5 devastating job stats Obama won’t tell you about

Five job stats Obama won’t mention

The Obama administration clearly isn’t worried about a vigilant media appearing anytime soon, because they’ve decided to ignore the “phony” scandals and distract Americans with other issues. During a speech yesterday, Obama said he is pivoting his focus to the economy…for roughly the 19th time since he took office in 2008. These are the numbers that Obama will NEVER mention. WATCH

Sexting partner says Weiner was “not the person I thought he was”

It’s not clear who exactly the young progressive in the “sexting relationship” with Anthony Weiner thought the disgraced congressman was, but it was definitely inaccurate. He’s the same lying, cheating pervert he’s always been, and that’s exactly who he was with this young woman. Despite that fact, she claims he’s “not the man she thought he was,” which makes her either the most naive or crazy woman on the planet. Pat and Stu dicuss her statements today on radio.

Gov. Christie slams Sen. Rand Paul, libertarians as ‘dangerous’

Most believe that Governor Chris Christie has been gearing up for a 2016 presidential run for quite some time. He’s doing everything he can to butter up the left in the process. But has he taken it too far with his latest attack? Christie ripped on libertarians, specifically Senator Rand Paul, saying their thought is “dangerous,” while also referring to a debate on Constitutional rights as an “esoteric” one. MORE

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Glenn: No more right and wrong, just political agenda The country doesn’t know right from wrong and can’t see the truth. Where are we headed? Glenn shares a horrific story out of Texas that shows just how bad the nation’s moral compass has been turned upside down. MORE Zimmerman juror in bizarre flip-flop

One of the Zimmerman jurors has been making some really bizarre claims while making the rounds in the media. She’s claiming there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict Zimmerman, even though she wanted to and thought he was guilty. If there’s not “sufficient evidence” how can he be guilty? Pat and Stu have the audio and respond — WATCH.

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Global warming fear mongering

Every scare tactic in the book is being made by the global warming evangelists in hopes of achieving their unlimited dream: a carbon tax. Pat and Stu play the incredible audio of a so-called expert today, while refuting every one of his claims. WATCH Man in the Moon merchandise is now available! From the Man in the Moon DVD and official soundtrack to t-shirts and more, Man in the Moon merchandise is now available. You can find all of the great products HERE. The sequel to The Overton Window has finally arrived! Glenn’s blockbuster novel from 2010 now continues with The Eye of Moloch — a thriller that’s seemingly been ripped right from today’s headlines. Follow Molly and her group of ‘Founders Keepers’ as they work to expose the secrets of a government that wants them dead. If you’re looking for a summer beach read or just something to help you get even less sleep at night, The Eye of Moloch is a perfect choice. Buy a copy now and get an invite to an exclusive online event with Glenn. Get all the details HERE. Want up to the minute news & analysis from TheBlaze? Connect with us on social media. FOLLOW TheBlaze on Twitter and LIKE TheBlaze on Facebook to get the latest news updates directly in your newsfeed. Tonight’s primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV

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