Study Guide: Unions, protests, gov't shutdowns, and more


  • And I think this is an issue that needs to be put out into the air and see -- many, many other states , ultimately, might have -- not have the same balance sheet as Wisconsin , but I think, ultimately, collective bargaining , even from a federal level , these are big issues, and these costs need to be put under control. If the country is ever attacked like it was in 9/11, we all respond with a sense of urgency. What's going on on balance sheets throughout the country is the same type of attack.


  • President Obama has lost control of the agenda. The agenda is now in the hands of the Republican Party and they are going to pursue a very strong effort to cut services by refusing to have any (sic) I think this agenda will be successful but it will be pursued to an extent where it’s more directed at cutting services and achieving ideological purposes of GOP party rather than to get the economy going. I think this will have a negative effect on the economy.

Government shutdown threat looms over budget fight

  • The House of Representatives voted on Saturday to cut federal spending by $61 billion through September. But the Republican measure will likely die because Democrats who control the Senate oppose it and President Barack Obama vowed to veto it.Obama has outlined his own plan for less-severe spending cuts in 2012, and has warned that tightening the belt too much too soon could harm the slow economic recovery.
  • With the government funded only through March 4, the government could run out of money if lawmakers fail to act, but both sides have been urging compromise
  • Democrats also want to shrink the deficit, projected to hit $1.65 trillion or 10.9 percent of the economy this year. Senate Democrats are likely to endorse a spending bill that cuts funds, but not as deeply as the House did.
  • The House bill is more than an effort to cut the deficit. Republicans are also trying to use the budget process to starve government programs such as healthcare and regulation of Wall Street and the environment that they have long opposed.

Previous Gov’t Shutdowns,0,3376872.story <,0,3376872.story>

  • The federal government has had more than a dozen shutdowns since 1981
  • Congressional Research Service: The 1995 shutdown resulted in the furlough of an estimated 800,000 federal employees
  • 1991 study: 3-day government shutdown in 1990 cost between $245 million and $607 million
  • (((What cost $245 million in 1990 would cost $397,086,139,174.58 in 2009. What cost $607000000000 in 1990 would cost $983801169301.91 in 2009)) <>

  • 1995 (1st): 1st Federal Government shutdown was due to budget and it covered period from November 14 through November 19, 1995
  • 1995 (2nd): FY1996 partial shutdown of federal government (and the longest in history) began on December 16, 1995, and ended on January 6, 1996

Global food prices hit new record high <>

  • The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) gave warning that the high prices, already above levels in 2008 which sparked riots, were likely to rise further
  • In the run-up to the 2007/2008 food price crisis, the World Bank estimated that some 870 million people in developing countries were hungry or malnourished. The FAO estimates that number has increased to 900 million. <>

  • Global food costs jumped 25 percent last year to an all- time high in December, according to the United Nations. Countries probably spent at least $1 trillion on imports, with the poorest paying as much as 20 percent more than in 2009, the UN says


  • Algeria, Tunisia, Africa
  • France is on the brink of rioting

Prosecutors Office vows to crack down on food hoarding <>

  • TAIPEI -- The Taiwan High Prosecutors Office vowed yesterday to harshly crack down on anyone caught hoarding food staples as part of the government's efforts to stabilize food prices amid a string of price hikes following the Lunar New Year.
  • The office said it has started collecting evidence by monitoring prices of major consumer products. Anyone found to have engaged in hoarding will be severely punished to the fullest extent of the law, it said.
  • Those guilty of illegal activities such as hoarding daily necessities, manipulating food supplies or product prices could be sentenced to jail terms of up to five years or fines of up to NT$3,000 (US$100).

Glenn will talk about some of the big events coming up in the next week:


55,000 rally at Wisconsin State Capitol to protest attacks on unions <>

  • Madison, WI - 55,000 people - workers, students and their families - occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol Feb. 19 against anti-union legislation. It was the sixth straight day of protest. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) led a student march through the streets with students from across Wisconsin and the Midwest. Carrying a banner that read, “Students and workers - unite and fight!” they were greeted with loud cheers as they approached over 10,000 workers on the capitol lawn.

