9/11 truther Jesse Ventura wins lawsuit vs. Chris Kyle’s widow

Al Qaeda kidnapping Europeans to bankroll terror
It’s the first rule of dealing with terrorists: Never negotiate with them – especially when they have a hostage. But Europeans apparently have a different strategy, because they continue to pay Al Qaeda millions to free hostages. The result? Al Qaeda keeps kidnapping Europeans…and getting richer. Glenn reacts on radio today. WATCH

Why has the world chosen to believe terrorists?
The mainstream media has constructed a very clear narrative of what is happening in Gaza: The Israelis are mean bullies pummeling innocent children with rockets, and Hamas is a group of noble freedom fighters trying to protect them. Sounds crazy, right? What’s even cray-cray crazier is how the world is actually buying it! How does this happen? Well, it starts at the top with the absolute failure of our leaders to call evil by its name. Glenn has had enough, and decided to point out the media’s dangerous spin on Tuesday’s show. STORY

9/11 truther Jesse Ventura wins lawsuit vs. Chris Kyle’s widow
Former professional wrestler and current 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura has won a lawsuit vs. the widow of slain U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle. A jury ruled Kyle’s book had defamed Ventura (even though the book doesn’t mention Ventura by name) and awarded him $1.8 million dollars. It’s a stunning and shameful outcome. See Glenn’s response to the decision HERE.

Why haven’t 28 pages detailing events leading up to 9/11 been released? 
In the nearly 13 years since the September 11th attacks, several U.S. Senators and Congressman have called for the declassification of the same 28 pages. They were part of an 800-page report on the intelligence before and after the 9/11 attacks, and every person who has read them responds with the same level of shock. So why aren’t they being released? Glenn has more on radio. WATCH

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These are the qualities that make a great leader 
Lots of companies make great products. Lots of politicians have potential. But very few people are able to become real, true leaders. Author Simon Sinek spoke with Glenn on TV last night about what it is all great leaders have in common – the answers may surprise you. Find out more HERE.

It’s time to expose the truth about Common Core and public education 
It’s not a coincidence that the more the federal government has inserted itself into public education over the years, the worse our kids have fared. In his new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education, Glenn presents a well-reasoned, fact-based analysis that proves it’s not more money our schools need — it’s a complete refocusing of priorities and a total restructuring of the relationship with the federal government. Get your copy of CONFORM HERE .

The power of ‘no’
Many of our personal problems stem from our inability to say one simple word: no. This concept is also applicable on a macro scale internationally. When impulses, desires and anger are quick to rise, we have to sometimes say ‘no’ to those or else we get into trouble. Rabbi Irwin Kula explains the power of ‘no’ on radio today. WATCH

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