What is GBTV?

GBTV will be a network of original programs that will have something for everyone! It’s not only the home of Glenn’s new show – it’s also a place for you to connect with the people, information, and ideas that are important to you! There are no couch potatoes at GBTV, it’s going to be an active community. Glenn said in the special that you have to think of GBTV as a verb – it’s something you DO! We want you to start getting involved and help spread the message! How?

1) Find a piece of GBTV that you’re passionate about – we’ve broken some of the pieces down for you
2) Watch the video
3) Click the “Share” button at the bottom of your favorite video
4) Click on the Facebook logo and write about WHY you care about this topic! (You can even mention GBTV in the note)
5) Click Share Link and it will now be in your Facebook Wall!

What else can you do? The embed code will let you post it directly to your blog or website! You can send the URL to friends and family! Help spread the message and let people know what part of GBTV that YOU want to be a part of!

GBTV is…

…Behind the Scenes Access
Do you want behind-the-scenes access to everything Glenn and his team are working on? We’re documenting it all!

We’re bringing you GBTV-U, where S.E. Cupp will go out and not only provide resources for the youth but also a unique voice!

We have Brian Sack (don’t worry – we’re going to get some actually funny people to help him out) – as well as hilarious comedy tours and more!

…News and Information
The Blaze will be an integral part of Glenn’s new daily show and the entire GBTV network!

GBTV will be the home of the “Restoring Courage” broadcast as well as many faith-oriented programs coming up!

…Helping Each Other
Glenn will not only be going to communities like Joplin and Wilmington to highlight the power of the community spirit, GBTV will be showing ways that you can help out as well! Glenn has some big ideas to help communities across the country and they will be a big part of GBTV’s future!

…Reversing the tides
GBTV will inspire will inspire viewers to move into action, blaze new trails, and find solutions together.

GBTV will not just be a traditional network, it will be a community where YOU will interact with the programming as well as other subscribers and fans! More details on these interactive features will be coming soon, but check out GBTV’s Facebook page for just a sneak peek at what’s coming.

…And GBTV is…

…Spooky Dude? Seriously Glenn?
Yes, Glenn threatened to fire us if we didn’t include it.