Wisconsin SDS: All Out to Defend Education on March 2nd <>

  • The occupied Wisconsin State Capitol building stands as a testament to student and worker power in the face of attacks on education and public services. Tens of thousands of students, teachers, workers, and families have rallied at the state capitol for a week straight to stand up for their rights to a living wage, education, and collective bargaining.
  • In addition to the occupation of the state capitol, there have been walkouts at high schools and universities across the state. Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organized a walkout of 3,000 college students, faculty, and staff
  • Wisconsin SDS and The United Council of University of Wisconsin Students (UC) have endorsed the national call to action on March 2nd. SDS is planning actions in over 20 cities across the country, and Wisconsin SDS is calling all students to take action on March 2nd.

All Out for Education Rights! Call to Protest March 2nd, 2011

  • This year, Students for a Democratic Society supports the month-long call to action in March and is calling on students nationwide to take action on March 2nd of 2011. We believe that education is a right, not an economic privilege for the advantaged. We demand and fight for a university that is for everyone
  • SDS is calling on chapters to organize and take action on March 2nd, 2011. When people come together and demand change, a better world is possible. Strike, rally, walkout, occupy, sit-in, teach-in, leaflet, or table! Whatever you’re doing we want to hear about it! Make March 2nd a day to remember. Education is a right, now is the time to fight

Last Year’s SDS Protests

  • On March 4th of 2010, faculty, campus workers, and students exploded in protest all throughout the country to demand an end to the ongoing attacks on education.
  • Again on October 7th, 2010 over twenty chapters of Students for a Democratic Society protested on their campuses; from coast to coast chapters held rallies and marches.
  • October 7th was a day to also highlight the 9th year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan as well as the then-recent attacks on anti-war and international solidarity activists by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Extremist Cleric: Time for Islamic State in America

  • British extremist Anjem Choudary - who once said 'the flag of Islam will fly over the White House' - has announced he will lead a demonstration calling on Muslims to establish the Sharia law across America.
  • The rally, planned for March 3, is to take place just weeks after his on-screen row with Fox News presenter Sean Hannity.  Mr Choudary, 43, called Americans 'the biggest criminals in the world today.' The former leader of outlawed group Islam4UK told the Daily Star 'we expect thousands to come out and support us.'
  • Mr Choudary said the March rally was organised by the Islamic Thinkers society, an extremist group based in New York.

About Islamic Thinkers Society <>

  • "Let there rise from amongst you group(s) who invite others to the khair(Islam), command the good, and forbid the evil, and they are the ones who are successful." [TMQ 3:104]
  • It is based upon this verse in the Qur'an that we, the Islamic Thinkers Society have based ourselves upon
  • There is a picture on the website which shows an Islamic flag flying above the White House with the caption “Islam, the future of America. Communism is Dead. Capitalism is Dying. Islam = the only solution. Democracy is hypocrisy. Rule by Divine Law, not man-made law.”
  • On the website is also a diagram called “Structure of the Khalifah Islamic State”


Congress, Obama brace for showdown as government shutdown looms <>

  • The prospect of a government shutdown appeared more possible Saturday after the House passed a budget measure in the pre-dawn hours that cuts $61 billion - and was immediately rejected by Senate Democrats and President Obama <>
  • The House plan, which was approved on a party-line vote at 4:40 a.m. after five days of debate <> , eliminates dozens of programs and offices while slashing agency budgets by as much as 40 percent. Federal funding for AmeriCorps and PBS would cease. Hundreds of millions would be cut from border security, and tens of millions would be withheld from funding for the District of Columbia.
  • The debate over the size and scope of the government now moves to the Senate, where leaders have already said that the House plan cuts way too deep and that they are planning a far more modest proposal. But with the Senate out of session all next week, senators have left themselves just a few days to take up a bill before March 4, when the stop-gap measure that is currently funding the government expires.
  • Given the tight time frame, it's unlikely the two chambers can agree on a compromise. If they don't, the government will either shut down or congressional leaders will have to agree on another temporary measure, perhaps for as little as a couple of weeks.
  • In an effort to appear frugal in their own right, Senate Democrats say they plan to cut $41 billion. But that is based on Obama's 2011 budget proposal, which was never enacted.
  • House leaders used this same math to claim that their $61 billion in cuts was equivalent to $100 billion, the amount Republicans pledged in their campaigns last fall.  Either way the numbers are counted, the two sides remain more than $60 billion apart.

