Glenn once made fun of Tania for doing this, and now he is going to regret it

MUST WATCH: You won’t believe how one business is thanking its customers
A Canadian bank has done something truly amazing to say “thank you” to its loyal customers, and now their message is going mega viral. WATCH

Ed Schultz is obsessed with Obama’s “loins”
Ed Schultz is one weird human being. One minute he’s private messaging BlazeTV writers at 1:33am and then deleting it, the next he’s begging Obama to unleash his loins on America. Sounds like it’s time for Ed’s family to stage an intervention of some sort. Check out Ed’s latest disturbing comments on radio today. MORE

Glenn once made fun of Tania for doing this, and now he is going to regret it
Over a year ago, Tania accidentally flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. Glenn couldn’t help himself and took to social media to share the news, wondering if Tania was trying to send him some kind of message. She didn’t appreciate it. Well, now Tania may have a chance to turn the table back on Glenn, because guess who can’t seem to find his wedding ring? And that’s not the only peculiar revelation from radio today. MORE

Sick: Jesse Ventura jokes about Kyle lawsuit victory 
Professional wrestler and 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura flippantly joked on CBS that he plans to use the $1.8 million awarded to him to ‘pay his lawyers’ fees. The Kyle family was set to use the money to give to charity, instead it will now go to a couple of blood sucking lawyers. And he thinks it’s funny. Sick. Glenn reacts on radio. WATCH

Who is really talking about impeachment? 
There’s been a lot of impeachment talk swirling in the press lately, and according to the media it’s the racist Republicans and Tea Partiers who just want to take down Obama. Some began to notice, however, that the Democrats have been firing off fundraising emails focused on impeachment talk at an alarming rate. You can probably guess who is actually pushing impeachment talk — confirm it HERE.

Congressman: “There will be anger, frustration, and embarrassment” when classified pages are revealed 
Wednesday morning, Glenn played audio of Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) calling for the government to declassify twenty-eight pages of the 9/11 report that have been hidden away from the American people. He claimed those pages do not present a threat to national security, and that they would fundamentally change people’s understanding of what happened that day. Wednesday night, Rep. Massie joined The Glenn Beck Program to discuss in more detail why those pages should be released and how the American people will react. WATCH

Be inspired by TheBlaze Best Moments: 
At birth he had congenital glaucoma, 3 holes in his heart, a heart murmur, slight hearing loss and a missing kidney.PHOTO

Sharknado creator mocks climate alarmists during MSNBC interview 
Sharknado 2, the much anticipated sequel to the cult classic TV movie Sharknado, finally debuted last night. One of the creators of the movie appeared on MSNBC and seemed to be mocking climate alarmists with his answers. Was he serious or is he brilliantly destroying the Al Gore’s of the world? Find out HERE.

Glenn: This is the beginning of a very long war in the Middle East that we have no way to solve
With each passing day, the conflict between Israel and Hamas is resulting in more and more bloodshed and destruction. And the mainstream media continues to paint Israel as the enemy, with many stories focusing on the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire rather than the terrorists hiding out next to schools and mosques. But what is really happening in the Middle East? Glenn explained on radio this morning. STORY

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