Does Mike Lee have the formula for stopping Obamacare?

Weiner relapses as ‘Carlos Danger’

Anthony Weiner is apparently not finished sexting, as new revelations show the disgraced former Congressman, and now candidate for NYC Mayor, has still been chatting it up online. This time, however, he tried to be a little more discreet, using the name ‘Carlos Danger’ to lure potential partners. See the unbelievable update HERE.

Does Mike Lee have the formula for stopping Obamacare?

Glenn talked about Senator Mike Lee’s revolutionary attempt to stop Obamacare on radio today. Senator Lee is rallying other members in the Senate in order to block any bill coming forward that would fund Obamacare. Could this plan actually work? Glenn has more on radio today.

The essence of truth

Forget the Republicans, forget the Democrats – in order to restore America we have to get back to truth. Our currency says ‘In God we trust’ and people protest it. But what does that really mean? God is truth – and in order to gain the trust of the world again, we have to value truth. Glenn explains this concept in a stirring radio monologue today. You can watch it HERE.

Ed Schultz tries to paint Detroit as a Republican failure

Ed Schultz is a bought and paid for progressive stooge, we all know that. So it’s his job to blame Republicans for everything, no matter how wrong he is – that’s why he had no problem trying to blame Detroit’s failure on the GOP. What argument did he make to overcome the irrefutable fact that Detroit has been under progressive control for over half a century? Find out HERE.

Who is really dividing the U.S. along racial lines?

Last night on TV, Glenn responded to Obama’s reaction to the Zimmerman verdict, calling it divisive and not the response a real leader would give. Obama was billed as a uniter, but as it turns out, the only thing he ever seems interested in is dividing Americans further. Check out Glenn’s monologue from last night HERE.

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What’s happened to America? Man uploads wife’s temper tantrum

Glenn reacted to a bizarre and sad story that was covered by TheBlaze today. A man was so fed up with his wife’s temper tantrums he decided to secretly videotape her with his cell phone. It’s hard to find a winner in this story – you have a grown woman giving a 3-year-old-esque temper tantrum, and you also have a grown man secretly taping his wife so he can put it on YouTube. Wow…is this really the same America? Glenn has more on radio – WATCH.

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Where’s Al now? Woman shoots man at gas station

With apparently nothing to gain from this shooting caught on tape, Al Sharpton and Obama have been silent about the gas station shooting that left a 58-year-old man dead. The woman has not yet been charged in the shooting as it appears it could very well have been a legitimate self-defense incident. But then, she took pictures of the dying man with her phone and then drove home. Read the full story HERE and get Glenn’s reaction HERE. Man in the Moon merchandise is now available! From the Man in the Moon DVD and official soundtrack to t-shirts and more, Man in the Moon merchandise is now available. You can find all of the great products HERE.

The sequel to The Overton Window has finally arrived!

Glenn’s blockbuster novel from 2010 now continues with The Eye of Moloch — a thriller that’s seemingly been ripped right from today’s headlines. Follow Molly and her group of ‘Founders Keepers’ as they work to expose the secrets of a government that wants them dead. If you’re looking for a summer beach read or just something to help you get even less sleep at night, The Eye of Moloch is a perfect choice. Buy a copy now and get an invite to an exclusive online event with Glenn. Get all the details HERE.

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