Awkward: Obama bungles basic U.S. geography

Awkward: Obama bungles basic U.S. geography

President Obama made one of his many late night TV appearances yesterday when he visited The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about a myriad of topics, including the NSA, the latest Al Qaeda threat, and Trayvon Martin. The most interesting topic, however, turned out to be an answer President Obama gave about infrastructure, in which he confused some pretty basic U.S. geography. WATCH

Fort Hood shooter admits: Yeah, it was me

Despite the administration’s insistence that the Fort Hood shooting was ‘workplace violence’, it is becoming abundantly obvious that Hasan’s actions were, in fact, terrorism. Not only did Hasan admit to killing 13 people in order to defend the Taliban, he is receiving fan mail from terrorists in prison, while pridefully proclaiming that it was him who pulled the trigger. MORE

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Which U.S. city was voted the world’s ‘unfriendliest’?

Conde Nast Traveler released the results of its annual Readers’ Choice Survey, which included a list of the ‘friendliest’ and ‘unfriendliest’ cities in the world, and American cities did not fare too well. As it turns out, five U.S. cities are ranked in the top 10 ‘unfriendliest’ cities, with Newark, New Jersey taking top honors as the least friendly metropolis in the world. See the full list HERE.

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WATCH: Glenn shares the real story of Emmett Till in response to Oprah’s extreme comparison

On last night’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn turned his attention to the shocking comments Oprah made comparing the death of Trayvon Martin to the brutal murder of Emmett Till in 1955. It may have been an offhanded comment made during an interview, but does that mean the world’s most influential celebrity should be excused for comparing two things that could not be more different? Glenn set the record straight in a powerful TV monologue. WATCH

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Glenn asks San Diego to take a stand for women

This morning, Glenn unveiled a sign he hopes all businesses in San Diego will adopt and display in their front windows. Mayor Filner has shown his blatant lack of respect for women through his long pattern of sexually abusive behavior. Will businesses stand with women or with Filner? See the sign and Glenn’s explanation HERE.

Watch For The Record on-demand for a history of the surveillance state

Since For The Record, Episode 1: Surveillance State aired in March, a lot has come to light about the NSA and its data collection techniques. This chilling one-hour episode investigates how the NSA turned America into a surveillance state and reminds us that with every call, every email… the government is watching. A brand new follow-up episode of For The Record premieres next Wednesday, August 14, so get caught up by watching For The Record on-demand HERE. Not a subscriber? Sign up for your 14-day free trial of TheBlaze TV HERE. Want up to the minute news & analysis from TheBlaze? Connect with us on social media. FOLLOW TheBlaze on Twitter and LIKETheBlaze on Facebook to get the latest news updates directly in your newsfeed.

Glenn: Jay Leno a ‘decent man’ who is ‘trying to do the right thing’

Glenn had nothing but good things to say about Jay Leno on radio today, recalling his lone appearance on Leno’s program several years ago. Glenn described Leno as someone ‘trapped’ in Hollywood, while trying to do TV the right way. Some critics are bashing Leno for going easy on Obama, but Glenn defends him on radio today. WATCH

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Wonderful World of Stu: Could this be the next Anthony Weiner press conference? WATCH

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