Owner of a Lonely Heart: Pat Laments Foreigner Being Overlooked AGAIN for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Let's just get this out of the way. Pat Gray is a hardcore Foreigner fan. Foreigner is the best freaking band ever (well, Foreigner and Boston). So any list of inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that doesn't include Foreigner will fall short in his eyes.

"I'm sure they're all incredibly deserving --- and certainly more deserving than Foreigner who can't even be nominated because they only had about 30 Top 40 hits. They only had, I don't know, 15 or 20 top ten hits. They only sold about 80 million records worldwide. They've only been icons for about 40 years," Pat said.

Who made the final cut for 2017? In the performance category, Joan Baez, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Journey, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur and Yes will be inducted.

"Joan Baez? Joan Baez?! Did you see the people's vote on the website for a month or two leading up to the actual decision? Joan Baez was at the bottom of that list, so the people's vote means nothing," Pat said.

Evidently, a 1960s protest song goes a long way, baby.

Read below or listen to the full segment from Hour 3 for answers to these questions:

• Does Pat like any of the performers on the 2017 list?

• Does Rolling Stone magazine have a crush on Yes?

• Why did George Washington University remove US History as a requirement for history majors?

• How did a wild and crazy guy like Steve Martin become a target of feminists?

• Should Brent Musburger retire?

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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PAT: In for Glenn. He just threw his back out about an hour ago. Technology is awesome. But what are the drawbacks? What are we becoming? We'll talk about some of the latest innovations to be in every home as we have been today.

We've been talking about your New Year's resolutions. We also want to get into Black Lives Matter. Do they?

We don't hear much about the black lives being lost in Chicago, do we? And what a year, 2016 was for murders in Chicago. Just unbelievable.

Also, the Russians influencing the election. Nah, that didn't happen. Had nothing to do with Russians, according to Julian Assange. And we certainly believe him.


PAT: Also, George Washington University has apparently removed US history from their curriculum. We'll start there, right now.


PAT: Yeah, Glenn just hurt his back pretty badly. Hopefully he'll be back on tomorrow, maybe I don't know, from a hospital bed or his own bed.

JEFFY: No kidding.

PAT: We'll see. 888-727-BECK. It's Pat Gray and Jeffy in. Stu is also sick today. So not a great start for those guys in 2017.

JEFFY: No doubt.

PAT: So -- the other thing that we were going to mention -- you just mentioned right before we came on. Apparently the Rock Hall of Fame --


PAT: Has decided who is going into the Hall of Fame for this year.

JEFFY: Yes, they have. And we were pretty close -- we were pretty close when we talked about who they were going to pick.

PAT: Tell us the nominations. Do you have that in front of you?

JEFFY: I just have who they picked. But we can certainly get it.

PAT: Who is actually going in this year? I'm sure they're all incredibly deserving, and certainly more deserving than Foreigner who can't even be nominated because they only had about 30 Top 40 hits. They only had, I don't know, 15 or 20 top ten hits. They only sold about 80 million records worldwide.

They've only been icons for about 40 years. You wouldn't want them in the Rock Hall of Fame. But you do want --

JEFFY: But -- Joan Baez.

PAT: Oh, my gosh. Joan Baez? Joan Baez! Did you see the people -- they always do the people's vote on the website for a month or two leading up to the actual decision.

JEFFY: I did. Right.

PAT: And Joan Baez was at the bottom of that list, so the people's vote means nothing.

JEFFY: We talked about it either here or on Pat and Stu. We did both. We talked about who we thought they would pick. And, you know, obviously who was in the running.

PAT: Right.

JEFFY: And we were pretty close. We were pretty close --

PAT: So -- because I think we said Joan Baez would be one of them. Because all you have to do is sing a protest song in the 1960s and you're in.

JEFFY: Oh, yeah -- and coffeehouse queen of that.

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

JEFFY: ELO. Electric Light Orchestra.

PAT: Okay. That's a good one.

JEFFY: That's worthy. That's worthy.

PAT: Absolutely belong. Should have been in a long time ago.


PAT: So ELO. Joan Baez.

JEFFY: Journey.

PAT: Journey, of course, had to get in. I mean, they deserve it.

