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The Global End Game

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Glenn’s Daily Prep:

#1 Judge halts mayor’s soda ban, calls it ‘arbitrary and capricious’

#2 Residents Urged To Prep For ‘Two Weeks On Your Own’ On Quake Anny

#3 GE, Pfizer, Microsoft, Apple And Other Major US Corporations Are Parking More Cash Abroad To Avoid Paying Taxes

#4 Dems’ big 2014 obstacle: President Obama

#5 Cruz Will Use ‘Any Procedural Means Necessary’ to Force Vote on Defunding Obamacare

#6 Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat

#7 In U.S., nuclear energy loses momentum amid economic head winds, safety issues

#8 Facebook study shows ‘likes’ reveal a lot

#9 Jay Carney Snaps at NPR Reporter Over Budget Question

#10 For Detroit, a Crisis Born of Bad Decisions and Crossed Fingers

#11 Online poll: Rand Paul the conservative pick for president in 2016

#12 Maine town of Byron plans mandatory gun-ownership vote