Glenn confronts Sen. Cornyn

Glenn questions Sen. John Cornyn on the TEA Party, the nuclear option, and Obamacare in wide ranging interview 
Glenn has certainly had his differences with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) over the last few years about his divergence from the conservative principles he campaigned on. Lately, however, Sen. Cornyn has seemingly returned to form on some issues – grilling HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius over the failed Obamacare rollout and opposing the nuclear option. On radio this morning, Sen. Cornyn joined Glenn to discuss these issues and many more. WATCH
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Sponsor drops golfer because… he likes Glenn? 
TheBlaze has the story of an aspiring pro-golfer who apparently lost his sponsorship because he is a Glenn Beck fan. In an incredible series of emails, the former sponsor makes clear his disdain for Christian views, but he is even more offended that someone could be a fan of a person he says wants to destroy America (aka Glenn). See the hate-filled emails and Glenn’s response HERE.
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Glenn to Harry Reid: Were you lying to us then, or are you lying to us now? 

Last week, Glenn vocally denounced the Senate’s partisan passage of the so-called ‘nuclear option’ because it undoes nearly 225 years of precedent. On radio this morning, Glenn played damning audio from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) circa 2008, in which he promises the nuclear option would never be implemented under his leadership. Um, okay. WATCH
What did Patrick Henry say on the floor of the Virginia Convention in 1788 that is even more profound than “give me liberty, or give me death”? READWhat are the 13 things “mentally strong” people don’t do? 
There are no guaranteed paths to success, but this list is a pretty good start. Glenn opened the radio program this morning by sharing an article he found over the weekend that outlines 13 things “mentally strong” people don’t do. The story explains “mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life.” As Glenn explained, this list highlights behavior that is “exactly the opposite” of what our President and our government promotes. Get the list and Glenn’s reaction HERE.Shop The Marketplace by TheBlaze: Colorful, mismatched cotton socks, Made in USA!

It is time to believe again…
A few months ago, Glenn tasked nine world-class musicians of all different Christian faiths with the challenge of putting together a Christmas album in just one week’s time. The goal: To celebrate and make music like you’ve never heard before. Believe Again is now available for purchase at the Glenn Beck Store. Order your copy today!Wonderful World of Stu: frustrates even the President’s most ardent supporters WATCH
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  • 5pm ETThe Glenn Beck Program: Who’s really in charge of your kids? Glenn is joined by the family of the 15-year-old girl who has been held in a Boston hospital for nine months after the medical facility took custody of the child.
  • 6pm ET Real News: What does the Iranian nuclear deal mean for the U.S.? What does it mean for Iran? How will Israel fair? The panel discusses.
  • 7pm ET Wilkow!: TheBlaze Radio Network’s Doc Thompson fills in for Andrew and explains why the $7 billion ‘sanctions relief’ to Iran doesn’t add up.
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