JEFFY: Yeah. I know. Pearl Jam. We said there's no way they're not going to --

PAT: No way.

JEFFY: It's iconic.

PAT: The other thing besides protest songs is singing about how you were abused as a child.

JEFFY: It's an era. Yeah, it's an era. That's what they represent, right?

PAT: I hate my parents. I've never liked them. I got beaten when I was a kid. And you're in. You're in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So who else?

So Joan Baez, ELO, Journey, Pearl Jam.

JEFFY: And, of course, Tupac Shakur. Who else do you think of in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, other than Tupac Shakur? Now, Tupac was not at the bottom, but he was down there.

PAT: Yeah, he was very near the bottom, with Joan Baez.

JEFFY: He was down there. Yes.

PAT: Unbelievable.

JEFFY: You knew there was no way they weren't going to put Tupac in. No way.

PAT: And he's not rock. But they don't -- they don't go back that for some reason. The Rock Hall of Fame really has very little to do with rock 'n' roll because a lot of rap artists are in. R&B. You know, so -- it's frustrating. It's really frustrating.

JEFFY: And finally we have --

PAT: Oh, there's another one?

JEFFY: Finally we have -- yes, of course. Of course.

PAT: Because they're a Rolling Stone favorite, right? If the Rolling Stone magazine liked the band, there's a good chance they're going to get in.

Name -- other than Owner of a Lonely Heart and Roundabout, name a Yes song.

JEFFY: Are you talking to me?

PAT: Yeah, I'm talking to you.

JEFFY: I can't.

PAT: Yeah.


No one can.

JEFFY: I want to. I want to look it up bad and give you one, but I can't.

I didn't even -- I would have just said Roundabout. Owner of a Lonely Heart, yeah, I know it, but --

PAT: Which was bigger than Roundabout. I mean, that was their biggest hit.

JEFFY: Yeah, I know. But Roundabout was longer, so you played it to take a longer break.

PAT: Yes, you did. If you ever had to go to the bathroom and you worked at a classic rock station, you go Roundabout. Because it was about seven and a half, eight minutes.

JEFFY: I'll be your roundabout, 80,000 times, you were good. You were good. No problem.

PAT: Roundabout and Stairway to Heaven were the two.

888-727-BECK. 888-727-BECK.

George Washington University in Washington, DC, has decided they're giving students more flexibility.

JEFFY: Isn't that nice?

PAT: They're going to give them more flexibility. That means freeing them up from taking required courses like US history.


PAT: Even if they're history majors, they don't have to take US history.

JEFFY: Come on now. That's agonizing. We should -- any government money they get should be taken from them immediately.

PAT: You xenophobic bastard. What are you talking about?

JEFFY: Should be taken from them immediately. I don't care if you tell me we don't like the US history they're teaching. I don't care. There should be US history. That should be a mandatory thing. It should absolutely be required.

PAT: Especially -- especially if you're a history major.


PAT: How do you not study US history?

According to The College Fix, the new requirements allow for students to take an optional course in previously required courses or a high score on a placement test to opt out of the requirement.

JEFFY: Oh, well, good.

PAT: But there's no more mandate to take US history.

JEFFY: They changed a couple other things too. I will say they eliminated the requirements for US North American and European history, which, you know, even if you're a history major is absolutely wrong, as well as foreign language requirement. Those -- that's not required now for a major. So you could get -- you could get your US history major without that history. Big deal. Who cares.

PAT: And the reason that they're saying they decided to do this is because they want to recruit new students to better reflect a globalizing world. Because, Jeffy, we're citizens of the globe now.

JEFFY: Are we?

PAT: We're not US citizens anymore. We're citizens of the globe.

Citizens of this planet. You know, and --

JEFFY: That's good.

PAT: So this is a beautiful thing. They can take world history instead, European history. We are just -- we're begging for trouble.

JEFFY: Every dime.

PAT: Begging for trouble.

JEFFY: If they take a dime of taxpayer's money, it should be taken from them right now. That's fine. You can do what you want. I don't care what they do.

PAT: Right. Right. But you get no taxpayer money.

JEFFY: Come on now. You're a United States university. United States of America university.

