Glenn & Simon Sinek debate FDR and Four Freedoms

Glenn & Simon Sinek debate FDR and Four Freedoms
Glenn welcomed author and speaker Simon Sinek to the radio program today, someone he disagrees with on many issues but respects greatly. Their conversation took an interesting turn when the issue of FDR’s Four Freedoms speech came up — it’s a fascinating and wide ranging discussion where opposing views try to find common ground. WATCH

Glenn reveals the true face of evil
We used to use the standard of good and evil. Whether it’s due to wistful blindness or ignorance, we have lost the ability to distinguish between the two. Nowhere is that more clear than the media’s reaction to what is happening in the Middle East. That’s why Glenn dedicated Monday’s TV show to exposing the real, uncensored, and graphic evil being carried out by radical Islamists. WARNING: do not let your kids watch this episode. STORY

Do you know your why? Here’s the reason some businesses succeed and others fail
Glenn continued his discussion with Simon on the topic he’s most noted for, finding your why. Simon noticed something different about companies like Apple that explained why there was such a dying devotion to the brand. It all starts with knowing your why. See what most companies do wrong that Apple did right. MORE

The science behind doing good
We all know how flawed human beings are, but we were also designed with good works in mind. The science behind what happens when we do, or even witness, a good deed is really amazing. There are chemical reactions triggered that make us feel a certain way — we were built to be rewarded for good behavior! Find out how HERE.

TONIGHT is your last chance to see We Will Not Conform
Did you miss the live broadcast of We Will Not Conform? Not to worry. You still have one more chance to be part of the historic event. Tonight, Glenn and Fathom Events invite you to your local movie theatre to experience an encore showing of the national night of action against Common Core. We Will Not Conform is a chance for anyone who’s tired of sitting idly by as the federal government continues its takeover of our schools to come together and do something about it. Purchase your tickets HERE.

Son of Hamas founder admits “Hamas seeks conquest, not compromise” 
The son of the man who founded Hamas gave quite a powerful interview on CNN this week, highly critical of the organization his dad created. A Christian convert, he explained no one can live in peace with Hamas because they seek the utter destruction of Israel. Not only that, he explained, Hamas will destroy anyone who gets in the way of their ultimate goal – the caliphate. VIDEO

Are rising numbers of suicide and school shootings tied to a technology addiction?
While on the radio show Tuesday, Glenn and Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last, discussed how the chemicals in our brain react to certain actions and achievements. One of the most powerful chemicals in the brain is dopamine, which makes us feel good but only comes in short bursts. Hitting milestones or achievements can result in a quick hit of dopamine, but so can artificial stimulants like alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and even technology. What happens when people become too dependent on these substances to feel good? MORE

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