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Quaker Scientist

At the beginning of World War I, which Germans dubbed "the Science War," the English named Arthur Eddington, a Quaker, the chief astronomer at Cambridge University.

When the Royal Academy of Sciences asked him to research a young Swiss scientist in Berlin named Albert Einstein, Eddington pulled out everything they had on him --- one small booklet. Eddington was confounded by what he saw.

Hurrying back to the other professors, the Quaker scientist reported that Einstein was developing a theory called "relativity," proposing his own theory of gravitation and challenging Newton's theory.

"Whom has he cited, and whom has he credited," asked one of the professors.

"Nobody, sir," Eddington said. "Nobody at all. There's not a single footnote."

The professors dismissed the news of Einstein's research.

That night, Eddington secretly wrote to Albert Einstein. With the war escalating, English scientists were beginning to cease communication with their German colleagues. However, as a Quaker, Eddington didn't claim to be at war with anyone, so he wrote to Einstein.

Within weeks, Einstein, also against the war, kindly responded. He shared new developments to his theory, and relativity began to make sense to Eddington. He wrote back with more questions. As the best measurement man in all of Europe, Eddington was beginning to believe Einstein and hoped the two could meet.

And then it happened --- April 22nd, 1915 --- Germany attacked with gas, killing 17,000. One of those killed was the son of Eddington's Cambridge colleague, Oliver Lodge.

A meeting was called and it was proposed that all communications with the German scientists end. Putting his career and reputation on the line, Eddington objected. The room erupted. Eddington's integrity, patriotism and academic credentials were all questioned, and the motion to cease all contact passed in spite of his objection.

Nevertheless, he continued to sneak letters to Einstein.

When the war ended, Eddington approached the board, requesting a grant for a proof of Einstein's theory. They bristled at the thought of spending Cambridge money to prove Newton wrong by a German. Prepared for just such a reaction, Eddington stated it was their chance to prove Newton was right --- and it worked.

Eddington and his team carried out the experiment with cameras and telescopes, under a completely solar eclipse in Principia, Africa. If starlight bent toward the sun during the eclipse, Einstein was right. If not, Newton was right.

Returning to England with the undeveloped film, Eddington revealed the results to himself, the international press and hundreds of onlookers all at the same. Leaning into the light box to view the film, he gasped at what he saw --- he knew he was looking at history. The photographs showed the light bending, proving Einstein's theory to be correct.

Einstein won the Nobel Prize the very next year, and he was invited to visit Cambridge University in England.

Christmas has arrived early for mainstream media. They have their first sentencing of a major player in President Trump's inner circle. Yesterday, Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced by a federal judge in Manhattan. How did it come to this and how did Cohen explain himself to the judge? We start there next…

President Trump's former attorney, 52-year-old Michael Cohen, is going to jail. Well, it will probably be one of those federal prison camps with a dorm that's more like a college campus. But he's going to be locked up. A federal judge sentenced him to three years in prison for financial crimes, and two months for lying to Congress. He also ordered Cohen to pay $2 million in financial penalties. The judge called Cohen's misdeeds a "veritable smorgasbord of criminal conduct."

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The judge said:

As a lawyer, Mr. Cohen should have known better. While Mr. Cohen is taking steps to mitigate his criminal conduct by pleading guilty and volunteering useful information to prosecutors, that does not wipe the slate clean.

Cohen pled guilty in August to eight criminal charges in two different cases. One brought by special counsel Robert Muller for Cohen's lying to Congress about a potential Trump Tower project in Moscow. The second was for bank-fraud, tax, and campaign finance violations brought by federal prosecutors in New York.

President Trump said recently that Cohen has simply been lying to get a reduced sentence for crimes that have nothing to do with him. Cohen was very emotional as he apologized to the judge, saying:

It was my own weakness and a blind loyalty to this man that led me to choose a path of darkness over light. Time and time again I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds rather than to listen to my own inner voice and my moral compass.

The left thinks that Cohen's sentencing marks the beginning of the end for Trump's presidency. They may be ultimately disappointed in that regard. But this does intensify the long national nightmare of the Muller investigation that seems to have no end in sight.

How long until we follow in Europe's footsteps?


Christmas should be a time of happiness and celebration the world over. But in Europe, it is now the season of terror. The sounds at Europe's famous Christmas Markets of "Merry Christmas!" and laughter are rapidly being replaced with the sounds of "Allahu Ackbar!" and gunfire. Two years ago ISIS attacked a Christmas Market in Berlin, killing twelve and injuring another forty-eight. And tragically, the sound of automatic gunfire and the chant of "Allahu Ackbar!" was heard at another Christmas Market in Europe yesterday afternoon… this time in France.

Two people are dead and thirteen are battling for their lives right now in Strasbourg, France. The attacker walked into the city's Christmas Market shortly after 8pm, shouted "Allahu Ackbar" and began shooting indiscriminately. He then proceeded to battle the police in four separate locations while he fled the scene. As of this moment, he still hasn't been caught. The city of Strasbourg is on full lockdown, and France's terror level has been elevated.

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A man of Middle Eastern descent has been identified as the suspect. He was already on a terror watchlist and had been deported from Germany recently with twenty criminal convictions. He's well known in Islamist circles and was reportedly radicalized after spending time in prison. Apparently he was too radical for the Germans… but not for France.

What is it going to take for progressive governments like France to wake up to their failed policies? Nearly 300 people have been killed in terror attacks in France over the past three years. 300 in three years! But despite that, the French government refuses to address immigration, they continue their open border policy and - more importantly - they refuse to listen to their people when they try and tell them that they're scared to death over this issue. Instead they get a lecture on Islamophobia… "that's the real problem."

Outrage has replaced baseball as our national pastime.

This is one of the reasons why the Yellow Vests are tearing the country apart. The government refuses to listen to their fears on terrorism, unchecked immigration, open borders, the failing economy, high taxes and out of control spending. Wow... do these issues sound at all familiar? How many years behind France are we? Just listen to ourselves.

Outrage has replaced baseball as our national pastime. People have lost the ability to engage in peaceful protest. Street demonstrations have turned into street brawls. Have you seen the images from places like Portland lately? European governments are losing the social contract with their people. After years of broken promises and outright lies from Washington, how long before that happens here?