The Fundamental Transformation of America Has Happened

Is the press free? Can you actually say what you believe to be the truth? World Press Freedom, the watchdog, says freedom is now in decline in America, and there's "a new anal of propaganda."

Of course, there is.

Because that is exactly what progressives do: They use the media for propaganda. That is why you saw the White House Press Corps become a Hollywood Oscars moment.

It was started by Woodrow Wilson. And the idea was, bring the press in. So what happened when the Press Corps, when the White House Press Corps, the people covering the White House when they had all these celebrities come in -- what was that? That was to make the White House Press Corps go, "Man, I could be part of that world." It's -- it's politicians -- politics and media when it comes to journalism is Hollywood for ugly people. And that's exactly what happened with the White House Press Corps. So now we're entering this new era of propaganda. And let me show you a couple of things.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program.

First of all, in Paris, they just had -- I'm sorry -- Hijab Day at a Paris university. And people are upset. I could imagine they're upset with having Hijab Day in Paris, France.

How about this one? If you're planning on visiting North Carolina or Mississippi, Great Britain has now issued a travel advisory.

What? You have a problem with this? "The U.S. is an extremely diverse society and attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country. Travelers may be affected by legislation passed recently in states like North Carolina and Mississippi."

Well, if you're going to go there and you're going to order a birthday cake -- I'm sorry -- yes, a birthday cake, you're not going to have a problem. You go into any place and you order a dessert, you go into a bakery and you want a cookie, you're not going to have a problem. But if you go in and you say to certain bakeries -- not all bakeries -- a couple of bakeries probably that are being run by deeply religious people and you say, "I want a lesbian wedding cake," you might perhaps -- you may have to go to another bakery, perhaps down the street because that bakery says, "It's my right because I worship God and I have a right to the freedom of my religion, to practice my religion. And I'm sorry, but no. I won't make it." But there's a baker down the street! So, yes, Great Britain. Those who want to come from England, if you want a wedding cake, you might experience -- if you are a guy and you want to go into a women's bathroom in Mississippi and North Carolina, yes, you might have to use the guy's restroom.

A travel advisory against the United States of America? A travel advisory?

The fundamental transformation of America has happened. You don't have the right to freedom of speech. You don't -- ask Curt Schilling. Does he have the right to freedom of speech? Would he have been fired if he said women shouldn't play on men's basketball teams? Would ESPN have a problem if he said, "Men shouldn't play -- I don't even know if this exists anymore -- for the WNBA?" Am I in trouble for not knowing if the WNBA even exists anymore? Am I in trouble? Can I say that now? I'm not really sure.

We are a country that has indeed been fundamentally transformed. And I have no problem with what they did. I hate Andrew Jackson. I hate Andrew Jackson. Replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman, I think, is a great thing. Harriet Tubman is a hero and the antithesis to Andrew Jackson. I'm all for it.

But I just want you to know, a sign of the times, the $5 bill is going to be a salute to women's suffrage. And the $10 bill is going to be a salute to the civil rights movement. Again, I have no problem -- women's suffrage I actually have a little bit of a problem, only because I have to look into the people that were involved. Some of them were massive, nasty progressives in the league and in league with Margaret Sanger. What else did these women's suffrage women believe?

I have no problem with putting a bunch of people on the back that say, "These are the people that got the women's right to vote." Because I believe in the women's right to vote. But who are these people? Let's look into them.

The fundamental transformation of America has happened. When you change the money, you have indeed changed the culture. And it's good that we're celebrating the civil rights. It's good that we're celebrating Harriet Tubman. But I just want you to know that that is a sign that we have truly been fundamentally transformed.

And here's my only problem with it: We haven't been transformed in any way where we're all a part of it. We have been transformed by jamming it down our throat.

Gay rights, they were making such headway. And now what's happened? You are now -- by jamming it down people's throat -- you are now having people back up and say, "Wait a minute, who the hell are you to tell me..."

See, here's the problem. There are three problems with America. The reason why Donald Trump and the reason why Bernie Sanders are doing so well, there's three: People don't feel like they belong to anything. We are being divided. So you belong to this camp or that camp. You belong to this party or that party. You're a follower of this guy or that guy. We're no longer e pluribus unum. You don't belong to the United States of America anymore.

And, quite frankly, you might belong right now and feel like, "Yeah, I feel like I belong in the United States of America because my guy is in office." But if Trump gets in office or Ted Cruz gets in office, then you'll feel like you don't belong. Because the pendulum has swung so far that we have divided ourselves.

