The left will hate this guy: car wash gives discount for reciting John 3:16

A car wash in Texas is taking an unusual step -- giving folks a $15 discount on oil changes if they simply recite John 3:16 when they drop off the car. Of course the left is flying off the handle claiming this guy is discriminating and all the rest. Glenn interviews the owner who responds to the claims and explains the reason why he's doing it. Tough not to love this guy -- but the left will find a way.

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GLENN: All right. I want you to know there's a -- there is a hatemonger, there's a hate mongering Christian that is on the phone with us right now, Charlie.

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: What a hate mongering Christian. Charlie?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

GLENN: Have you ever listened to do this show?

CALLER: Not very often.

GLENN: All right.

PAT: Oh, wow.

GLENN: Then I better not --

PAT: He's even more hateful than we were led to believe.

GLENN: You better not joke with him because he may not know we're joking.

CALLER: I kind of got (inaudible) when you said that.

GLENN: All right. Okay. So, Charlie is in charge of the Quick Car Lube in Plano, Texas.

PAT: Charles in Charge, I loved that show. That was so good.

GLENN: So, anyway, he has done something unthinkable. He is offering a discount. However, as the hate mongering Christians that he is, he's making you say Jesus. Can you tell us about the special that you're doing?

CALLER: Well, the special offer that you can come in and quote or discuss John 3.16 with me, I give you a $15 discount.

PAT: How long do have I to talk about it?

CALLER: As long as you want to or as short as you want to.

PAT: Okay. So, I could just recite the scripture or can I --


PAT: Can I just say John 3:16 and get the oil change?

CALLER: Well, if you say John 3:16, I'll probably elaborate on it.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: If I just said, Yep, Jesus loved us. That's why he gave us his son Jesus --

CALLER: Yes. If you know that and --

PAT: Okay.

CALLER: -- you understand it, you know, that's cool with me.

PAT: That's amazing

GLENN: So, this is an oil change litmus test.

PAT: Yes. Are you getting some flack for this, Charlie?

CALLER: I'm getting a little bit, a little bit. Not much. There's a lot of great people out there.

PAT: I know.

CALLER: All over. I've gotten them from Florida, California, Oklahoma, Ohio.

GLENN: Do you have any people who come in -- I have to tell you, we're in New York City and we're moving -- I'm moving down to Dallas and -- for a reason, because the people that are just like -- they're just salt of the earth people and, you know, they're not living in -- honestly, they're not living in this world that doesn't make any sense to me at all anymore and just good, decent people, and they're not afraid to say Jesus from time to time, too. So, I would imagine that you're not getting a lot of push back on the streets there in Plano, Texas, but do you have -- have you had any customers come in and push back on you?

CALLER: None have come face-to-face. I haven't. I've had some call on the phone and some that have tracked my e-mail and done that and whenever I can respond back, I just -- there's only one word that helps me where it won't be taken out of any kind of context, I love you. That's all I can tell them, you know. It's not something for them to get mad about. It's for us to have something good to talk about. Man, I just was tired of all the bad things that was discussed and I just wanted to talk something about good in my life.

Now, after we have that conversation with that -- your time is important to me and I give them a discount, if they want to tell me something passionate in their life, I would love to hear it, you know.

PAT: Is it -- how much would the oil change be normally, if you don't --

CALLER: Well, it's 34.99 and that's up to 5 quarts and that's before tax and stuff and then what I do is I take $15 off, which basically gets it down to 19.99.

PAT: So, if I give you the John 3:16 scripture, then we can talk about my Wiccan theology or -- would that be okay?

CALLER: You know, I -- yeah, you could talk about anything.

PAT: Okay.

CALLER: Golly. We're in America. You can talk about anything you want to.

PAT: Yeah.

CALLER: If you know who you are and believe who you are, then it doesn't matter who somebody says, because you are there. You know it.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. May I just say to the entire United States of America, that last sentence from Charlie is why everyone should move to Texas, because it's common sense. This is total common sense. This is who we are as America. Look, you don't want to do business with Charlie because he believes in the Lord and he's going to ask you, you know, you want a discount? I can give it to you 19.95. Let's just have a conversation real quick. You don't like that? Don't go. You know, personally, I might even have a problem because I would be like, Oh, geez, am I going to have to get into a conversation with Charlie, because, I mean, I'm living in New York but you know what? Living in Texas, that's why I'm moving to Texas, because I want to have a normal conversation with somebody and just spend the time and just have a friendly conversation, but --

CALLER: Well, I was nervous about talking to you on the line, but I'm having a good conversation and that's what -- that's what I wanted to do. I don't care who it's with. I really am tired of sitting on the sideline and just not connecting with a lot of people and my world is just the people that come see me that I get to connect with and the people that I go to church with and the people that are in my life, but, man, if everybody would just find somebody to connect with, you know, and find something positive -- and that's what I'm trying to say is, you know, this was something positive in my life and I believe it and if someone has got something really that they are passionate about, that generates a lot of good things for people because they feel good about it.

