Zealot: Media totally loves Muslim Professor’s book about Jesus

Zealot: Media totally loves Muslim Professor’s book about Jesus

The media is in love with Reza Aslan’s new book Zealot, which claims to be a ‘historical’ look at the life of Jesus. But there are a few problems with the book. The Muslim author has attempted to debunk the very things that made Jesus the center of Christianity. While Aslan is free to write whatever he wants, isn’t it interesting that the one Jesus book the media decides to promote is the one that attempts to disprove him? Glenn has more on radio today.

Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘This is our last and best chance’ to stop Obamacare

Glenn spoke with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on radio this morning about why he feels this is the last chance to stop Obamacare from being fully implemented. Sen. Cruz explained what he feels must be done in order to stop this disastrous legislation from taking effect and crushing the economy in 2014. And he is going to need your help! MORE

Michele Bachmann explains controversial NSA vote to Glenn

You have to give Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) credit, she does not back down from a challenge. After defending the NSA last week during a vote to defund the program, which irked many conservatives (including Glenn) in the process, Rep. Bachmann came on the radio program this morning to explain her position. Could she win Glenn over? WATCH

Glenn reacts to Bachmann interview

After the interview, which Glenn previewed as the ‘battle of the Titans’, he had a lot to say about what Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had just explained. While Glenn doesn’t feel there’s a nefarious bone in Rep. Bachmann’s body, he adamantly disagreed with her conclusion about the NSA. See Glenn’s post interview debrief HERE.

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Iconic 9/11 photo almost excluded from museum

We all remember the iconic photograph after the September 11th attacks of three NYC firefighters raising an American flag surrounded by a mountain of rubble. It was an image that helped rally Americans in the aftermath of the worst terror attack on American soil. So why in the world would the directors of the 9/11 museum be trying to keep these pictures out of the display? Apparently the photos have been deemed too ‘rah rah American’. Wow… Glenn reacts on radio.

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Is Doc Thompson cool?

The B.S. of A. team officially welcomed TheBlaze Radio’s Doc Thompson to the New York office. What could possibly go wrong? WATCH

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The B.S. of A.: Motown Blues

It’s the thought that counts… right? WATCH

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