Glenn delivers epic Thanksgiving Eve show

Believe again: Glenn launches trilogy of holidays with stirring show

Glenn began a very different radio show today talking about what he calls the trilogy of holidays. It’s no coincidence they are grouped together and in the order they are – Glenn wanted to devote the entire program today to talk about the things and people he’s grateful for, deliver some great storytelling, and share the incredible music the team has created for the holiday. Catch the beginning of a very special broadcast HERE.

Just between you and Glenn: A moment for empowerment

Glenn sent the rest of the staff home today so they could spend time with their families and loved ones. He also did this to spend one-on-one time with you. Why? Because Glenn wanted to talk about what Thanksgiving is all about – even if you have one of those situations where you don’t want to get together with family because they disagree or don’t believe or whatever else….that’s ok. We just have to recognize what our job is in those situations. Glenn explains it HERE.

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We are all unique

As Glenn continued to play songs and tell stories, he also talked about watching your kids tomorrow. We can learn from them – all of the things they do (create, explore, question) are things we can do as well. God has given each of us a unique talent – we are not all equal and all the same, and it’s all part of a meaningful and beautiful design. Glenn explains on radio – WATCH

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Why is the government destroying individual sovereignty?

Glenn ripped the ‘peace through diplomacy’ mantra being touted by this administration on TV last night; showing just how futile relying solely on chit chats and letters are over strength. Plus, when you see what individual liberty is so closely tied to, it makes a little sense why progressives are so determined on taking those liberties away. WATCH

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The waterboy: you’ve probably never heard this incredible story before

Glenn shared one of the stories that he wanted to include in Miracles and Massacres but just didn’t have the space for. You’ve probably never heard this story before – an incredible act of bravery during the Civil War that didn’t involve a gun or cannon, but just some water. WATCH

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How FDR transformed Thanksgiving FDR transformed a lot of things while in office – for better or worse. For starters, he ushered in social security, raised taxes to 94% and tried to regulate the price of food by slaughtering pigs. So what did he do to alter Thanksgiving Day forever?

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  • 5pm ETThe Glenn Beck Program: Dana Loesch fills in for Glenn tonight at 5pm ET.
  • 6pm ETReal News: Be prepared for anyone who brings “Talking Points” to the Thanksgiving table. Tune in for invaluable tips!
  • 7pm ETWilkow!: The fundamental transformation of education is exposed with this hour-long episode about Common Core.

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