What’s coming after Glenn’s finale on Thursday?

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Glenn’s TV Finale – What’s Next?

Watch Glenn Beck’s first post-TV interview and get a sneak peek at his most ambitious project yet! Join us on Thursday for a Special GBTV Broadcast directly following Glenn’s TV Finale.

THIS THURSDAY, June 30th beginning @ 6:30 pm ET only on GBTV. Join Now!

For two and a half years, millions of viewers have enjoyed watching Glenn Beck take on liberals, progressives and even radical leftists for the last two and a half years at 5pm on cable news. From the corruption at ACORN to the Czars to Van Jones, Glenn exposed the left’s agenda and routinely flustered the White House in the process. But while Glenn may be counting down his final shows this week – he is also counting down to the beginning of something bigger and better: GBTV.

And what happens once Glenn goes off the air on cable this Thursday June 30th? He’s going to be going right to GBTV and giving his first interview to new GBTV correspondent, Raj Nair! As soon as one door closes, the next door will open. At 6:30pm ET on Thursday, Raj will be asking Glenn your questions. Want to know answers about Glenn’s past on cable news, or do you have questions about what the future holds? This special will answer them, giving you insight into Glenn’s most ambitious project yet!

To submit a question, please email AskRaj@gbtv.com.

Who is Raj Nair? Watch the video below to find out!

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What is GBTV? GBTV is a live, streaming video network that will feature a wide variety of programming, but most important it is the brand new home of Beck’s daily 5pm-7pm live show. The place to find everything you loved about Glenn on TV, plus a lot more. Beck’s show will expand to two hours a night, five nights a week and be streamed live in HD exclusively on GBTV.

GBTV will not only give you the news of the day – combined with Glenn’s unique brand of commentary – but also expanding into issues of faith, comedy, education, history, and more. Not to mention completely new original programming plus exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

How do I get GBTV? GBTV goes wherever you do. From your laptop to your desktop to your iPad, iPhone or television (via a Roku device), GBTV is always available. No more faking illnesses to ensure you’re home to watch Glenn. If you’ve got Internet access, you’ve got GBTV – live or on demand whenever you want to watch.

Join GBTV! If you are one of the many who have become tired of calling your Congressman and getting no result – GBTV is the place for you. GBTV is not just a place to view shows you love; it’s a way to get involved and to turn ideas into action. The sensational scandals and partisan bickering will be left to others and GBTV, led by the viewer, will move forward and find real solutions. Get in on the ground floor and get started turning this country around – without the help of the federal government.

Get a sneak peek into Glenn Beck’s most ambitious project yet. Join us on Thursday for a Special GBTV Broadcast directly following Glenn’s TV Finale.

TONIGHT beginning @ 6:30 pm ET only on GBTV. Join Now!

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