Hunter becomes the hunted

Hunter becomes the hunted: Glenn responds to Duck Dynasty controversy

A&E has placed Phil Robertson, an avid hunter and star of the hit series Duck Dynasty, on indefinite hiatus because of comments he made about homosexuality in an interview with GQ magazine. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to “one of the most incredible stories” he has ever heard and had an announcement for the entire Robertson family: “Duck Dynasty, we would be proud to have you on TheBlaze.” Get Glenn’s full reaction HERE.

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Glenn reflects on the life of Pastor Ken Hutcherson

Yesterday afternoon, Glenn received news that his friend Pastor Ken Hutcherson had passed away at the age of 61 after battling cancer for more than a decade.On radio this morning, Glenn reflected on the life of his friend and the impact Hutch had on Glenn’s life and the lives of all those who met him. WATCH

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#DuckDynastyOnTheBlaze? Fans on Twitter certainly seem to think that would be a good idea

On radio this morning, Glenn offered the Robertson family an alternative to A&E should their show need to find a new home. Based on the social media reaction to Glenn’s offer, it looks like many of you are excited about the idea of Duck Dynasty on TheBlaze. Check out some of the tweets HERE, and join in on the conversation using #DuckDynastyonTheBlaze.

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What was Glenn doing at CNN’s New York City headquarters today? MORE

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Intolerant tolerance? Pat & Stu break down the hypocritical reaction to Phil Robertson’s comments

On radio this morning, Pat and Stu could not help but question A&E’s decision in placing Phil Robertson on an indefinite hiatus from Duck Dynasty. While A&E has a right to handle this situation in whatever way it pleases, Robertson has a right to share his opinions. It is incidents like this that seem to prove: The loudest voices of tolerance tend to come from the most intolerant people. MORE

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  • 7pm ETWilkow!: In light of Phil Robertson’s indefinite hiatus from Duck Dynasty, Andrew takes a look at the irony of the situation: The loudest voices of tolerance come from the most intolerant people.
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