Most requested Christmas gifts of 1913 vs. 2013 prove capitalism works

Duck Dynasty strikes back: Robertson family responds to A&E’s decision

The firestorm continues as people from both side of the aisle debate the merits of A&E’s decision to place Phil Robertson, of the hit show Duck Dynasty, on an indefinite hiatus because of comments he made about homosexuality in an interview with GQ. The family has since issued a formal response to the network’s decision via their website. Check out the response HERE.

The countdown to Christmas continues this weekend on TheBlaze! Don’t miss our special holiday-themed episodes of Liberty Treehouse, TOMORROW, Saturday, December 21, at 9am ET, and the Wonderful World of Stu, TOMORROW at 10pm ET, only on TheBlaze. Learn more about TheBlaze’s holiday lineup HERE.

Don’t miss Glenn on CNN tonight!

Glenn sat down for an hour-long interview on CNN – and let’s just say it’s not your typical CNN programming. S.E. Cupp and Glenn take over Piers Morgan Live and sound off on several topics including the oh-so-controversial name this time of year: Jesus Christ. Don’t miss Glenn and S.E., tonight at 9pm ET on CNN.

‘Alcohol is the most dangerous drug out there’: Laurie Dhue explains the dangers of high-risk drinking

TheBlaze’s Laurie Dhue joined Pat and Stu on radio this morning to discuss her struggles with alcoholism and her work to help others in their recovery efforts. Laurie, who, like Glenn, is a recovering alcoholic, had some sage advice for all those who will be attending holiday festivities in the coming weeks. Check out the interview and her passion to warn others about the ‘most dangerous drug out there’ HERE.

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The ‘That Guy Jar’ has officially come to an end – how much money do the guys owe?

For the last 12 months, President Obama’s name has been contraband on the Glenn Beck Radio Program. In January, Glenn vowed not to mention the name of a certain President of the United States, and anyone who did not abide was the rule would face a $20 penalty. The money raised would be given to Mercury One. Well, this morning was the final broadcast of the year for Pat, Stu, and Jeffy – and the totals are in. How much money do the guys owe? Find out HERE.

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Most requested Christmas gifts of 1913 vs. 2013 prove capitalism works

With all the talk of income inequality going around these days, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at how the free market has performed over the years. Looking at what kids wanted for Christmas in 1913 versus what they are asking for today makes it quite clear the free market has radically changed the world. MORE

Enjoy the season’s best music with TheBlaze

Did you miss The Performance? You can still watch parts I and II on demand HERE. Plus, don’t miss the Millennial Choir’s once-in-a-lifetime final performance in The Performance: Finale, premiering Tuesday, December 24 at 8pm ET. Then, continue to fill your home with sounds of Christmas cheer with Believe Again: The Music, featuring the music videos of both traditional and original Christmas songs from the Believe Again artists. Tune in Tuesday, December 24 at 10pm ET only on TheBlaze. Purchase the Believe Again album HERE.

Sen. Mike Lee looks to strengthen the separation between church and state with new legislation

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Buck Sexton filled in for Glenn and was joined by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) to discuss his Marriage and Religious Freedom Act. The bill looks to restrict President Obama’s ability to push churches and other nonprofit groups to recognize gay marriage via executive power. Check out the interview HERE.

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Long Island parents angry over school re-writing lyrics to ‘Silent Night’

There appears to be at least a little hope left for New York. A Long Island, New York school district was forced to apologize earlier this week to angry parents after a fifth grade choir performance left out some key lyrics of ‘Silent Night’. Pat and Stu debated the latest example of political correctness run amuck on radio this morning. WATCH

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