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Easy Eddie & the Hard Road to Redemption


Easy Eddie & the Hard Road to Redemption

The story of Easy Eddie is ultimately a story of redemption. After serving as Al Capone's chief legal counsel, Easy Eddie ultimately came to regret his choices in life. While he'd started out on the straight and narrow, he's been pushed, little by little, into doing things he otherwise would've never considered. In the end he realized he'd become something he'd despised. The ending of this story is incredible, but it's also easy to spoil, so this short summary will have to suffice for now. Once you've read the chapter in the book be sure to come back here and sift through all of the accompanying information in the Story Update section.

Butch & Easy Eddie (Video)

Here’s a video that tells the whole story in two parts, narrated by Anil Mani, with pictures. WARNING: This video has spoilers and you probably should not watch it until you’ve read the story in the book.

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