PAT: I'm just really worried about what's going on in our colleges. Because even at the so-called conservative-leaning schools, they're teaching our kids garbage. Garbage.

JEFFY: Not really. Not really.

PAT: I was talking to my son over the Christmas break about what he was learning from his professors in history. And he said they hate Israel, for one thing.

JEFFY: Of course.

PAT: And the slant on Israeli/Palestinian relations was all Palestinian-leaning.

JEFFY: Of course.

PAT: And he said they didn't come right out and say that Israel is in the wrong, but everything they taught led you to believe --

JEFFY: And why not?

PAT: -- that Israel was in the wrong.

JEFFY: We got the United Nations. Our country is, we don't want to vote. We know what's going to happen. We got John Kerry telling us that they're wrong and bad.

PAT: Right.

JEFFY: Obama has been telling us they want -- well, they should go back to the 68 borders, and Israel is in the wrong. Why wouldn't you be that way?

PAT: And I told him, you know, do they even talk about the fact that the Palestinians had their shot at a homeland when the partition was made in 1948? When the UN gave birth to Israel, they also gave birth to a Palestinian state. And the Palestinians rejected it and instead went to war with their Arab brethren against Israel in 1948. What? What?

JEFFY: What?

PAT: That -- they never talked about it. They never talked about it! How is that possible?

And then they went to war again in 1956. And again in 1967. And again in 1973. And 1981. And so on and so forth through history.

And the Israelis had had enough by '67 and final kept the West Bank. Because the Palestinians have always been, "That's not enough." I mean, I don't know what enough is for them.

PAT: Well, enough is getting rid of Israel. It means getting rid of Israel.

JEFFY: And unless we do that, that's not enough.

PAT: That's right. And really, you have the UN going along with that. And now apparently you've got the Obama administration going along with the UN, in these resolutions.

JEFFY: Yeah.

PAT: And Israel is pretty fed up with it. And I don't blame them. I don't blame them.

So what chance do our kids have when they're hearing all of this garbage in college and these are the people that we've set up as the authority figures. This is where you're going to go and learn all these great things to prepare you for life. And then they're hearing all of this stuff. And now they're not getting any US history on top of that, at places like George Washington University.

JEFFY: And that actually is the argument for not having to get the US history, right? You're hoping that maybe the history they get will be correct and not --

PAT: But it's not going to be.

JEFFY: No, it's not no.

PAT: It's going to be a worldview. It's going to be an anti-American view. And it's hard to overcome that slant. And so if your kids are attending universities, I'd -- I recommend talking to them about what they're learning from their professors so that you can at least provide them with the other side of it.

JEFFY: It may take a while.

PAT: And as I told Sean, I don't mind if they teach you both sides. I don't care about it at all. In fact, that's the way you should -- let them decide. Just teach them both sides of the issue. Don't slant it one ware way or the other.

JEFFY: Right.

PAT: He said one of the things he liked best about one of his professors was, one day he would come in with one side of an argument, and he would argue the other side while the students came at him with questions.

JEFFY: Nice.

PAT: And then the next day, he would argue the other side of it and have them respond accordingly. And I thought, "Well, yeah. That's what you should be doing."

JEFFY: Absolutely.

PAT: Let them decide. But -- because otherwise, it's indoctrination.

JEFFY: Well...

PAT: And sadly, that's what's happening.

JEFFY: Yeah, absolutely.

PAT: 888-727-BECK. It's Pat and Jeffy in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck Program.

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PAT: Pat and Jeffy in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck Program. He hurt his back. Threw it out again. And so hopefully he'll be back tomorrow.

888-727-BECK. Some people under fire for comments that they've made. Steve Martin -- this weird controversy.

JEFFY: Unbelievable.

PAT: Is one of the dumbest I've ever seen in my life.

JEFFY: And he deleted it.

PAT: Well, of course. Yeah, especially if these lefties in Hollywood -- they don't understand the insanity of the left because they're part of it. So the least little criticism they get, okay. I'm sorry. He actually said -- and I can't remember the exact tweet. But he tweeted out after Carrie Fisher died that she was beautiful, and she was also smart and talented. Something to that effect, right? Because he mentioned her intelligence matching her beauty. Something to that effect.

