Glenn: Pray for the President

‘Pray for the President’ – Glenn concerned after Obama heckled during speech

Glenn expressed sincere concern for President Obama after another strange heckling incident at one of his speaking events. This administration has been breached several times – including one couple who managed to crash a state dinner even though they weren’t on the guest list – and now another heckler gets in close quarters with the President. Why does this keep happening? Glenn has more – WATCH

Texas ends the War on Christmas

Texas has embraced a new law with bipartisan support affirming the First Amendment right for teachers, students, and parents to acknowledge Christmas on school grounds without fear of censorship, persecution, or litigation. It’s pretty amazing that legislation like this has to be passed in America, but at least Texas holds on to just a little bit of sanity. Read the story HERE.

You won’t want to miss the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to a host on TheBlaze WATCH

Watch: Why did Glenn pull out this rifle on The O’Reilly Factor?

Glenn joined Bill O’Reilly on his Fox News program this week to talk about the news of the day and as is the case on many occasions, they take friendly jabs at each other. So what in the world was Glenn doing brandishing a powerful rifle on set? Find out HERE.

Have you heard the amazing story of America’s early war against Islamic radicals? MORE

What does the U.S. get out of the nuclear treaty with Iran?

The media and the President are touting their supposedly ‘historic’ nuclear deal with Iran, but as Israel warned it’s a historic mistake. What does the United States get out of such a terrible deal? Glenn has a theory.

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SCOTUS orders Obama Administration to respond to homeschooling family

The German family who fled to America after being told they couldn’t homeschool their children may hear the President finally weigh in on their case. They are facing deportation, but the Supreme Court ordered the administration to respond to their appeal. Get the latest update on the story at TheBlaze.

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How does a hospital get away with holding a kid against the wishes of the parents?

A few days ago, TheBlaze reported on a 15-year-old girl being held in the hospital despite the express wishes of the parents. How does that happen? The hospital claims that the parents over-medicalized the girl, even though the family has provided proof that they did exactly what the doctors told them to do. Now the family is in a bitter dispute to get their girl home. WATCH

Everything is the same

Do you ever get frustrated how everything is becoming the same in America? The same shops, the same restaurants, the same big box stores. Who wants that? What makes life exciting is it’s always an adventure, it’s always different. On radio Glenn said towns were losing the qualities that made them special and unique…but not everyone agreed. Watch the debate HERE.

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