‘Hey Obama’: Anti-Obama music video goes viral in Egypt

‘Hey Obama’: Anti-Obama music video goes viral in Egypt

Glenn lifted the moratorium on saying President Obama’s name this morning to play a new music video that has gone viral in Egypt called “You Obama, Your Father, Mother.” The nearly four and half minute video features performer Sama Elmasry brandishing a sword next to a photo of the President, as well as photoshopped images of Obama dressed as Osama bin Laden and as a baby in diapers. Watch the video and get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

TheBlaze expands Washington D.C. Bureau

On radio this morning, Glenn shared some very exciting news. TheBlaze has expanded its Washington D.C. bureau, adding veteran journalists Sara Carter and Fred Lucas as Senior Washington Correspondent and White House Correspondent respectively. MORE

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Decimated or rising? New terror threat raises questions

Not long ago, President Obama bragged about how Al Qaeda was ‘decimated’ and on the run. Today, America awoke to the news that Al Qaeda was on the verge of a terror attack similar in scale to 9/11, and the State Department has reacted by shutting down 19 U.S. Embassies. Seems all that ‘decimated’ talk was a tad premature. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Scary Stats: How are the top U.S. employers of 1955 doing today?

According to the July jobs numbers, the unemployment rate dropped from 7.6% to 7.4%. Why? Because a large percentage of Americans have simply given up looking for full-time employment. On radio this morning, Glenn compared the top U.S. employers of 1955 to the top U.S. employers today, and the differences tell a very scary story about today’s economy. READ

Glenn: I’ve never seen Marcus Luttrell like this before

Over the weekend, Glenn saw Marcus Luttrell speak at the Patriot Tour in Dallas and had nothing but rave reviews of Marcus’ moving speech. Glenn billed the show as a family event that you will definitely not regret. Find out if the Patriot Tour is coming to a city near you HERE.

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Glenn: Are we on the path to war with Russia, Middle East?

Today on radio, Glenn looked at some of the disturbing parallels between FDR and Obama – particularly the state of the country in the buildup to World War II. Are we about to repeat history? WATCH

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The B.S. of A.: Airport security 2013 vs. 1984

Getting through airport security used to be a lot easier in the ’80s. Shorter lines, easier rules, more clothes, less groping. This week’s episode of The B.S. of A. went retro with a full-on eighties theme that looked at what the political comedy show would have been like in 1984. WATCH

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Pastor Hutcherson reacts to Riley Cooper

Glenn talked to the always entertaining Pastor Ken Hutcherson on radio today about the situation surrounding Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver Riley Cooper and political correctness in general. While Hutch definitely agrees Cooper was horribly wrong in saying the N-word, he also reacted to damage caused by the overly-politically correct crowd in this country. Check out the interview HERE.

The sequel to The Overton Window has finally arrived!

Glenn’s blockbuster novel from 2010 now continues with The Eye of Moloch — a thriller that’s seemingly been ripped right from today’s headlines. Follow Molly and her group of ‘Founders Keepers’ as they work to expose the secrets of a government that wants them dead. If you’re looking for a summer beach read or just something to help you get even less sleep at night, The Eye of Moloch is a perfect choice. Buy a copy now and get an invite to an exclusive online event with Glenn. Get all the details HERE.

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