Miracles still happen

‘Miracles still happen’: Did a mother’s prayer prevent a massacre at McDonalds?

There is an incredible story in Fort Worth, TX. A crazed man attempted an armed robbery at a local McDonalds restaurant, but when he tried to shoot his gun, it failed. He went outside and successfully fired into the air. When he went back into the store, the gun failed again. Did a prayer from the mother of the suspect prevent a massacre? Glenn reacts on radio today. WATCH  

Laughing at Glenn Beck tickets are on sale NOW!

The stars and writers of the Wonderful World of Stu and The B.S. of A. are hitting the road! Stu, Brian, Jeffy, and Jack were going to call the tour, “Laughing at Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Comedy Block featuring The Wonderful World of Stu and The B.S. of A.,” but that’s a mouthful. Instead, they’re just gonna’ call it… Laughing At Glenn Beck! Expect 90 minutes of constant comedy — first it’s Jeffy, then Jack and Brian, then Stu, and finally it’s all hands on deck for an unscripted, unplugged and very unsafe Q&A with the audience. It’s the stars of your favorite TheBlaze comedy shows LIVE. Tickets for the Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Florida dates are now on sale! Get your tickets HERE!  

Glenn talks to Sen. Ted Cruz for the first time since marathon 21-hour anti-Obamacare speech

On radio this morning, Glenn referred to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the ‘smartest man in America’ because he understands the big picture. Many of his Republican colleagues are playing political games and will have their names and legacies cemented into the disaster that is Obamacare. But Sen. Cruz knows it’s a disaster and is doing everything he can to stand against it. Check out the interview HERE.  

Want to shop from an American made small business who gives 25% of profit to military charities?

Check out these gorgeous watches from Minuteman and experience true American quality.

A society in the collapse? Disney parks forced to change program for the disabled

Anyone who has been to Disney has witnessed the family with a handicapped child get ushered to the front of the line. It’s a nice thing the park does for families with health issues and disabilities, but it won’t be happening much longer. The Walt Disney Company announced it will be ending this service because of a shocking abuse of the system. You won’t believe what people were doing. Glenn has the story on radio today. WATCH  

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Americans believe Putin is a better leader than Obama

When it comes to the Syrian civil war, President Obama has so humiliated himself and the United States that a majority of Americans now believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is the better leader on the issue. A new YouGov poll shows that the former KGB henchman is outwitting the so-called ‘intellectual genius’ that is Barack Obama. Get Glenn’s reaction HERE.  

Michael Vey is #2 on the NYT Bestseller List! Celebrate with 50% off on Nook this Weekend

Congratulations to Richard Paul Evans for taking the #2 spot the upcoming New York Times Bestseller List! Has your family gotten addicted to the Michael Vey series yet? If not, there’s no better time than right now as Barnes & Noble has decided to offer the Nook edition of Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere, at 50% off this weekend only! Take advantage of this great offer HERE.  

Obama claims one day everyone will want to take credit for Obamacare

The President really does think government healthcare is best for America as evidenced by his strong embrace of the ‘Obamacare’ moniker. He is now doubling down and going all in on his signature legislation believing it will guarantee his legacy as one of the greatest presidents of all time. He also made the bold prediction that one day, even his biggest critics will want to take credit for the bill. MORE

Neighbors trying to stop Bronze Star winner from building a home in their neighborhood and you won’t believe why

Get the full story via TheBlaze.  

For The Record exposes the radical mosque tied to the Boston Marathon bombers

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, the national media rushed to examine every element of the Tsarnaev brothers’ lives. The Islamic Society of Boston mosque that Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended was quickly written off as a peaceful, moderate place that had nothing to do with his radicalization. But that mosque has a troubling history of clear links to terrorism, starting from the day it was founded. Check out highlights of what the For The Record team uncovered HERE. Watch For The Record: System Failure: The Boston Bombing on demand HERE.

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More-On Trivia: Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots


Join Glenn & Mercury One for God, Guns, and Giving Sporting Clays Shooting Event and Dinner

Mercury One will be hosting God, Guns, and Giving Sporting Clays Shooting Event and Dinner in Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 1 & Saturday, November 2. Kick off the weekend with a God, Guns, and Giving dinner on Friday, November 1 at the Studios at Las Colinas in Dallas, Texas. David Barton will be speaking about the biblical history of self-defense and the importance of the Constitution – particularly the 2nd Amendment. On Saturday, November 2, Mercury One hosts a Sporting Clays shooting event at Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas. Join Glenn Beck, Marcus Luttrell, and other notable shooters to increase awareness for the Second Amendment and raise funds for Mercury One’s charitable mission. Learn more about this fun-filled family weekend and purchase tickets for both events HERE.

Who made the top 6 on Pursuit of the Truth?

Who will be America’s next great documentary filmmaker? This week on Pursuit of the Truth, we got closer to an answer as the judges revealed the top six finalists. Check out who made the cut and see exclusive highlights of the episode HERE. TheBlaze TV subscribers can watch Pursuit of the Truth on demand HERE.  

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