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The first thing you notice in Warsaw is how new everything is – and also how many ugly gray buildings from the communist years still remain.  This is not a country that has seen much prosperity or happiness, at least politically speaking.

After the Germans occupied and destroyed the country, their own people and almost all of the Jewish population, they were freed by Stalin’s thugs. They then turned around and did the same thing just with a different attitude and uniform.  People still feel the strings a soviet puppet.

Yet the new generation are glorifying the old ways once again. The number of Soviet images you see around out number – by FAR – the number of clubs or public images of the Founders in Philadelphia (not including those paid for by the state.) Here’s a sample of what we saw on a routine basis:

Freedom is so rare in the history of this planet – most humans have never tasted it. And those who enjoy the most freedom now are oblivious to not only it’s scarcity in human history but how fragile and fleeting it really is.  Men are at their best when free and closest to the backside of real want. Today, the meaning of want has been carelessly reduced to ‘free wifi’ or the latest Apple gadget. The empty ‘things’ we want are now referred to as things we need.

I wanted to find people who have lived the difference. And I did.

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