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Every night, Glenn says you have to do your own homework. This is especially true today with the crisis going on in Egypt. Click here for all the sources.

Glenn started the show off by pointing out how much the media had missed the boat on the Egypt coverage. Among the most egregious offenders? A CNN anchor who praised the Muslim Brotherhood during the network’s coverage. Even the least offensive commentators gave limited information and stated the obvious rather than dig into what was really happening and asking questions.

Among the questions and facts that Glenn delved into?

Glenn looked at the riots and unrest that were happening not just in Egypt, but also across most of the Middle East and parts of Europe. While the media may be treating this as an isolated and unique instance, there have been instances of violence across the region.

Glenn also showed the similarities between Egypt’s revolution and the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Like Egypt, Iran originally had a revolution supported by the U.S. which instilled a supposedly moderate leader who was friendly to U.S. Two years leader he was deposed and the current extremist government was put into place.

How about Murabak? While every news outlet is covering the story as he loses control over Egypt, no one has gone in depth as to who he is. Glenn laid out some key parts of his history on tonight’s show.
Glenn also touched on something he would bring up later in the week, which is that the Middle East does not hate America because of our wealth or our freedom, but because of our hypocrisy. Glenn said we must remember that “the enemy of our enemy is not our friend.” For too long America has supported dictators and leaders in the Middle East because they weren’t as bad as some of the other choices, or because they were friendly to American interests. At the same time, those leaders restricted freedoms of the people they ruled over and oppressed.

“Can man rule himself?” American leaders certainly have answered “No” when it comes to the Middle East, and Glenn said that’s a problem.