Well, the feminists went crazy. How dare you mention a person's appearance after they've died!


JEFFY: Right. Right.

PAT: When did that become a thing, that I can't do that. Are you kidding me? So if Brad Pitt dies, no woman better ever mention --

JEFFY: Not one word.

PAT: -- that he was good-looking, or we will hit the roof.


That is asinine. Do you have the tweet? It was innocuous. It wasn't offensive in any way. And yet, because he got so much flak, he deleted it. What was the original tweet?

JEFFY: From @SteveMartin. Think she was -- oh, let's see. These are the ones that are against him.

His tweet: When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.

PAT: Witty and bright as well.

JEFFY: How horrific. Steve Martin.

PAT: You'd think he committed genocide on women or something.

JEFFY: I think she aspired to something higher than just being pretty. How do you want to be remembered?

These are some of the ones -- the people that were so mad at him. Unbelievable.

PAT: Can -- can her looks not be one of the things you remember?


PAT: Okay. I guess not.


PAT: Is it really an insult -- if Carrie Fisher were alive today, would she say that's an insult?

JEFFY: Absolutely not.

PAT: How dare you say I was beautiful! How dare you!

JEFFY: And witty. I am not. I am not witty.

PAT: I am the dullest person going. I am so dull, you couldn't get butter with me! That's how dull I am!


Also under fire right now -- and maybe rightly so, and I've defended him in the past, Brent Musburger shouldn't broadcast anymore.

JEFFY: Oh, no. What did he do? I don't know this.

PAT: He broadcast the Sugar Bowl last night with Oklahoma. Auburn.

JEFFY: Of course. Yeah, they still have Brent hang around for one more. He's one of the sportscaster icons.

PAT: I mean, he's a good sportscaster whose time has maybe passed him by.

JEFFY: Well, that was a while ago. But they still -- they still throw him the bone for a day or two. He's been around for long enough. He's got the name recognition.

PAT: Yes, he does.

But last night, he was talking about Joe Mixon, who in public punched a woman in the face. And the video was released recently, and, you know, it's horrific. It was a couple years ago when it happened. And he got suspended for all of the 2014 season.

So then he came back, and Musburger originally said it was troubling, very troubling to see. We've talked to the coaches, and they all swear this young man is doing fine. Like I said, Oklahoma thought he might even transfer, but he sat out the suspension, reinstated.

And, folks, he's just one of the best. And let's hope, given a second chance by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma, let's hope that this young man makes the most of his chance and goes on to have a career in the National Football League.

Now, as soon as he said that, I thought, "Oh, you don't know what you just said."

JEFFY: Brent.

PAT: That is not going to go over well.

JEFFY: No, it is not.

PAT: And it didn't. And so they're getting all kinds of tweet. And they're getting all kinds of social media backlash. And people are going crazy about it.

JEFFY: I bet. I bet.

PAT: And so later in the game, he came out again and said, "Apparently some people were upset when I wished this young man well at the next level. Let me make something perfectly clear: What he did with that young lady was brutal, uncalled for. He's apologized. He was tearful." So --

JEFFY: I know. But let's -- in Brent's -- go ahead. Finish what he said to say.

PAT: -- he got a second chance. He got a second chance from Bob Stoops. I happen to pull for people with second chances. Okay? Let me make it absolutely clear that I hope he has a wonderful career and he teaches people with that brutal, violent video, okay?

No, that's not okay!

JEFFY: In today's world -- in today's world --

PAT: You can't say that.

JEFFY: -- in today's world, you can't even live. You can't live. You can't walk down the street.

PAT: Nope.

JEFFY: You can't go out of your house if you're guilty of hitting a woman.

PAT: Well, that's true.

JEFFY: If you're a sports -- any kind of sports, any kind of athlete.

PAT: Yep. Uh-huh.

JEFFY: And there's video of it.

PAT: Well, I will say this, you certainly can't be celebrated, right?

JEFFY: No. No. You cannot. No.

