GOP Congressman humiliates Al Sharpton

Rep. Doug Collins schools Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton’s philosophy on winning an argument appears to be based more on semantics than content. Whenever his point gets nuked out of the water, he just raises his voice and says something completely irrelevant. Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), however, appeared on Sharpton’s MSNBC show yesterday and managed to completely humiliate the host. WATCH

Last hope? House of Representatives passes continuing resolution defunding Obamacare. Get the full story via TheBlaze.

Ready to start a family book club?

It’s not enough to tell your kids that you don’t want them to play Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve got to replace it with something they’ll like even more. That’s where Michael Vey comes in. This series of books, about a teenager who was born with special electrical powers, has been turning families into Veyniacs for two years now. With the third book just released, now is the perfect time to get your family addicted to something that doesn’t involve drugs and gratuitous violence, but that your kids will still love. Get caught up with the first two books from Wal-Mart HERE. Then grab the brand new third book HERE.

Thanks Obamacare! Home Depot dumps healthcare coverage

The effects of Obamacare are beginning to hit home for American workers, as yet another major employer, Home Depot, cut back on health insurance coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Several other major U.S. businesses have already taken similar measures, while others are seeking exemptions from the law. Pat & Stu break down the situation on raido this morning. WATCH

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Ed Henry grills Jay Carney over the state of the economy

It’s not all that often someone in the White House press pool gives Jay Carney a run for his money, which is surprising given the number of idiotic claims he makes on a daily basis. Yesterday, however, Fox News’ Ed Henry took him to task on the lagging recovery – and it was kinda awesome. Check out the exchange HERE.

Did you miss the latest episodes of Pursuit of the Truth & For The Record?

The search for the next great documentary filmmaker continued this week on Pursuit of the Truth. The judges headed to Dallas, TX and New York City to find out if any of the applicants had the concept and the skills to make their dream a reality. Meanwhile, in the 1990s, America was the world’s only true superpower. With the United States’ unmatched military might rendering traditional attacks unlikely to succeed, other nations started exploring unconventional areas in which they might be able to attack America. This week, the For The Record team investigated acts of economic terrorism against the U.S. TheBlaze TV PLUS subscribers can watch Pursuit of the Truth & For The Record: Unrestricted Warfare on demand HERE. Not a subscriber? Start your 14-day free trial HERE.

College students mindlessly defend Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

If you needed any more evidence that most college students are wasting their money, look no further than this amazing video from Campus Reform. In it, students incoherently defend President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize despite the fact he’s looking to start yet another war. WATCH

Did you miss yesterday’s newsletter? Catch up on what you didn’t see HERE.

13 people shot – including 3-year-old boy – after night of gun violence in Chicago

Despite having some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, gun violence is out-of-control in Chicago. Last night, there was yet another mass shooting at a public park, which wounding 13 people – including a 3-year-old boy. Get the details HERE.

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More-On Trivia: Pittsburgh vs. Chicago WATCH

Scientists struggle to explain lack of global warming

Instead of actually studying the results and seeing where it leads, scientists and politicians have been caught wondering how they can explain away the recent lack of global warming. They are choosing to play to an agenda, rather than report the truth. How long will the global warming charade last? MORE

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Is your evil detector broken?

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn asked the country a very specific question: Is your evil detector broken? Given the mind-boggling actions of those in Washington D.C. and the state of the world today, Glenn suggested that the he and the audience start calling evil by its name. Watch Glenn’s passionate monologue HERE.

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