GLENN: I tell you, you know, we're just -- I'm sorry, Charlie, but we were just -- we weren't even listening to you there. I lost you about halfway through because Pat and I were just kind of saying to each other off the air, which he's about -- because I'm going to live in the South Lake, Texas, area, and I said that's -- I think that's about 40 minutes away. And I said, would you drive 40 minutes to have your oil changed?

PAT: Heck, yes, I would go to Plano for this.

GLENN: So would I. We'll be customers of yours, Charlie.

CALLER: Well, again, that would give me a chance to really see you in the -- eye to eye.

GLENN: Oh, boy. Is there more litmus tests?

CALLER: When you talk to me, then I can really tell and you can tell from my eyes what we're saying we believe and, yeah, in Texas --

GLENN: What happens if you don't believe me? Do I have to pay the full price and do you kidnap me and indoctrinate me?

CALLER: No. And that's one thing when I put it on there, I wanted to make sure there was no -- as far as affiliation was a part of it. I wanted to make sure that we were there because it was the word and we were talking about the word, not about, you know -- and I've had a lot of people think -- and I've seen on the Internet that it's something I'm trying to make for a marketing genius. Well, if you knew me real well, that genius would make you laugh, you know. I'm not genius, you know. It's just -- anybody that knows me, they know that's far from the truth.

So, it's not something that I want to benefit for. I wanted to spread the news, for one thing, because it's what I'm supposed to do, but I wanted to make sure we had a good conversation, a positive conversation. I can't do anything about people's negativity other than trying to bring positive to it.

GLENN: Okay. So, let me ask -- let me go back and ask Pat's question, seriously. A guy comes in and he says, Hey, listen, John 3:16. I would like, you know, 19.95 and, you know, I know, you know, God loved us so much, he -- you know, he sent Jesus down, but I don't happen to believe in any of that. I'm a Wiccan.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And he has an honest conversation with you.


GLENN: And you just -- and you both stand there and talk for a few minutes and he's, like, Look, I don't buy into any that of stuff. He still gets it, right?

CALLER: Yes, he does and I've told everyone that's here that works for me, it's a conversation thing. It's something that I don't want -- I do not and really want to put this down is I do not want people to think I am making them believe anything.

GLENN: Right. So, if I walk in -- let's not use the Wiccan. Let's say my Jewish and I say, Look, I'm Jewish and I understand that scripture but I don't believe it. You're not going to have a conversation with me and try to change my mind?

CALLER: I'm not going to say, well, you're wrong or I'm not going to say that I don't believe it and how dare you. I'm not going to put you on the offensive. Ours is it's just -- this is -- and I have it written out -- I have it written out in the lobby and I've had people use their iPhones and look it up and I said, it's not the details of the quote. It's the understanding of the quote.

PAT: Well, now, Charlie, if I can recite all of Ephesians 1 through 10, what kind of brakes deal can you give me?

GLENN: Can you throw in an air filter or anything like that?

PAT: How about transmission?

GLENN: What do you give me for the Old Testament?

CALLER: No. We might have a problem about making deals then. I don't know. If that was -- but I think the verse I picked out was very well-known, it was something that I think a lot of people, even people that are not Christians would know it or would know that --

GLENN: Well, if they're football fans.

CALLER: That's fine. I don't have a problem with that, you know. It's not a stickler that you have to and the date. I'll be honest with you, it was very -- very stressful, these last couple of days of just the unknown, you know. I knew what I believed, but how people twist things and make things so bad that I wanted to make sure that whoever I talked to, even your producer, people that know where I stand on this and I do not want people to understand that this is something to make them something other than what they want to be and it's a positive thing.

GLENN: You know --

CALLER: And I think I do --

GLENN: Charlie, I tell you, I think you're a very brave man. You would be even more brave if you do did it in New York City, but I think you're a very brave man and I think you sound like a good, decent man and it's been -- it's been wonderful to talk to you and good luck.

CALLER: Well. Thank you. I appreciate your calling me.

GLENN: I warn you, Charlie, because I'm a guy in the media, you're going to get a lot of heat for this, I'm sure, if this story happens to blow up and become bigger than it is, but don't let it discourage you. You just keep doing the right thing.

CALLER: Okay. Well, thank you so much for calling.

GLENN: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

GLENN: I would drive to get my oil changed

STU: That's great.

PAT: I'm going to. I'm going to when we move.

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