PAT: Musburger should have left it alone. If I were them --

JEFFY: Great run by -- how dare you. He hit his woman. You can't --

PAT: I wouldn't have even brought up the whole incident. It's in the past. You should just leave it alone. You don't wish him well when you're talking about in the same breath, he beat some woman in the face.

JEFFY: He knows better than that. He used to -- you're right though. It may be time. It may be time.

PAT: It just may be time, Brent.

JEFFY: Brent, call it in.

(OUT AT 10:32AM)

PAT: Pat and Jeffy in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck Program. Threw his back out earlier. Hopefully he'll be back with us tomorrow. 888-727-BECK.

We were talking about Brent Musburger's problems last night. And this kind of follows up from, was it last year or the year before? It was a couple years ago now, right? Where he was talking about A.J. McCarron's girlfriend during the Sugar Bowl. Was it the Sugar Bowl? I don't know. One of the bowl games.

JEFFY: It was one of the --

PAT: Some Alabama game. Yeah, it was an Alabama game.

JEFFY: It might have been the SECC championship.

PAT: Possibly. But here's what he said then, which was somewhat interesting.

BRENT: Auburn. I want to admit that. But Miss Alabama -- and that's A.J. McCarron's girlfriend. Okay?

JEFFY: Oh, yeah.

BRENT: And right there on the right is Dee Dee Bonner. That's A.J.'s mother. Wow, I'm telling you, you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women.

JEFFY: Yeah, he sees the mom.

BRENT: What a beautiful woman. Wow.

VOICE: A.J. is doing some things right --

BRENT: So if you're a youngster in Alabama, start getting a football out and throwing it around the backyard.


JEFFY: You want to be a quarterback.

PAT: He got all kinds of flak for that.

JEFFY: He sure did.

PAT: I didn't think it was that bad.

JEFFY: Boy, social media, Twitter went crazy.

PAT: It went nuts. Because he's talking about, again, a beautiful woman. And I guess that's --

JEFFY: You're not allowed.

PAT: That's verboten. That's forbidden. You can't talk about --

JEFFY: You can't talk about the girl. You can't talk about the mother. You can't talk about the -- nothing.

PAT: And people made a big deal. That's a 72-year-old man talking about a 21-year-old girl.

He's not asking her for a date. He didn't try to sleep with her.

JEFFY: He's saying A.J. made a great choice.

PAT: Right.

JEFFY: And, wow, there's her mother.

PAT: And she's attractive too.

JEFFY: Yeah.

PAT: Terrible? No.

JEFFY: And then he's got Herbstreit next to him, who was a quarterback, by the way, when he said, "Wow, you quarterbacks..."

PAT: Yes. True, right.

And last night was a little different deal. It was a lot different.

Last night, he deserved some criticism. And it wasn't just the Joe Mixon thing. Sort of, you know, celebrating him and hoping he has a great career after he punched a woman in the face.

And I guess, should that -- should that end his career for all time? There's a lot of people who think so.

JEFFY: Yeah, in today's world, there's a lot of people who think you should stop existing.

PAT: Yeah. And I don't think that Brent get that at this stage. What is he? Seventy-five now?

JEFFY: Probably, yeah.

PAT: But the other thing he was doing -- I don't know how many times he called these large football players rascals.


That rascal. That's a big rascal.

JEFFY: That's a big one.

PAT: And the other thing he kept sayings was youngin's. These youngin's and rascals.

JEFFY: Of course.

PAT: Okay. You're not in 1956 anymore, Brent. So, again, it just might be time.

JEFFY: No. It might be time, Brent. Just to -- we love you. Okay? And every once in a while --

PAT: And I do. I think he's great.

JEFFY: Every once in a while, come back around. Maybe do a press conference at the Bowl games every once in a while. The Sugar Bowl maybe gives you a special award. You're the Sugar Bowl guy.

PAT: You're the honorary color man for the Sugar Bowl.

JEFFY: You're the guy, from here on out.

PAT: We allow you to say three things during the Sugar Bowl.

JEFFY: We allow you to say, "And the Sugar Bowl winner this year is..."

PAT: So it just might be time.

JEFFY: We'll get you a ticket. You're up in the booth, and you're good.

PAT: And I will say, it definitely is time for the Obamas.

