Caller turns away from cynicism in emotional conversation with Glenn

Glenn has a very touching phone call from a listener today, and she explained to Glenn how she went from a cynic to a believer on radio today.

"I have been following you for many, many years, since you were really hilarious back in the day," she said. "And along the way as you started getting more serious, I kind of turned on you.  You know, when you say my own audience has turned on me, when you said that a few weeks ago or days ago, I was like, yeah, that's me, you know."

"Not like in a savage 'I hate Glenn Beck' kind of way.  Kind of like, okay, here comes another book, you know, how many books are you going to put out, you know.  How many dollars do you want to make kind of way."

She described how she would meet new fans who were just discovering Glenn, and warned them that he would eventually disappoint them along the way. "You know, I'm a cynic.  The world I lived in, live in has taught me not to believe in people.  And it was easier to not believe and to expect to be disappointed than to put it out there and have the possibility of getting your toes stepped on again, you know?  You get stepped on so many times in life."

What made her change her mind?

"I watched the making of the GBTV and I was just, I was touched.  I was moved, you know.  You're going out into towns and creating a means for them to survive and a means for them to pull together and rescue themselves, and it just struck me that, how much you really believe in what you're doing and what you're saying.  It's not ‑‑ it's not what I thought it was.  It's not, you know, some grand show for another dollar or, you know, some kind of media empire or, you know, to be known in history books.  And I just, you know, I'm sorry.  I don't know you, but I feel like I know you because I've listened to you for so many years, and I don't think I've been fair.

"And the other thing that I wanted to tell you and then I'll get off the phone, and you can take this how you want it.  I'm not a perfect person, but I have my gifts and talents like everybody else and I just, I just feel like I ought to tell you that your reward is great, Glenn. Your reward is really great."

Glenn was taken aback by the call, and said it was one of the more meaningful conversations he had with a listener in a while. Why? Because it touches on where he is moving over the next few months and years. "That is where my heart is, and it is from that belief of Wilmington, that Americans are good; they just need the path. They just need to see a standard. They need to see something up on a hill. It's the shining city on the hill. That if they can see it, they will do it. If they can see it and they see others moving in that direction, they will do it. And I know we can pull ourselves out of it. I know who we are, and I know all the stumbling blocks as well."

"When I said to you a year ago, or at the beginning of this year, I'm tired of waiting around for somebody else, it is exactly like Israel. Israel's going to cost anywhere from $5 to $10 million to do. I don't have the money, but we're doing it. And I'm moving forward on divine providence. I believe in the protection of divine providence. What needs to be done will be done, and the money will come."

And Glenn said the same thing would happen with the charity project he is moving forward on. " I know it will happen. And we will create jobs. And we will turn one town around. And then that will inspire others. And we'll turn another town around, and another and another and another. You will not be able to extinguish the free enterprise. You will not be able to extinguish the idea that man can make his own way. You will not be able to take away man's freedom for long because it is not freedom that belongs to man. It is His freedom. Nobody loses against him. Nobody. He wins every single time. I trust divine providence."

Do YOU pass? Glenn Beck takes the WHITE PRIVILEGE test

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On his Friday Exclusive show, Glenn Beck took Monitor Racism's white privilege test, administered by psychologist Dr. Karlyn Borysenko. The test is comprised of 26 questions designed to assess how much white privilege plays a role in the test-taker's life.

Watch the video clip below to see how Glenn measured up:

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Dr. Scott Atlas, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow and former chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Monday to cut through the confusion and politics clouding our understanding of COVID-19 and to give the facts about the so-called second wave of this pandemic.

"I think everything should be done by looking at the data, instead of just models, or even just allowing fear to go into the exchange. So if we look at the data, we see there's no question that [COVID-19] cases are increasing in many states. And that's to be expected, for a few reasons," Atlas said.

"Of course, when we test more, we're going to detect more cases. And when they have thousands and thousands of people in the streets protesting, and screaming, and sharing megaphones, we're going to have more cases," he explained. "The question really is: What is the significance of these cases, and how we're going to handle these consequences?"

Atlas noted that the overwhelming majority of people getting COVID-19 in this "second wave" are younger, healthier people who are not at significant risk, according to "evidence from all over the world, including the United States."