We have to return to a place where we all feel like we belong. And how do you get there? Well, by conquering the second problem. I don't feel like I'm heard. I don't feel like anybody is listening to me.

North Carolinians have got to be feeling that, "Wait a minute. I don't hate gay people. I don't hate transgendered people. I don't have a problem with Caitlyn Jenner. I don't care. I don't care." I feel sorry that she's felt this way her whole life. I feel bad. But I don't care. I don't hate her. I wouldn't avoid her. I'd love to have her on the show.

So why am I against the genderless bathrooms? Because I have three daughters and a wife. I'm not worried about the transgendered guy walking into the bathroom. Now, my daughter might, my wife might. But I'm not worried about a transgendered somebody who is actually physically gone through it . . . you're committed to it. But somebody who is gender fluid, I don't believe that there's not going to be dirtbag guys that just want to get in and ogle my daughter or my wife. And, yes, I understand, it's not pretty what's going on there. But there are people that are into that kind of crap, literally.

Nobody is listening. You're just jamming it down people's throat. And what happens when you jam it down people's throat? Have we not learned anything? Left, have you not learned anything? You get Donald Trump. But maybe that's what you want. Maybe you want more division. Maybe you want revolution in the streets. Maybe you want people to rise up so you can have the top come down and turn us inside out.

I had somebody say to me, "Glenn, do you take any responsibility for Donald Trump?" I said, "I preached against Donald Trump. The entire time and before that, when I was at Fox, I warned the left: 'You're going to have somebody step out of the shadows that is going to be a demagogue. You're going to have somebody that is going to have totalitarian tendencies. You don't want this. Don't push.' We were making progress before Barack Obama was elected, and he didn't start this. It is the deep institutions of the left.

Before he came in, our college students and our children were known as the generation that was finally colorblind. We were making progress on gay marriage and gay rights. We were becoming more and more open. But by pushing this so far, you're going to have a swing --- and you don't want the swing, neither of us do. The average gay person doesn't want me and my faith shut down and me not to be able to worship God -- to my understanding -- and people like me do not want you to have to live your life the way I dictate.

The right to pursue your happiness. We believe in those things. The massive majority of America believes in those things. But we are being pushed so far on both sides because, believe me, if Donald Trump wins, oh my gosh. It might be my side. It might be your side. I don't know. But one of us is not going to be happy. I'm thinking it's my side. I think it's the people who are constitutionalists that are not going to be happy.

But let's just say that he is the guy you think he is. You're not going to be happy. Is that what you want? Is that really what we want? To every four or eight years to have to swing back another direction?

So the first problem is: We don't belong anymore. We're being divided. The second is: Nobody is listening to us. And when nobody listens to you, you feel like you don't have control of your own life. You know the only place I really, truly have control in my life? The internet. That's it. The internet. I can go and do whatever I want.

But even there, even there, does anybody worry you might not be this way, but we all are like this because, last night, I had to do research on Satanism. Well, every keystroke I put in is recorded . . . it's Glenn Beck. Whoa, whoa. Alarm bells. They probably don't have alarm bells for Satanism. They probably have, like, confetti coming down for that.

But how many times have we done research and wonder, "I don't want to do research on that at home. I'll go use the company computer." We have thought that. You may not have.

We don't have control of our own lives. We don't have a right in our own school to say, "No. You're not teaching that. No. I'm sorry. It's a different community."

You go to San Francisco, I want a travel advisory. I want to be known that when I go to San Francisco, my wife, my daughter may walk into a restroom that is genderless and a guy may go there. Okay, so I'm going to San Francisco. I know that going in, I'll live with it. I'll deal with it. It's the way San Francisco is. Okay.

But you're coming to my religious or my different state in North Carolina or Texas, and we don't have genderless bathrooms. You cannot force me to do that. I just want to belong. And we all do. I just want to be heard. And we all do. I just want to have some control of my life, to be able to pursue my own happiness. And we all do. On both sides of the aisle.

How do you fix that? You respect the Constitution.

I started with the freedom of the press. It's not me saying this. It's a world organization that looks at the press, that America has lost its freedom of press. It is losing it day by day, and it is becoming more and more nothing but a propaganda machine.

Featured Image: American Flags are reflected in the glass ceiling at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History prior to a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Detroit on March 7, 2016. (Photo Credit: GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)

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