Footnotes: Research from TV 1/12/2011

(Bloomberg National Poll, July 2010)

Americans Blame Bush, Not Obama, for Deficit, Jobs, Afghan War

·        60%  say Bush is primarily responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan

·        Almost 6 in 10 respondents say the war in Afghanistan is a lost cause.

·        More blame Bush (32%) rather than Obama (24%) for the federal deficit <>

·        Obama (28%) gets more credit for increases in the stock market <>  over the past year, compared with 13% for Bush.

·        Bush (32%) is listed as more responsible for unemployment compared with Obama (22%)



·        (SOT: Rep. John Boehner, August 24, 2010) President Obama should ask for - and accept - the resignations of the remaining members of his economic team, starting with Secretary Geithner and Larry Summers, the head of the National Economic Council…. we do not have the luxury of waiting months for the president to pick scapegoats for his failing 'stimulus' policies.

·        (SOT: Rep. Paul Ryan, Nov. 7, 2010) There have been so many massive spending increases, 24 percent in the base budget, 84 percent when you add stimulus. We need to take all these spending increases back so that we can get this deficit in the right direction and take the pressure off tax increases.


·        “There will be ample opportunity to debate the origins of this problem. Now is the time to solve it.”


·        (SOT: VP Joe Biden, August 24, 2010) For eight years before we arrived in the West Wing, Mr. Boehner and his Party ran the economy and the middle class literally into the ground. They took a 237 billion operating surplus inherited from the Clinton administration and left us with a $1.3 trillion deficit, in the process quadrupled the national debt all before we literally turned on the lights in the West Wing…

·        (QUOTE: Rep. Rahm Emanuel, 2004) The deficit is going to be a symbol of their credibility problem, and the budget is going to be the document we use.”

·        (QUOTE: Larry Summers, 2008) “A different Treasury would have taken a different approach. I don’t think the economy has been well managed, and that has certainly been crucial for the problems we’re facing.”



·        This ain’t the war on drugs. This is the war on terrorism and I’m telling you, within the next 30 years, war isn’t going to be anything like what we’ve seen in the past. We’re in a whole new territory right now. A whole different kind of war. Are you ready? Are you absolutely ready to wage the war against terrorism?


·        (QUOTE Sen. Carl Levin, Sept. 29, 2006) "We've got a continuing state of denial in a president," said Sen. Carl Levin. The book makes clear that Bush "took us to war without a plan, conducted war incompetently," Levin said, appearing at a Capitol Hill news conference with other Senate Democrats.

·        (QUOTE Sen. Jack Reed, Sept. 29, 2006) "That disengagement has produced extraordinary and adverse consequences for this country," Reed said. "There was no plan, really, to occupy Iraq successfully. There was no direction in leadership from the top levels -- civilian levels -- of this government to do it."


·        (QUOTE Sen. Trent Lott, Dec. 17, 1998) “Both the timing and the policy are open to question,"

·        (QUOTE Rep. Gerald B.H. Solomon, Dec. 17, 1998) "Never underestimate a desperate president

·        (QUOTE Rep. Dick Armey, Dec. 17, 1998) “The suspicion some people have about the president's motives in this attack is itself a powerful argument for impeachment," he said. "After months of lies, the president has given millions of people around the world reason to doubt that he has sent Americans into battle for the right reasons."


President’s Arms Deal Continues Under Siege AP, Nov 23, 1986,7108327&dq=democrats+criticize+reagan+and+beirut&hl=en

·        (QUOTE Rep. Tony Beilenson) “The President broke the law, he broke faith with our friends and allies around the world and he broke his word to the American people.”

Presidents Friends Telling Him to Reverse Course in Iran, AP, Nov 23, 1986

·        (QUOTE, unidentified Sr. House Democrat) “Now there’s a feeling the bear is bleeding,”



-- GOP criticizing Carter and/or Democrats for high gas prices due to foreign oil dependency

-- Democrats criticizing Bush for high gas prices

-- Republicans critizing Obama/Democrats for rising gas prices

BUSH - Democrats criticizing Bush over gas prices (April 2006)

·        The same Bush administration that so tragically bungled the response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita has now bungled its way to $3-per-gallon gasoline," Sen. Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat, said yesterday. "Now it's clear to anyone who fills up at a gas pump that this administration is also failing in its approach to energy."

