Best radio interview of the year

Glenn has best radio interview of the year… with an 11-year-old girl?!

11-year-old Madison Root was looking to sell the mistletoe she handpicked from her uncle’s farm as a way to offset the cost of her braces, but was chased away from Portland’s Saturday Market before she had a chance to sell any. When Glenn got wind of the story he knew Madison’s entrepreneurial spirit would make an excellent addition to The Marketplace by TheBlaze. On radio this morning, a remarkably well-spoken and insightful Madison joined Glenn to talk about her experience and why she refused to give up. WATCH

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New Harvard poll shows millennials abandoning Obama & Obamacare

The Obama Administration may be trying to engage our nation’s young people with the #WHYouth initiative, but it looks like the so-called ‘millennial generation’ might actually be turning on President Obama and his policies… en masse. See the surprising data HERE.

Is this the ultimate story of redemption? READ

Glenn reacts to famed investor Jim Rogers’ dire prediction

During a recent interview with CBC, famed investor Jim Rogers predicted a pretty disastrous future for the global economy: “Eventually, the whole world is going to collapse,” he said. Glenn explained why he doesn’t think a collapse would be the worst thing on radio this morning. WATCH Celebrate the Christmas season with TheBlaze! Tune in all month for original holiday programming:

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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino talks about ‘life inside the bubble’ of the government On radio this morning, former Secret Service Agent and author Dan Bongino joined Glenn to talk about his new book, Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away From it All, his Maryland congressional run, and why he decided to leave the Secret Service. Check out the interview HERE.

The downside of a social media-obsessed, technology-driven world

A lot of good has come from the technological advances of the digital age we currently live in, but with the good comes the bad. On radio this morning, Glenn discussed two stories that reflect the worst of what social media and the Internet have to offer. Are we living in a world that no longer enjoys ‘real’ experiences? What are the implications of such a society? MORE

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Glenn talks to Pastor Mark Driscoll about Christendom, intolerance, and changing the culture

Mark Driscoll is the pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, which has grown from a living room Bible study to a mega church that draws thousands of followers each Sunday. Mark joined Glenn on Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program to discuss his book, A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future?, which looks at the the roadblocks Christianity faces as a result of today’s morally shifting culture. See highlights of the interview HERE.


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  • 5pm ET The Glenn Beck Program: Are we headed for a reset? Glenn reacts to Jim Rogers’ warning that we are moving towards a global collapse.
  • 6pm ETReal News: The panel dissects two new polls that show millennials and white women are jumping off President Obama’s bandwagon.
  • 7pm ET Wilkow!: As millennials begin to turn on the President in droves, Andrew examines two deficits in this country: the federal deficit and the ‘opportunity deficit’.
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