Matthews compares Glenn to dictator

What do Glenn and Kim Jong Un have in common? A lot, according to Chris Matthews

On Friday, Chris Matthew’s unleashed an unusual attack against conservatives – namely, Glenn and Mark Levin – likening their actions to those of North Korea’s violent dictator Kim Jong Un. While Glenn planned to ignore the story, Pat insisted they play Matthew’s bizarre logic on radio this morning. Check out why Matthews thinks Glenn is an uncle-killing madman HERE.

Shop the American-made Christmas Catalog from The Marketplace by TheBlaze and get something for everyone on your list at: ‘I am a real person. Can you hear me okay?’ Spooky telemarketing robots programmed to lie

Are we closer to the singularity than previously imagined? As Time magazine’s Washington bureau chief Michael Scherer recently learned, some new robocall machines are programmed to sound like a real person, but they have also been programmed to lie. Check out the spooky conversations HERE.

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Why will Glenn never look at milk the same way again? WATCH

Glenn: The things that are worthwhile you can’t buy, you can’t build

Glenn opened this morning’s radio program with an emotional monologue focused on the silence of the snow and the opportunity it provides to reflect on what is really important. Furthermore, Glenn shared some troubling news about the condition of his good friend Pastor Ken Hutcherson. Why is Glenn asking the audience to pray for Hutch’s family and for one another? WATCH

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The facts about the CO high school shooting the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know

On Friday, 18-year-old Karl Halverson Pierson shot one student before killing himself at Arapahoe High School in suburban Denver. The media coverage of this incident has been unusual at best. On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn presented little-reported facts about the gunman and his motives that you probably haven’t heard from many other news sources. WATCH

President Obama says he’ll listen to anyone with a healthcare reform plan… except for Republicans

According to President Obama, he is willing to work with anyone who’s “got good ideas” on how to reform healthcare. Well, Congressman and doctor Tom Price (R-GA) recently offered several “good ideas” about how to reform the American healthcare system that will, according to the CBO, actually save trillions of dollars while using free market principles. Check out Rep. Price’s plan HERE.

‘We sing of Christ’: Multi-faith ensemble aims to bring ‘God back into the concert halls’ MORE

‘I am glad Santa is black’: MSNBC’s Touré bizarrely weighs in on Santa Claus race controversy

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly made headlines last week when she asserted both Jesus and Santa Claus are white. Everyone from Jon Stewart to Bill O’Reilly to Saturday Night Live has commented on the claim, and now MSNBC’s Touré is getting in the action… a mere five days after the controversy began. Why is Touré so relieved to know Santa is black? WATCH


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  • 6pm ETReal News: What are the biggest lies of the year? The panel takes a look at the Washington Post’s new list and adds their own thoughts on the matter.
  • 7pm ETWilkow!: The American taxpayer saved GM from extinction, and yet outgoing GM CEO Dan Akerson says GM doesn’t owe the taxpayers anything. Andrew explores the hypocrisy.
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