·        "I'm all for Americans having retirement security, but does anyone think it's fair to have consumers pay $100 a week to fill their fuel tanks and the big energy bosses fill their bank tanks with hundreds of millions of dollars?" Mr. Reid said.


Now, what do the Republicans propose? Basically, their energy program has two parts. The first part is to get rid of almost everything that we’ve done for the American public in the last 3 years. They want to reduce or abolish the synthetic fuels program. They want to slash the solar energy incentives, the conservation programs, aid to mass transit, aid to elderly Americans to help pay their fuel bills. They want to eliminate the 55-mile speed limit. And while they are at it, the Republicans would like to gut the Clean Air Act. They never liked it to begin with

To replace what we have built, this is what they propose: to destroy the windfall profits tax and to “unleash” the oil companies and let them solve the energy problem for us.


America must get to work producing more energy. The Republican program for solving economic problems is based on growth and productivity. Large amounts of oil and natural gas lay beneath our land and off our shores, untouched because the present administration seems to believe the American people would rather see more regulation, taxes and controls than more energy.


Years of Bush administration policies that have favored big oil over the consumers have resulted in record dependence in foreign oil

leaving American families and businesses to pay even higher prices.


-- Reagan and GOP telling Democrats that social security will fail/go broke

-- FDR saying that social security will fail

-- GOP criticizing Obama/Democrats about social security's failure


Source: "Clinton, Senate chief spar over social security," Reuters News: 27 October 1998

·        (QUOTE Pres. Clinton, 1998)  "I think the Senate majority leader will be able to find time to work with me to save Social Security, and I certainly hope so." // "After all, they were willing to work with the insurance lobbyists to kill the patients' bill of rights. And then they worked with the tobacco companies to kill our teen smoking bill to protect our children from the dangers of tobacco.

Source: "By Rick Pearson, Tribune political reporter. Chicago Tribune: 18 October 2004

·        (Sen. John Kerry) "When I am president, I won't cut Social Security benefits, and I won't raise the retirement age. I will restore fiscal responsibility so we can reduce the deficit and strengthen Social Security,"


(Source: "What Roosevelt can teach Obama," The News Journal: 17 August 2009

·        Republican senator from Delaware claimed that Social Security would "end the progress of a great country and bring its people to the level of the average European

·        (QUOTE Pres. Reagan, April 20, 1983) Time and again, benefits were increased far beyond the taxes and wages that were supposed to support them. In this compromise we have struck the best possible balance between the taxes we pay and the benefits paid back

·        (QUOTE  Pres Reagan, July 18, 1981) At the same time, I deplore the opportunistic political maneuvering, cynically designed to play on the fears of many Americans, that some in the Congress are initiating at this time. These efforts appear designed to exploit an issue rather than find a solution to the urgent Social Security problem


(Source: "Pitchforks and torches," The Salt Lake Tribune: 1 August 2009)

·        In 1935, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave us Social Security, Republican critics sneeringly referred to FDR as "Rooseveltski," suggesting he was a communist. Few elderly Americans today would tolerate the demise of this program.

(Source: "What Roosevelt can teach Obama," The News Journal: 17 August 2009)

·        In hearings before the Senate Finance Committee, a senator from Oklahoma accusingly asked President Franklin D. Roosevelt's secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, "Isn't this socialism?" When Perkins emphatically answered no, the senator leaned forward and, with a conspiratorial whisper, pressed, "Isn't this a teeny-weeny bit of socialism?"

(Source: Campaign Address on the “Economic Bill of Rights” October 28, 1944)

·        (QUOTE GOP comments to FDR) “Those incompetent bunglers in Washington have passed a lot of excellent laws about social security and labor and farm relief and soil conservation--and many others--and we promise if elected not to change any of them."

·        (QUOTE GOP comments to FDR) "These same quarrelsome tired old men have built the greatest military machine the world has ever known, which is fighting its way to victory; and, if you elect us, we promise not to change any of that, either."

Terry Trobiani owns Gianelli's Drive Thru in Prairie Grove, Illinois, where he put up a row of American flags for the Fourth of July. But the city claimed he was displaying two of them improperly and issued him a $100 ticket for each flag.

Terry joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to explain what he believes really happened. He told Glenn that, according to city ordinance, the American flag is considered "ornamental" and should therefore have been permitted on a federal holiday. But the city has now classified the flag as a "sign."

