Obama ‘honors’ Navy Yard victims with gun control speech

Nudge to Shove? Maryland dad arrested for asking questions about Common Core

A shocking video in Maryland shows what happened to Robert Small, a concerned father who was simply asking a question during a public meeting about the looming implementation of Common Core in his district. After listening for over an hour to all the supposed benefits of the plan and a sampling of pre-selected questions, Small decided enough was enough. See the overly forceful arrest that has Small facing a 10-year prison sentence and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Obama: Navy Yard shooting “ought to lead to some sort of transformation”

President Obama turned yesterday’s Washington D.C. Navy Yard memorial service into a rant on gun control, pleading for Americans to become ‘obsessed’ with the topic so the tragedy leads to a ‘transformation’ of some sort. Glenn reacts to the chilling audio on radio today. WATCH

This week,

For The Record


takes an in-depth look at the Boston Marathon bombing

Could the Boston Marathon bombing have been prevented? Multiple agencies knew of the radicalization at the mosque the Tsarnaev brothers attended in Boston and were informed that it was a potential breeding ground for homegrown terrorists. Is this mosque radicalizing the moderate Muslim community in Boston? For The Record: System Failure: The Boston Bombing airs WEDNESDAY at 8:30pm ET only on TheBlaze. Not a subscriber? Start your 14-day free trial HERE.

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It’s not enough to tell your kids that you don’t want them to play Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve got to replace it with something they’ll like even more. That’s where Michael Vey comes in. This series of books, about a teenager who was born with special electrical powers, has been turning families into Veyniacs for two years now. With the third book just released, now is the perfect time to get your family addicted to something that doesn’t involve drugs and gratuitous violence, but that your kids will still love. Get caught up with the first two books from Wal-Mart HERE. Then grab the brand new third book HERE.

How do you transform a nation? Nudge, shove, shoot

President Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States. Five years later, this country is certainly a different place than when he took office. Just as the Tunisian fruit cart vendor who set himself on fire triggered the start of the Arab Spring, Glenn believes the recent arrest of the Maryland father for merely asking a question about Common Core is just the beginning. Where does it lead? Find out HERE.

Shock comedy program targets Glenn Beck.

Get the full story via TheBlaze HERE.

Glenn: Now is the time to go serve in Washington D.C.

On radio this morning, Glenn spoke about the growing discontent between the career politicians in Washington D.C. and the American public. While it is easy to look at the cesspool that is Washington D.C. and be discouraged from getting involved, Glenn advocated this might actually be the best time to consider serving. MORE  

Pursuit of the Truth narrows the competition down to six this WEDNESDAY!

After hearing over one thousand ideas, the search for the next great storyteller continues as the judges pick 6 semi-finalists to move on to the next round of competition. Each will be given one thousand dollars to produce a 2-minute teaser for their documentary film, and a chance to fight their way into the final 3 spots of the competition. Will your favorite make the cut? Don’t miss Pursuit of the Truth Wednesday at 8pm ET only on TheBlaze. Miss the first two episodes? Get caught up by watching Pursuit of the Truth on demand HERE.

Glenn goes on epic rant against organized youth sports

It’s no secret that Glenn isn’t a sports fan, but railing against sports isn’t the point Glenn was making on radio today. After attending his son Raphe’s soccer game this weekend, Glenn wondered why in the world we are ‘sitting there watching 6-year-olds in organized sports’ when they could just ‘go outside and play’ instead. He also went after the ‘$80 million’ high school football stadiums in Texas. WATCH

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WATCH: Stu interviews Breaking Bad’s Clovis

In honor of Breaking Bad‘s upcoming finale, Stu interviews actor Tom Kiesche about his role in Season 2 of the show and his thoughts on what has become a breakout TV hit. WATCH

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