the richest city in the country. The answer: Progressives. Once they got involved it all went downhill. Is Detroit just a few years ahead of the rest of the country if Americans don’t stop electing progressives? Glenn discussed that and more on radio — WATCH.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: Will the President’s economic plans make Detroit look like child’s play?
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