"Apparently, the village of Prairie Grove has classified the American flag as a sign and they've taken away the symbol of the American flag," Terry said. "So, as a sign, it falls under their temporary sign ordinance, which prohibits any flying, or any positioning of signs on your property — and now this includes the American flag. [...] The only way I could fly the American flag on my property is if I put it on a permanent 20 to 30-foot flagpole, which they have to permit."

Terry went on to explain how the city is now demanding an apology for his actions, and all after more than a year of small-business crushing COVID restrictions and government mandates.

"COVID was tough," Terry stated. "You know, we're in the restaurant business. COVID was tough on us. We succeeded. We made it through. We cut a lot of things, but we never cut an employee. We paid all our employees. I didn't take a paycheck for a year just to keep our employees on, because it was that important to me to keep things going. And, you know, you fight for a year, and you beat a pandemic, and then you have this little municipality with five trustees and a president, who just have no respect for small businesses. And right now, what I see is they have no respect for the republic and the United States ... I think it's terrible. The direction that government, at all levels, have taken us to this point, it's despicable."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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The Biden administration is now doing everything it can to censor what it has decided is COVID-19 "misinformation." But Glenn Beck isn't confident that the silencing of voices will stop there.

Yeonmi Park grew up in North Korea, where there is no freedom of speech, and she joined Glenn to warn that America must not let this freedom go.

"Whenever authoritarianism rises, the first thing they go after is freedom of speech," she said.

Watch the video clip below from "The Glenn Beck Podcast" or find the full episode with Yeonmi Park here:

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Most self-proclaimed Marxists know very little about Marxism. Some of them have all the buzzwords memorized. They talk about the exploits of labor. They talk about the slavery of capitalist society and the alienation caused by capital. They talk about the evils of power and domination.

But they don't actually believe what they say. Or else they wouldn't be such violent hypocrites. And we're not being dramatic when we say "violent."

For them, Marxism is a political tool that they use to degrade and annoy their political enemies.

They don't actually care about the working class.

Another important thing to remember about Marxists is that they talk about how they want to defend the working class, but they don't actually understand the working class. They definitely don't realize that the working class is composed mostly of so many of the people they hate. Because, here's the thing, they don't actually care about the working class. Or the middle class. They wouldn't have the slightest clue how to actually work, not the way we do. For them, work involves ranting about how work and labor are evil.

Ironically, if their communist utopia actually arrived, they would be the first ones against the wall. Because they have nothing to offer except dissent. They have no practical use and no real connection to reality.

Again ironically, they are the ultimate proof of the success of capitalism. The fact that they can freely call for its demise, in tweets that they send from their capitalistic iPhones, is proof that capitalism affords them tremendous luxuries.

Their specialty is complaining. They are fanatics of a religion that is endlessly cynical.

They sneer at Christianity for promising Heaven in exchange for good deeds on earth — which is a terrible description of Christianity, but it's what they actually believe — and at the same time they criticize Christianity for promising a utopia, they give their unconditional devotion to a religion that promises a utopia.

They are fanatics of a religion that is endlessly cynical.

They think capitalism has turned us into machines. Which is a bad interpretation of Marx's concept of the General Intellect, the idea that humans are the ones who create machines, so humans, not God, are the creators.

They think that the only way to achieve the perfect society is by radically changing and even destroying the current society. It's what they mean when they say things about the "status quo" and "hegemony" and the "established order." They believe that the system is broken and the way to fix it is to destroy, destroy, destroy.

Critical race theory actually takes it a step farther. It tells us that the racist system can never be changed. That racism is the original sin that white people can never overcome. Of course, critical race theorists suggest "alternative institutions," but these "alternative institutions" are basically the same as the ones we have now, only less effective and actually racist.

Marx's violent revolution never happened. Or at least it never succeeded. Marx's followers have had to take a different approach. And now, we are living through the Revolution of Constant Whining.

This post is part of a series on critical race theory. Read the full series here.

Americans are losing faith in our justice system and the idea that legal consequences are applied equally — even to powerful elites in office.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to detail what he believes will come next with the Durham investigation, which hopefully will provide answers to the Obama FBI's alleged attempts to sabotage former President Donald Trump and his campaign years ago.

Rep. Nunes and Glenn assert that we know Trump did NOT collude with Russia, and that several members of the FBI possibly committed huge abuses of power. So, when will we see justice?

Watch the video clip below:

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