‘Dude!’ WH spokesman’s unbelievable Benghazi response

‘Dude, this was like two years ago’: Former WH spokesman’s unbelievable response when pressed about Benghazi
After listening to Tommy Vietor respond to Bret Baier’s questions about the newly released Benghazi emails like a petulant child, it is no wonder he is a former White House national security spokesman. On Thursday’s edition of Fox News’ Special Report, Baier asked Vietor about the role he played in altering the talking points following the September 2012 terrorist attack that killed four Americans. The former spokesman, who apparently had no good answer to the question, flippantly responded: “Dude, this was like two years ago.” See the bizarre exchange and Glenn’s reaction HERE.
White House press corps admits: Bush Administration more transparent than Obama
A new survey in Politico Magazine asked 60 members of the White House press corps varying in age and experience to share their thoughts on what life is really like within the Beltway for journalists. While the survey covers a lot of ground, the result of one question is garnering quite a bit of attention. Check out how journalists responded to the question “which White House do you consider more forthcoming with information for reporters: George W. Bush’s or Barack Obama’s” HERE.
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Which uber leftist actor was staying just down the hall from Glenn in Hollywood?
Glenn has been in California this week working on various projects, and on radio this morning, he shared a near run in he had with one of Hollywood’s most notable leftists: Actor Sean Penn. Why was the actor “prowling” in the hallway outside of the Beck family’s hotel room? Glenn explained on radio this morning. MORE
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WATCH: Students shocked to hear what Hillary Clinton once said about gay marriage
Earlier this week, Glenn spoke about the trend among progressive politicians (i.e. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, etc.) to refer to their politically expedient flip-flops on issues as an ‘evolution.’ On radio this morning, Glenn played a brilliant video from MRCTV’s Dan Joseph that offers a candid look at how the American people – specifically, students at George Mason University – feel about Hillary Clinton’s personal transformation as it relates to gay marriage. WATCH

Actor talks to Glenn about why faith based movies are thriving
After declaring Noah a $100 million disaster, Glenn has been pleasantly surprised by how well God-centric movies have been faring at the box office. From Son of God to Heaven is for Real to God is not Dead, these films have far exceeded expectations. On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spoke to actor Kevin Sorbo, the star of God is Not Dead, about why faith based content is making such an impact. Watch the interview HERE.

Take a walk that will last a lifetime
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WATCH: The amazing story of Reece’s Rainbow
On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn highlighted a remarkable organization that is making a difference in the life of children and families around the world. Learn more about the incredible story behind Reece’s Rainbow HERE.

“Become indispensable”: Mike Rowe delivers some of the best career advice that everyone needs to read
Glenn loves talking to Mike Rowe because they share a similar view on hard work and higher education. In his Saturday “Mail Call” Facebook, Rowe gave a fan some career advice that you should share with anyone looking for a new job or just now getting started. READ

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Ohio congressional candidate Matt Lynch talks about his work to kill Common Core in the state
Primary season is in full swing, and Glenn is talking to some of the candidates he believes have a real chance of making a difference in Washington D.C. On radio this morning, Glenn spoke with Matt Lynch who is running in Ohio’s Congressional 14th District. Lynch, who has been practicing law for over 30 years, discussed his campaign and his strong anti-Common Core stance ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Check out the interview HERE.

Why are New York professors crying ‘racist’ over The Jungle Book?
Every morning, Glenn meets with his producers to prepare for his daily radio and television shows. On Thursday, the team talked about the normalcy bias in relation to the ferry crash in South Korea, the latest on the Benghazi e-mails released Tuesday, and professors at Syracuse who believe The Jungle Book movie is racist. WATCH

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