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Glenn’s take on the latest birther claims

Yesterday news broke that in 1991 Barack Obama’s then literary agency wrote in his bio that he was born in Kenya, setting up what is surely to be another annoying pointless round of arguing the inarguable.

Glenn offers Jeremiah Wright $150,000 cash for secret stash of Barack Obama docs

Also uncovered in Wright’s interview with author Ed Klein was the fact that Wright actually kept a cardboard box full of documentation including personal letters from Obama. Glenn offers the same exact amount of money Obama allegedly offered to bribe Wright ($150k) to get the contents of this cardboard box.

Greece: Police go to Nazis

In a scary bit of news from Europe (who would have thought it could get any worse?), several news outlets are reporting that a large number of Greek police officers have cast their support behind the Golden Dawn Party…aka the Nazis! Why?

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