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Feel Good Story of the Day: ‘Tips For Jesus’ is making the day of wait staff all over the country

Bad news seems to constantly flood the news cycle, but there are still good things happening in the world. An Instagram account called @TipsForJesus appears to be leaving incredibly generous tips – ranging from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 – at restaurants and pubs all around the country. Get the full story HERE.

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Really? Obama Admin names new youth initiative ‘White House Youth’

Sometimes it seems like Obama Administration is needling conservatives because there’s just no way they can be this stupid. In soliciting youth questions for a social media event, the White House asked fans to submit questions using hashtag #WHYouth. Are they really dumb enough to bring on the Hitler Youth comparisons, or is that exactly what they were hoping for? MORE

This version of ‘Angles We Have Heard on High’ is sure to give you chills WATCH

WATCH: Glenn and Sean Hannity discuss the state of the GOP

You may have heard that Sean Hannity has been broadcasting his radio show Glenn’s studio in New York City for the past few weeks. Last night, Glenn joined Sean on his Fox News program to discuss the state of the Republican Party and the problem with the establishment GOP: Progressivism. WATCH

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What are the worst Christmas songs of all time?

Stu caused a mini-controversy on radio today when he revealed that he really, really hates the Christmas classic: ‘Little Drummer Boy’. While most would disagree, no one would argue there are some really terrible Christmas songs. Which are the worst of all time? Find out HERE.

It is time to believe again…

A few months ago, Glenn tasked nine world-class musicians of all different Christian faiths with the challenge of putting together a Christmas album in just one week’s time. The goal: To celebrate and make music like you’ve never heard before. Believe Again is now available for purchase at the Glenn Beck Store. Order your copy today! Check out the amazing choir that is working to bring God back into American culture WATCH

63 days later… and the Obamacare website still isn’t functioning

The Obamacare rollout has been nothing short of an epic failure. All of the ‘worst case’ scenarios talked about by conservatives before the law passed pale in comparison to what has actually happened. As it stands, 63 days after launched it still doesn’t work. But that’s not stopping the Administration from claiming it’s a success. How they define ‘success’ would be comical, if it weren’t destroying the country. WATCH

‘Desperate & Arrogant’: TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton explains why Iran is outplaying President Obama

Last week, it was announced that the United States and five other world powers had struck a deal with Iran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for lighter sanctions. On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, TheBlaze’s national security editor, Buck Sexton, joined Glenn to discuss what he described as “incredibly suspicious timing” when it comes to the announcement of the deal. See highlights of the interview HERE.

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Hateful messages found at Vassar College actually came from the school’s Bias Incident Response Team

Earlier this fall, an unusually high number of hate messages popped up around the Vassar College campus. As it turns out, however, the whole thing was a hoax. Even stranger: The hoax was perpetrated by a member of the school’s Bias Incident Response Team (seriously, that exists). STORY

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  • 5pm ET The Glenn Beck Program: Can the small businessman still make it in America today? John Kuhns joins the program to discuss how platforms like Kickstarter are putting the power to succeed back into the hands of the entrepreneur.
  • 6pm ET Real News: The panel takes a look at Congress’s ‘year-end to-do list’. With only two more weeks of legislating, what’s left on Congress’s agenda that MUST pass before 2013 comes to a close?
  • 7pm ET Wilkow!: With the Obamacare rollout still not going as planned, Andrew explains the new Democratic strategy to combat criticism.
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