'Which side will you be on?' Glenn shares urgent wake up call from former Planned Parenthood director

This is an urgent wake up call from Abby Johnson. Please share what I have posted and then her story.

I am so sorry to tell you that we are entering a very dangerous time.

People will become so filled with darkness and rage, it will be like the days of Stephen. They tore at him with their teeth.

People will become like this again.

We will not recognize them soon if we do not change course. We cannot change course - UNLESS we reach out in love.

We must not react in kind. What we have tried has failed. The further we get from who were really are and what brought us here in the first place the worse things will get.

Love never fails.

I believe that next year will be very much like 1968.

Assassinations are coming. Riots are coming.

Violence is coming.

Kindness, love, charity, peace and understanding is coming as well.

Which side will you be on?

I am always bad at timing, but I am not usually wrong in direction.

As Abby said, "stop telling me 'that's what guns are for' as they are the answer." They are not.

What is happening is not an infection of the body but an infection in our soul.

We must reach out and heal the soul.

We must be able to be able to protect ourselves and families, but we must wake up and stand against a growing darkness and hatred.

Only The Love of Christ will heal us and our land.

No hatred, no violence, no election will solve this. Those are the false prophets of our time. Stop listening to the lies.

The biggest lie we all are choosing to believe is that your candidate or mine can fix this.

Hillary nor Bernie.

Cruz nor Trump.

Some might help and others might hurt but none will solve this.

The answer will not be found in a vote for a conservative or liberal. The Democrats and the Republicans are both wrong.

The infection lies within and it is bone deep. We have a chance to unite across the spectrum. Democrats or Republicans are not the enemy. They both may be part of the problem, but they are neither the cure or the disease.

I am going to talk about this tomorrow on radio and TV this week.

We are at a fork in the road and while many will not understand the direction I am headed in,

PLEASE, for those of you who have documented the things we have seen coming that have now arrived,

P L E A S E, listen to my warning and plea.

For years, people have asked 'what can I do to prepare?'

The solution is not anything that you can buy.

The solution is simple, but not easy.

Most will mock me, call the solution simple minded, they will call you crazy or Jesus freaks, but let them.

I don't ask for your trust or your blind belief. I do not ask you to join my church or any religion.

I ask for you to do your own homework. I ask you to reconnect with those things that are real and eternal.

I ask you to pray and act.

These are the days foretold.

He has been good and gracious enough to show us what is coming. If we weren't being slowly boiled, we would see it and stand.

Choose light, life and and love.

Please hear my warning.

Please find your church, synagogue or shelter from the storm. I am not asking you to buy anything, nor am I asking you to follow me. In fact I insist that you do not follow me.

What is more, I believe what I have to do and say will be harmful to my business.

I believe the spirit has told me that someday I will be doing what I do under a tree with a few gathered and listening.

It scares me to think it, it has taken me years to accept it, but I will follow where He leads.

I have nothing to gain and everything to lose. So do we all. I beg you -


Listen not to my voice but His.

Turn to Him tonight. Beg Him for help. Ask Him where to turn and if love, forgiveness, charity, compassion and service is His path.

If it is I ask if I may join you.

We will stand. We will be unwavering. We will not compromise or comply.

But we do not fight flesh and bone. Therefore we will stand with the full armor of God and we will choose His side.

We are all being called, we are all here for a reason, we all have a job to do. All of our gifts and callings are rooted in Agape, charity, peace and love. We all in the end will answer to only one authority and it will be His voice that we hear.

We will have no king but God.

This is a time of giants and a time of choosing.

Choose to give your grandchildren life and a reason to be proud of what you chose to begin today.

Join me in rebuilding your part of the wall just like in Nehemiah.

There is protection inside the gates but we all need to do our part, in love, peace, truth and faith.

More tomorrow.

This is an urgent wake up call from Abby Johnson. Please what I have posted and then her story.I am so sorry to tell...

Posted by Glenn Beck on Sunday, September 20, 2015

The World Economic Forum isn't trying to hide its plans for the Great Reset. Details to "reset" the global economy have been published on its own website. Despite that and all the warning signs, many are still quick to refute this master plan as a "conspiracy theory" or as something that will never actually take hold. But as Glenn Beck explained on the radio program Monday, the Great Reset is happening right now in Europe. A huge new development for the Great Reset that could affect not only European businesses, but American ones as well. Businesses — and citizens — may be forced to comply sooner than you think.

Watch the video below to hear Glenn break down the details:

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As Glenn mentioned on his Wednesday Night Special this week, here are some organizations and individuals that you can help support in their various efforts to battle the Leftist takeover of U.S. history and education...

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Do you know where your water comes from? Renowned historian and conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson gets his water from a well on his family farm. He pumps it himself and he believes that's what more Americans need — to be grounded in physicality and stop taking so much for granted.

Hanson joined Glenn on the latest "Glenn Beck Podcast" to point out that this needs to happen soon because, as he describes in his new article, "The 10 Radical New Rules That Are Changing America," things are getting pretty bleak. The Left is subverting the Constitution more every day. The value of the dollar is dropping. The media has fused with the radical Left. Corporations, Hollywood, Silicon Valley are all working together to increase their power and their wokeness. And academia isn't any better — as a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, Hanson has watched for himself the deterioration of constitutional rights on campus. And as a historian, he knows how all of this usually ends — and what we must do to prevent it.

In the clip below, Hanson shares a crucial lesson that woke America has forgotten — but surprisingly enough, President Donald Trump never did. Watch the video clip below or find the full podcast here or wherever you listen to podcasts:

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Our police officers are called racists, killers, and murderers even if all the evidence suggests the opposite is true. With the bodycam footage and information we have so far, it looks like the Columbus, Ohio, police officer involved in the shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant "is a hero," Glenn Beck said.

On the radio program, Glenn, Stu Burguiere, and Pat Gray discussed the fatal shooting of the 16-year-old who appeared to be about to stab another girl when the officer shot her. They agreed that the officer arrived at an extremely chaotic scene, and within seconds was able to identify the threat and react. But that hasn't prevented the Left from demonizing him — like LeBron James tweeting the officer's photo and saying "you're next."

Glenn went on to say it's time for the Fraternal Order of Police to stand with its officers and for Columbus police temporarily to walk from the job to show the Left and the media unity for the officer currently under investigation.

"I want you to either call or maybe you tweet today, 'Police we support you. I stand with the police. #Istandwiththepolice.' Our police are under attack," Glenn stated.

"And let me tell you something, police officers, if you are a racist and you're out shooting people, I will be the first to come and say, 'put that guy in prison' ... but the vast majority of police officers are good and competent," he continued. "And they're doing their best. And they're risking their lives for us. I stand with the police!"

"Make sure you let your local police officers know that," Glenn added. "And FOP, I'm telling you, you have to do a strike in some of these cities, and Columbus would be a really good place to do it. ... You have got to send a message to the media and everyone else. One day without police in one of these cities and you see what happens. You don't want the police? You want to 'reimagine' the police? Go ahead! Until the White House stops this nonsense, walk."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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