This Congressman wants justice

He wants justice: Another epic Trey Gowdy hearing moment
When Democrats invited a law professor to a Congressional hearing, they probably didn’t expect him to get completely thumped by Rep. Trey Gowdy. The hearing will decide if the House Judiciary Committee should appoint a special counsel to investigate the IRS scandal because, as Gowdy argued, there is a clear conflict of interest for the DOJ in the case of the IRS. The professor didn’t stand a chance. WATCH

The insane Obamacare codes & regulations
Ever walk into a lamp? Get hit by a spacecraft? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a code for that! Thanks to Obamacare, pretty much anything possibly harmful to your health has a special code. Why would they go through the trouble to mark each and every incident? Glenn explains on radio today.WATCH

Former senator says huge breakthrough is coming with classified 9/11 information
The 28 classified pages of a post 9/11 report that some lawmakers claim contains shocking information about Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the 9/11 hijackers may just see the light of day. Glenn has openly called for these pages, classified under the Bush administration, to finally be released to the public. Get the latest information via TheBlaze. STORY

Glenn interviews Sharknado 2 writer Thunder Levin. Seriously. 
Was he serious or joking? In an interview with Sharknado 2 writer Thunder Levin on MSNBC, he appeared to have a little fun at the expense of the host and global warming alarmists everywhere. Glenn interviewed Thunder to settle the score once and for all. Check out the fascinating interview HERE.

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Ted Nugent clears up a few things 
Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy, mostly because the left freaks out whenever he says anything disparaging their worldview. Leftists actors and musicians can freely sound off on Republicans and George W. Bush, but the moment one of the few conservative musicians speaks out they cry foul. Glenn spoke with Ted about the latest such aggravation on radio today WATCH

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Glenn’s new book tackles the most important issue in America
There is no issue more important to America’s future than education. The fact that we’ve yielded control over it to powerful unions and ideologically driven elitists is inexcusable. We are failing ourselves, our children, and our country. Glenn’s new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education gives parents the facts they need to take back the debate and help usher in a new era of education built around the common sense principles of choice, freedom, and accountability. Order your copy HERE.

We can’t just go to church, we have to BE the church
A conversation Glenn calls one of the most important he’s ever been a part of aired last night on TV in its entirety. Just after Glenn and Mercury One volunteers handed out over 8 truckloads of food and toys to unaccompanied minors who crossed the border, the group of pastors and leaders had a frank conversation – you won’t see anything else like it on TV. You can watch it HERE

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  • Saturday @ 4:30pm ETHoney Brake: Follow the world class guides of the Honey Brake Lodge as they go on the ultimate duck hunting experience.
  • Saturday @ 10pm ETWonderful World of Stu: This week’s ‘Antisocial Monologue’ takes a look at the firing of Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony fame. Plus, President Charles Ramsey addresses the nation.

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