Previous Gov’t Shutdowns,0,3376872.story <,0,3376872.story>

  • The federal government has had more than a dozen shutdowns since 1981
  • Congressional Research Service: The 1995 shutdown resulted in the furlough of an estimated 800,000 federal employees
  • 1991 study: 3-day government shutdown in 1990 cost between $245 million and $607 million
  • (((What cost $245 million in 1990 would cost $397,086,139,174.58 in 2009. What cost $607000000000 in 1990 would cost $983801169301.91 in 2009)) <>

  • 1995 (1st): 1st Federal Government shutdown was due to budget and it covered period from November 14 through November 19, 1995
  • 1995 (2nd): FY1996 partial shutdown of federal government (and the longest in history) began on December 16, 1995, and ended on January 6, 1996


What can the government do about conspiracy theories, and what should it do?

(1) Government might ban “conspiracy theories”, somehow defined.

(2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who

disseminate such theories.

(3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories.

(4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech.

(5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to


Joe Klein:  Today, (hat tip/Ben Smith), we have Bill Kristol sticking with the demonstrators and calling out free-range lunatic Glenn Beck, for his hilarious commie-muslim caliphate delusions.

PC MA: Glenn Beck Adds Google to Caliphate Conspiracy Theory


Glenn Beck had added Google a growing list of nefarious organizations "may or may not" be part of a vast conspiracy to create a one world Islamic government.

CSMONITOR: Why is Glenn Beck freaking out over Egypt and a caliphate?

Fox News commentator Glenn Beck finds in Egypt’s democratic revolution a conspiracy involving left and right. Other conservatives are distancing themselves from Beck’s “delusional ravings.”

SOT-Brian Williams

Friday, February 18

"From the Mideast to the American Midwest tonight, people are rising up. Citizens uprisings are changing the world, as we've witnessed from Tunisia to Egypt now tonight from Libya to Bahrain where today there was a violent crackdown and our reporters and cameras where there when shots were fired but tonight we are going to begin in Wisconsin the state capitol has been taken over by the people."

FBO.GOV (request posted in June 2010)

Persona Management Software

Place of Performance:

Performance will be at MacDIll AFB, Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq.

“Software will allow 10 personas per user, replete with background, history, supporting details, and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographically consistent. Individual applications will enable an operator to exercise a number of different online persons from the same workstation and without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries. Personas must be able to appear to originate in nearly any part of the world and can interact through conventional online services and social media platforms.”

* The request was for 50 licenses, which means the Air Force hoped to create up to 500 fake Internet people.*



HBGary Federal was part of a consortium that, according to e-mails released last week by activist hacking organization Anonymous, created a plan to discredit labor and liberal groups that have criticized the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The e-mails showed that HBGary Federal, Palantir Technologies Inc. in Palo Alto and Berico Technologies in Arlington, Va., proposed to use misinformation and fake social networking profiles to pressure union-backed nonprofits that opposed the chamber.

The firms sought $2 million in fees for providing political intelligence services.

Palantir and Berico immediately issued statements to the Los Angeles Times and other media saying top executives didn't know about the plans and didn't condone the activities.

Chamber officials said they knew nothing about the intelligence service proposal, which had been received by Washington, D.C., law firm Hunton & Williams, which serves as counsel to the chamber.

In the wake of news stories by The Times and other publications, HBGary issued a limited statement to distinguish the company from HBGary Federal, and Butterworth insisted that the two were "separate companies with different employees and management."

HBGary executives were not aware of the solicitation by its affiliate, Butterworth said.

HBGary Federal, he said, is directed by Chief Executive Aaron Barr from offices in Colorado and Chevy Chase, Md. Barr could not be reached for comment.

"The bad guys in this situation are the self-proclaimed hacker activists that turned criminal," Butterworth said. "A criminal act has been committed to steal our intelligence and proprietary information."

Employees also received "numerous threats of violence," he said, adding that both the data break-ins and the threats against individuals are being probed by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Justice in Sacramento declined to confirm or deny whether an investigation was underway.

