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Glenn shares painful family history of abuse in response to critics
Last week, the Wonderful World of Stu aired a segment about the inflated sexual assault statistics pushed by the White House. Left wing outlets like Media Matters, Salon, Slate, and Jezebel to name a few have jumped on Stu’s segment. The articles on these sites claim Stu – and Glenn by extension – are “mocking” sexual assault and harassment in a “horrifying rape sketch.” Over the years, Glenn has learned it is often best to ignore such outrage, but this morning he publicly stood by Stu and his report and proceeded to share his family’s painful history of abuse and sexual assault in an emotional monologue. WATCH

On July 22nd – We Will Not Conform!
There are only a few opportunities in life to make a real difference by standing up for what you believe in. The next one is coming on July 22! Glenn and Fathom Events invite you to your local movie theatre to experience a live national night of action against Common Core. WE WILL NOT CONFORM is a chance for anyone who’s tired of sitting idly by as the federal government continues its takeover of our schools to come together and do something about it. Learn more about the event and how to buy tickets HERE.

‘Shocking and dangerous’: Glenn reacts to President Obama’s chilly reception at West Point
During his commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on Wednesday, President Obama sought to lay out the key components that would define his Administration’s foreign policy goals for the remainder of his presidency. Instead, a large majority of the media coverage surrounding the speech focuses on the less than warm reception he received. On radio this morning, Glenn played some of the most cringe worthy moments and explained why the lack of enthusiasm is both sad and dangerous given this was a situation in which the commander in chief was addressing the U.S. military. MORE

WATCH: This video proves just how broken our education system is
Perhaps there is no greater indication of the failure of American education than a video aired on The O’Reilly Factor earlier this week. On Memorial Day, O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters headed to a Long Island beach to ask beachgoers basic U.S. history questions like “Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?” and “What was the Civil War about?” Needless to say, the answers will make your head explode. WATCH

Is this the most viral photo ever? Learn the remarkable story of Anders and Brodie.

It’s time to expose the truth about Common Core and public education
It’s not a coincidence that the more the federal government has inserted itself into public education over the years, the worse our kids have fared. In his new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education, Glenn presents a well-reasoned, fact-based analysis that proves it’s not more money our schools need — it’s a complete refocusing of priorities and a total restructuring of the relationship with the federal government. Get your copy of CONFORM HERE.

Why did Glenn compare Edward Snowden to Luke Skywalker?
In an interview with NBC News’ Brian Williams, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden spoke out about why he is still in Russia, why he believes he is neither a hero nor a traitor, and the extent of the surveillance capability of the U.S. government. After seeing several parts of the interview last night, Glenn could not help but have a more positive opinion of Snowden. Watch portions of the interview and get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Successful entrepreneur’s four alternatives to a college education
We’re in the midst of profound change. It’s happening in the country, on Glenn’s programs, and within Glenn himself. As Glenn sees the world changing, he is trying to connect his audience with people who are finding new ways to make the world work. On Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn was joined by James Altucher, a entrepreneur and author who has some radical, alternative ideas about education and success. Watch the interview HERE.

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‘There’s a boogeyman named Glenn Beck': Rabbi explains how he and Glenn overcame their differences and became friends
Glenn has been discussing the importance of finding common ground with people of all backgrounds and ideologies in order to work to make this country a better place. On this morning’s radio program, Rabbi Irwin Kula, president of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, joined Glenn to discuss the power of finding commonality in the most unlikely places. Watch the interview HERE.

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  • 7pm ET Wilkow!: Andrew takes a deeper look at Edward Snowden’s interview with NBC News and questions how much harm and good has come from the former NSA contractor’s actions.
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