"The overwhelming majority of people recover fully from the infection, so that's not really the issue. In fact, the issue is only two-fold," he said. "We need to protect the elderly high-risk people, particularly in nursing homes ... and prevent hospitals from being overcrowded. This is the point of the policy. The policy was never to stop all cases of COVID."

Dr. Atlas argued that political policies need to focus on protecting the most vulnerable without destroying the lives of those with extremely low risk.

"Frankly, one of the most egregious failures of the policy people is, not just allow[ing] fear to infiltrate their own thinking and do lockdowns, which are severely harmful," he emphasized. "But secondly, they have failed to reassure the public about the facts, and about the relative risk here. It's a very serious dangerous disease — for a group of people. And we know who those people are. They are high-risk, elderly people with comorbidities. Everyone else, it's not a high-risk disease."

Glenn asked Dr. Atlas to weigh in on whether or not schools should be opened in the fall.

"This is a slam-dunk issue," he answered. "There is zero science to back up claims that the schools should be closed or even opened with any constraints whatsoever."

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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Roger Stone is kind of a scumbag but the outrage over his commutation by President Trump has gone off the rails. Thus far in his presidency, Trump has commuted the sentence for 11 individuals while in comparison, Bill Clinton had 61. Even worse, Barack Obama commuted the sentence of 1,715 criminals! Just by the numbers, the outrage is insane. But then add in that both Obama and Clinton commuted or pardoned the sentence of terrorists and/or "friends" of the the president and the double standard is outrageous.

Here is a list of just a few of the worst offenders:

Bill Clinton Pardons/Commuted sentences


  • Commuted the sentences of 16 members of the FALN, a Puerto Rican paramilitary organization that set off 120 bombs in the United States, mostly in New York City and Chicago. There were convictions for conspiracy to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as firearms and explosives violations.
  • Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg were both commuted and both were members of Weather Underground and the May 19 Communist Movement, and were convicted on weapons and explosives charges.

Case similar to Trump/Roger Stone

  • Susan McDougal was sentenced to 18 months in prison on contempt charges for refusing to testify about Clinton in the Whitewater scandal only to have Clinton pardoned her.

Pardons/commutations that look like a response to bribes

  • Carlos Vignali was convicted for cocaine trafficking. Almon Glenn Braswell was convicted for mail fraud and perjury, and was under investigation for money laundering and tax evasion. Vignali was commuted while Braswell was pardoned, but they were also both caught paying approximately $200,000 to Hillary Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham, to represent their respective cases for clemency.
  • Marc Rich fled the U.S. after he was caught owing $48 million in taxes and was charged with 51 counts for tax fraud. Everyone was surprised when Clinton pardoned him. It was later revealed that Rich's wife made substantial donations to both the Clinton library and to Hillary Clinton's senate campaign.

Pardon for a member of Clinton's family

  • Clinton pardoned his brother, Roger Clinton, who had been convicted on drug charges. A year after the pardon he would be charged for Drunk driving and disorderly conduct.

Drug Cartel lawyer

  • Clinton commuted the sentence for Harvey Weinig, a former NY lawyer who was sentenced in 1996 to 11 years in prison for facilitating an extortion-kidnapping scheme and helping launder at least $19 million for the Cali cocaine cartel.

Obama Pardons/Commuted sentences - the most since Truman: Obama granted clemency to nearly 2,000 individuals, including 212 pardons and 1,715 commutations.


  • Obama commuted the sentence of another FALN terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera.


  • Chelsea Manning: the former Army Intelligence analyst was convicted of leaking documents that revealed classified information on military and diplomatic activities all around the world only to have her sentence commuted.

Case similar to Micheal Flynn or Roger Stone

  • Obama pardoned General James Cartwright, who had been convicted for lying to the FBI (sound familiar?!). Cartwright was considered "Obama's favorite general".

On his Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck goes where the Left and the media don't want us to go. The protests, riots, pandemic — it's all one big distraction being weaponized to shield the Deep State from the big reveal.

The case against General Michael Flynn is bigger than a phone call with the Russian ambassador; it exposes everything. Glenn reveals multiple cogs in the Deep State wheel that tried to destroy Donald Trump's presidency.

This story has everything: secret meetings, spies, glamorous European locations. Glenn puts all of the pieces together and interviews the man who was an eyewitness to all of it — former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos. Specifically targeted by this Deep State coup, his reputation and life may never be the same. He reveals the names of those he believes were behind his setup and the coup against the president.

Watch a preview of the full episode below:

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