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An Introduction
November 30, 2011

George Lange

In the middle of winter last year, I was in the tv studio watching Glenn's broadcast, when he proclaimed his love and support of Israel. We had barely discussed Israel before, and I was both shocked and thrilled at his level of commitment. Over the past several years, I have gotten to know Glenn both as a creative collaborator and a friend. I know firsthand what Glenn's friendship encompasses – trust, generosity, total commitment. He does not get involved with a friend, unless he is going to be there for you 100 percent. And he was. He gave me a chance to paint a picture of Israel that I knew, the Israel that gets lost in the daily news. The beauty, the families, the food, the land, and mostly, the love. Israel is full of contrasts and conflict. Some say peace is impossible, some say peace is inevitable. I don’t know, but I do know that this is a nation of color, joy and the richest colors of life itself. I hope that comes through, and proclaims our love for this land and its people.

From Noam Neusner

On the first night I met Glenn, he stood up in front of his entire crew in a hotel room in Jerusalem right after a security briefing outlining all the threats facing him and the crew. He said: “If you’re concerned about safety, don’t worry, we’ll fly you home, no problem, no questions asked. But we’re staying. Nobody can intimidate me.” That’s when I got a sense of why Glenn was in Israel – to make a clear statement, that no matter what happens, he would stand with Israel. And he did. So I want to thank him and his team, not only for giving me an opportunity to work with him, but for his friendship to a nation which is so close to my heart. And for always insisting that the words have to matter, and that they have to be enduring.