Did this paper slander Glenn?

Salt Lake City Tribune attacks Glenn with piece on Independence Museum

Pat just can’t seem to let it go. He wants heads to roll at the Salt Lake City Tribune for an article it published entitled “Glenn Beck’s Nazi Exhibit”, and he’s got a point. The attack on Glenn carried by the paper was completely uncalled for, wildly inaccurate, and fell far short of most journalistic standards. So why did they publish it? Pat broke it down on radio.

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Reza Aslan, the man behind the new book Zealot, which claims to provide a ‘historical’ look at the life of Jesus, is being hailed as a neutral historian and religious scholar. Tomorrow, Glenn exposes the real reason this book was written… and it has nothing to do with religion. Don’t miss the Glenn Beck Program TOMORROW at 5pm ET only on TheBlaze. Not a subscriber? Start your 14-day free trial of TheBlaze TV HERE.

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NSA whistleblower explains why she disagrees with Michele Bachmann

In the wake of yesterday’s interview with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Glenn spoke with Diane Roark, NSA whistleblower and former staff member of the House Intelligence Committee, on radio today to get her insight into the agency. Roark explained in detail why Rep. Bachmann’s vote and view on this issue are wrong. MORE

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Ends justify the means? Perverted progressives getting a pass

The Mayor of San Diego, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner – all are confirmed perverts, yet none of them have gone away. They are all still very much in the political game despite their shameful and, in some cases, repeated misbehavior. Why do they keep getting a pass? And what does it mean for the ‘war on women’ if they do? Glenn has more on radio today. WATCH

MSNBC guest: Bill O’Reilly is ‘surprised black people don’t throw bananas at each other or swing from trees’

MSNBC plays the race card often. Why else do you think Al Sharpton got a job at the network? He fits right in. So it should come as no surprise that they once again played the race card when Bill O’Reilly commented on the dire problems facing blacks in America. What did Bill say that was so awful, so evil, it warranted this vile a response from MSNBC? Find out HERE.

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Progressive San Diego Mayor is a massive pervert, still in office

Glenn interviewed Mike Slater, radio host at one of America’s great stations, 760 KFMB in San Diego, California, about the growing scandal surrounding San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Filner, who is good pals with Nancy Pelosi, is facing sexual harassment charges thanks to his perverted actions at work. Why is this dirtbag still in office? Check out the interview from radio today.

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Photo of the Day: What happens when Glenn Beck and Al Jazeera find themselves in the same room? MORE

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Glenn’s blockbuster novel from 2010 now continues with The Eye of Moloch — a thriller that’s seemingly been ripped right from today’s headlines. Follow Molly and her group of ‘Founders Keepers’ as they work to expose the secrets of a government that wants them dead. If you’re looking for a summer beach read or just something to help you get even less sleep at night, The Eye of Moloch is a perfect choice. Buy a copy now and get an invite to an exclusive online event with Glenn. Get all the details HERE.

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