Everything comes down to the two Senate runoffs in Georgia. If we lose both races, we lose the country. Democrats know this and are pouring in millions to usher in a Marxist agenda.

As the Left tries to hide how radical the two candidates really are, Glenn takes us inside the Democrat war room to expose the wolf in pastor's clothing, Raphael Warnock, and America's Justin Trudeau, Jon Ossoff. Socialism, the Green New Deal, and "defund the police" are all on the table. And Glenn warns of what's to come if conservatives don't activate: Chuck Schumer will weaponize the Senate, and the radical Left will launch an all-out assault to ravage the Constitution.

Watch the full special below:

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) joined the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" to explain how mail-in ballots are typically disqualified during recounts at a far higher rate than in-person, Election Day ballots, and why this is "good news" for President Donald Trump's legal battle over the election.

"One of the things that gives the greatest cause for optimism is, this election ... there's a pretty marked disparity in terms of how the votes were distributed. On Election Day, with in-person voting, Donald Trump won a significant majority of the votes cast on in-person voting on Election Day. Of mail-in voting, Joe Biden won a significant majority of the votes cast early on mail-in voting," Cruz explained.

"Now, here's the good news: If you look historically to recounts, if you look historically to election litigation, the votes cast in person on Election Day tend to stand. It's sort of hard to screw that up. Those votes are generally legal, and they're not set aside. Mail-in votes historically have a much higher rate of rejection … when they're examined, there are a whole series of legal requirements that vary state by state, but mail-in votes consistently have a higher rate of rejection, which suggests that as these votes begin being examined and subjected to scrutiny, that you're going to see Joe Biden's vote tallies go down. That's a good thing," he added. "The challenge is, for President Trump to prevail, he's got to run the table. He's got to win, not just in one state but in several states. That makes it a lot harder to prevail in the litigation. I hope that he does so, but it is a real challenge and we shouldn't try to convince ourselves otherwise."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean is perhaps even more disgusted with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for his coronavirus response than BlazeTV's Stu Burguiere (read what Stu has to say on the subject here), and for a good reason.

She lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19 in New York's nursing homes after Gov. Cuomo's infamous nursing home mandate, which Cuomo has since had scrubbed from the state's website and blamed everyone from the New York Post to nursing care workers to (every leftist's favorite scapegoat) President Donald Trump.

Janice joined Glenn and Stu on the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday to ask why mainstream media is not holding Gov. Cuomo — who recently published a book about his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic — accountable?

"I'm vocal because I have not seen the mainstream media ask these questions or demand accountability of their leaders. [Cuomo] really has been ruling with an iron fist, and every time he does get asked a question, he blames everybody else except the person that signed that order," Janice said.

"In my mind, he's profiting off the over 30 thousand New Yorkers, including my in-laws, that died by publishing a book on 'leadership' of New York," she added. "His order has helped kill thousands of relatives of New York state. And this is not political, Glenn. This is not about Republican or Democrat. My in-laws were registered Democrats. This is not about politics. This is about accountability for something that went wrong, and it's because of your [Cuomo's] leadership that we're put into this situation."

Watch the video excerpt from the show below:

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As America grows divided and afraid to disagree with the Democrats' woke plan for America, Megyn Kelly is ready to fight back for the truth. For nearly two decades, she navigated the volatile and broken world of the media. But as America leans on independent voices more than ever, she's breaking new ground with "The Megyn Kelly Show."

She joined the latest Glenn Beck Podcast to break down what's coming next after the election: Black Lives Matter is mainstream, leftists are making lists of Trump supporters, and the Hunter Biden scandal is on the back burner.

Megyn and Glenn reminisce about their cable news days (including her infamous run-in with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump) and to look into the chaotic and shady world of journalism and the growing entitlement it's bred. For example, many conservatives have been shocked by how Fox News handled the election.

Megyn defended Fox News, saying she believes Fox News' mission "is a good one," but also didn't hold back on hosts like Neil Cavuto, who cut off a White House briefing to fact check it — something she never would have done, even while covering President Obama.

Megyn also shared this insightful takeaway from her time at NBC: "Jane Fonda was an ass."

Watch the full podcast here:

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