Christians canned by HGTV speak out

Christians canned by HGTV speak out: Glenn talks to David and Jason Benham
On Thursday, Glenn reacted to HGTV’s decision to can a do-it-yourself program it planned to premiere this fall after media outlets began reporting on the hosts’ Christian views on issues like gay marriage and abortion. Twin brothers Jason and David Benham were scheduled to host Flip It Forward, a new renovation show that would help families make home improvements, and on radio this morning, the brothers joined Glenn to discuss the situation and why they are not angry with HGTV. WATCH
WATCH: Louie Gohmert defends TheBlaze on Capitol Hill during Comcast hearings
During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable on Thursday, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) suggested partisan politics might explain why Comcast does not carry TheBlaze. If the multi-billion dollar merger is approved, Comcast will control more than half of all U.S. cable subscribers. On radio this morning, Glenn played Gohmert’s remarks and explained why a Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger “is really bad for your voice.” WATCH
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There is no issue more important to America’s future than education. The fact that we’ve yielded control over it to powerful unions and ideologically driven elitists is inexcusable. We are failing ourselves, our children, and our country. Glenn’s new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education gives parents the facts they need to take back the debate and help usher in a new era of education built around the common sense principles of choice, freedom, and accountability. Order your copy HERE.
Guess what Harry Reid blamed the Koch brothers for this time
Stop the presses! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has finally exposed the people responsible for global warming: Those evil Koch brothers. During a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Reid referred to the brothers as “one of the main causes” of climate change. See the full remarks and Glenn’s reaction HERE.
Sponsored: Atheists speechless! They can’t explain THIS…
BREAKING: Biblical researches in Maryland have found something they never expected… a healing message encoded in ancient scripture. Click here to watch the video — you may never look at the Bible the same way again.
Is it time to re-brand the Tea Party?
Primary season began on Tuesday, and it was not a banner start for the Tea Party. On her radio program on Wednesday, Laura Ingraham questioned whether the Tea Party moniker had outlived its usefulness. Ingraham believes it is time “for the Tea Party to rebrand, reorganize, and re-capture its standing as a credible alternative to our failed Establishment,” but on radio this morning, Glenn reiterated the importance of holding fast to values and principles – not politics. WATCH

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Will Cain exposes NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war on charter schools in new docuseries
On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn and was joined by TheBlaze’s Will Cain to discuss progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war on charter schools. Will is working on a four-part digital documentary series for TheBlaze entitled “Alise vs. the Mayor,” in which he looks at the issue of charter schools in New York City through the eyes of a student of Harlem Success Academy and her mother. Check out part one HERE.

Glenn: Be still and know that He is God
After listening to Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hold Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen’s feet to the fire on Capitol Hill on Thursday and speaking to David and Jason Benham on radio this morning about HGTV cutting ties with them over their Christian views, Glenn delivered an impassioned monologue in which he asked his listeners to “be still and know that He is God.” WATCH

Op-Ed: American universities advocate tolerance… except for when they don’t READ

The debate is over
The debate is over! Parents who are just looking out for their kids are arrested. Common Core is in. Those who disagree are out. CONFORM and be happy, don’t CONFORM? Well, you are a danger to the progress of the collective. You will be driven out of business. The EPA, BLM, and IRS will be stopping by. You will be boycotted, blacklisted, and shamed for your point of view. This video from my friend Andrew Klaven says it all. WATCH

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NE senate candidate Ben Sasse talks about the importance of the grassroots in his campaign
Primary season is in full swing, and Glenn has spent the last several months highlighting some of the small government, liberty-minded candidates challenging big government Democrats and Republicans around the country. One such race is underway in Nebraska, where Ben Sasse is facing off against Nebraska state treasurer Shane Osborn in the May 13 primary to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE). On radio this morning, Sasse joined Glenn to discuss his campaign and what he hopes to accomplish in Washington D.C. Check out the interview HERE.

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