It’s time for a reset

With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we’re counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013. What were this year’s highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck Newsletter to find out!

This is the season to reset

Glenn often likes to refer to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s as the ‘trilogy of holidays’ because of the opportunity they offer to reset. It is the chance for us to focus on what is really important. This year, Glenn decided it was time to simplify certain things in his own life, and his Christmas special, Searching for Grandpa’s Christmas, was a chance to re-discover the true meaning of the season by spending time with his family at his ranch. There were plenty of laughs – and, yes, even a few tears – as Glenn spent time teaching his son Raphe how to milk a cow and time by himself reflecting on past traditions.

This year also brought the release of Glenn’s first Christmas album, Believe Again. In collaboration with Clyde Bawden and nine talented artists, Believe Again features Christmas classics and inspiring originals. The process of putting the album together was chronicled in a remarkable two part series for TheBlaze. Cameras captured the range of emotion as nine musicians from diverse ideological and musical backgrounds came together to record a Christmas album in only four days. How on earth can you possibly put an album together in just four days? One of the producers on the project sat down with to explain. Tonight, fill your home with the sounds of merriment

Don’t miss the Millennial Choir’s once-in-a-lifetime final performance in The Performance: Finale, premiering tonight at 8pm ET. Then, continue to fill your home with sounds of Christmas cheer with Believe Again: The Music, featuring the music videos of both traditional and original Christmas songs from the Believe Again artists. Tonight at 10pm ET only on TheBlaze. Purchase the Believe Again album HERE.

Did you miss any of TheBlaze’s holiday programming? You can still watch on demand HERE!

Are we witnessing the early stages of the disintegration of America as a global hegemon?

TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton once again filled in for Glenn on radio this morning, and he opened the program with a ‘deep dive’ into national security. With the Christmas season upon us, Buck decided to take a look at the non-Christmas celebrating world and explain the major shift in geopolitical relations and structure that has been underway for some five years now. WATCH

TheBlaze EXCLUSIVE: Pakistani terror group threatens deadly attacks on New York, Washington D.C. READ

‘If we want government to do less, we need to do more’: Mercury One proves charity does not need to originate from government

Mercury One began in November 2011 with a simple mission: Inspire, organize, and mobilize to improve the human condition physically, mentally, and spiritually with malice towards none and charity for all. In the two short years since, Mercury One has been among the first on the ground when natural disasters strike. When a devastating tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma in May, Mercury One once again mobilized on the fly – sending tractor trailers full of food, clothing, and supplies to the ravaged community. Glenn recounted the devastation he witnessed in Moore on his radio program, and in a matter of hours, more than $1 million was raised with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Mercury One Disaster Relief Fund.

It is because of your generosity that Mercury One accomplished so much in 2013, and they’re only just getting started! Have you considered becoming a 2014 Mercury One Member? With a one-time donation of $35.00 you receive a Membership Pin designed specifically for 2014 members and a subscription to the weekly Dispatch e-newsletter. Become a Mercury One Member HERE.

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Waste, fraud, and abuse: Congress cuts military benefits, keeps tax loophole for illegals

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn and opened the show with a scathing monologue condemning the military benefits cuts found in the Murray-Ryan budget. Dana was joined by Stephen Yates, CEO of D.C. International Advisory, to discuss the implications of these benefits cuts and whether or not Congress will take action to reform the measure when they return to session in January. WATCH

Sponsor sends strong message with bold decision to stand with Duck Dynasty MORE

The history book your kids will want to read!

History is about so much more than memorizing facts. It is about the story. And, told in the right way, it is the greatest one ever written: Good and evil, triumph and tragedy, despicable acts of barbarism and courageous acts of heroism. Glenn’s latest book, Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America, is history as you’ve never heard it told. It’s incredible events that you never knew existed. And it’s stories so important and relevant to today that you won’t have to ask: Why didn’t they teach me this? Get your copy today!

Anonymous man walks into CO Goodwill & does something special for all the children in the store READ

GIVE THE AFL-CIO A CHRISTMAS PRESENCE! In this day and age it’s hard to believe that some employers still refuse to pay a living wage to their elves – even if those elves are magic and quite happy with their jobs. To learn how helpless worker elves are exploited by ruthless taskmasters, read The United States vs. Santa Claus: The Untold Story of the Actual War on Christmas available in bookstores and on Get your copy today!

Enjoy a special night of holiday programming on TheBlaze TV:

  • 5pm ET - Searching for Grandpa’s Christmas: Enjoy an intimate look at how Glenn and his family celebrate a simpler Christmas at his ranch in hopes of re-discovering the true meaning of Christmas.
  • 6pm ET - Believe Again: Parts I & II: Follow nine Christian musicians from diverse backgrounds as they come together to record a Christmas album in less than one week.
  • 8pm ETThe Performance: Finale: The Performance isn’t over yet. Don’t miss the the Millennial Choir and Orchestra’s amazing final performance, led by Brandon and Brett Stewart.
  • 10pm ETBelieve Again: The Music: Fill your home with merriment and cheer. See the music videos from the Believe Again album, featuring amazing renditions of Christmas classics and inspiring originals.
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