It’s time

It’s time to come together and lead people out of the darkness
You may have noticed that Glenn has had a wide range of guests on his programs this week. From Montel Williams to Rabbi Irwin Kula, James Altucher to Kamal Ravikant, Glenn has been speaking to individuals who might not agree with him politically but share common principles and passions. Glenn opened this morning’s radio program with a monologue centered on the importance of joining together with those who may have once made us uncomfortable in order to lead people out of the darkness. WATCH

Must Watch: Tearful Montel Williams has a plan to ‘pay our debt’ to forgotten veterans
Earlier this week, 22-year veteran and television personality Montel Williams made headlines for an emotional speech he gave about the ongoing VA scandal during a Memorial Day picnic. Glenn invited Williams to join him on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, and Williams passionately explained that he is simply looking for an outlet from which he can draw attention to the deplorable conditions our servicemen and women are arriving home to. Watch the emotional interview HERE.

‘Are we dead inside’: Pregnant Sudanese woman sentenced to death for Christian beliefs
On radio this morning, Glenn read a disturbing report involving Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was recently sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. According to her lawyers, Ibrahim, who is married to an American citizen, gave birth to a baby girl in a filthy prison cell in Khartoum, Sudan on Monday. After sharing the story Glenn had a simple question for his listeners: Are we dead inside? WATCH

PHOTOS: Breaking bread with friends of all backgrounds and ideologies
This week Glenn has had some pretty remarkable guests on his radio and television shows. These people can only be described as strange bedfellows indeed, but we going to need to come together on the principles that can unite us if we have any hope of changing the world. On Thursday, he invited some of his libertarian, religious, writer, entrepreneur, and Silicon Valley friends to join him and Tania for dinner just outside the Mercury Studios ‘Think Tank.’ Check out behind-the-scenes photos HERE.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigns amidst waitlist scandal. Get all the details via TheBlaze.

Progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio sides with unions in battle over NYC schools
TheBlaze’s Will Cain has been exposing progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war against charter schools for several months. Today, he released episode three of his four-part original series “Alise vs. the Mayor”. WATCH

This is what gives me hope’: Matt Bevin talks about his loss in Kentucky
Earlier this month, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) secured his reelection bid by winning the Kentucky Republican primary in remarkably convincing fashion. Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin was McConnell’s main opponent, and throughout his campaign Glenn was continually impressed with Bevin. On radio this morning, a surprisingly optimistic Bevin joined Glenn to discuss his loss and what comes next. Watch the interview HERE.

Learn the remarkable story of Anders and Brodie PHOTO

Stop the educrats. Stop the controllists. Stop Common Core.
Education is everything so why are we ceding control of it to unions, special interests, and big business? Glenn’s new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education offers you the information and tools needed to stop the educrats, stop the controllists, and stop Common Core. Order your copy of CONFORM HERE.

Why an afternoon at Mercury Studios has led a liberal NY rabbi to reconsider how different we actually are
On Thursday, Glenn hosted a small dinner at Mercury Studios for friends of varying backgrounds. Rabbi Irwin Kula was one of the people who attended the dinner. On Thursday’s radio program Kula explained that, as a New York Jew, he was initially skeptical to meet Glenn, but the men have become fast friends. On radio this morning, Kula called in on his way to the airport to discuss the transformative experience his time at Mercury Studios proved to be. MORE

Tonight’s primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV:

  • 5pm ET Dana: Dana spent her Memorial Day weekend at the NASCAR Coca Cola 600. Don’t miss some exciting backstage access. Plus, Dana details her decision to homeschool.
  • 6pm ET Real News: While the VA is a nightmarish example of government run healthcare, the panel discusses whether the comparisons to Obamacare are valid.
  • 7pm ET Wilkow!: Andrew is joined by Jill Tahmooressi, the mother of the jailed Marine Corps Sgt, about how her son is fairing some 60 days after his initial arrest for weapons possession in Mexico.
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Weekend lineup on TheBlaze TV:

  • Saturday @ 9am ET Liberty Treehouse: Take a tour of the Herkimer Diamond Mine with Raj, and spend some time talking about geology with Lu in the Learning Lab. Plus, learn the history of Lascaux Caves.
  • Saturday @ 10pm ET Wonderful World of Stu: Enjoy this special ‘best of’ edition featuring the ruining of progressive icon George Bernard Shaw and ‘Letters to Woodrow Wilson in Hell.’
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