Now, this happened a couple of weeks ago, but we were on vacation when she said it. And I couldn't believe the insensitivity of it at the time.

But it reminded me how glad I am to see these two go. When Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah and because -- and they're talking about the Trump presidency and how the left is going crazy.

And here's what Michelle Obama said.

MICHELLE: We're feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. Hope is necessary. It's a necessary concept. And Barack didn't just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes.

JEFFY: Yes, he did.

MICHELLE: I mean, he and I and so many believe that what else do you have if you don't have hope?

VOICE: Yeah.

PAT: Yeah, yeah.

MICHELLE: What do you give your kids if you can't give them hope?

PAT: I'm sorry. Was she saying that about the right, who almost lost all hope when her husband was elected, when her Marxist husband was elected in 2008? No.


PAT: They didn't care at all what the right was feeling. They didn't -- they didn't give -- they didn't care at all about anybody but themselves. And now all of a sudden, now they see that their reaction is much the same as ours. And they have no recognition of that. None!

They are the most unaware people. These liberals and progressives apparently can't see beyond their own noses. It's just amazing.

And it's -- it's one of the reasons I'll be very happy to say goodbye to them on January 20th, regardless of who is entering the White House. Just so they're going out the other door.

JEFFY: Yeah, they're gone.

PAT: Just so they're gone.

JEFFY: And he makes a big point now of continuing to say that he's still going to be involved.

PAT: I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere.

JEFFY: Still going to be in Washington.

PAT: Yeah, he told some little girl that.

JEFFY: Going to school.

PAT: I was only paying half attention to the news cycle when we were on vacation, but he was telling some little kid, "I'm not going anywhere." Because the kid was saying how he's going to miss him and all of that. And I thought, "I don't know if I can handle it if you don't go anywhere. You need to go somewhere and just leave us alone now okay? You've done enough."

JEFFY: There's no way he does that either.

PAT: It's fascinating to watch this though because, again, they are so unaware. Paul Krugman, Nobel-winning economist and liberal New York Times columnist said that he's lost faith in the future of the United States. Now, when we were saying this in 2008 and 2012, that we were concerned about the future --

JEFFY: What!

PAT: Who do you want to take the country back from? A black man? Well, who do you want to take the country back from? A white guy? A capitalist? A -- what do you say?

In a series of tweets following Trump's expected triumph in the electoral college, Krugman seemed to be despondent with the state of the US: So it's official, and it's vile. The loser of the popular vote installed by Russian intervention, a rogue FBI, an epic media malfunction, he tweeted. We should never accept this as okay. It may be a new normal. But that's a new normal in which the America we knew and loved is gone.

It's just agonizing.

JEFFY: It sure is.

PAT: It is agonizing. Are people noticing that the Trump economic team is shaping up as a gathering of Gold bugs?

JEFFY: Wait.

PAT: What is it -- I'm not sure what that means. Goldman Sachs people I guess he's talking about?

JEFFY: Yeah.

PAT: People who are successful economically, I guess he's talking about.

JEFFY: I hate those people.

PAT: You got to hate them.

JEFFY: I hate those people that are successful.

PAT: Krugman gave the highest praise to Larry Kudlow, who is expected to be named the head of the Council of Economic Advisers. In this crew, Kudlow, who thinks it's always the 1970s, but doesn't seem to hyperinflation under his bed is the most reasonable.

Okay. Well, I mean, it -- it's fascinating to watch their machinations now. It's fascinating to watch their panic, their fear, the fact that they're all buying shelters now. They're installing these -- these self-sufficient shelters that in some cases are costing seven, ten, $15 million. Now, when we said, "Hey, you might want to store some extra food," it was crazy. It was nuts.

JEFFY: What are you talking about? Preaching the end of times?

PAT: When we were saying, "Hey, maybe it's good to have 10 percent of gold in your portfolio." I'm not talking about buying all the gold in the universe, I'm just saying maybe 10 percent of what you own.

JEFFY: Oh, how crazy are you?

PAT: You're so crazy, you're just making money. And now they're taking these incredibly drastic measures. It's perfectly fine. It's perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with it.

JEFFY: It's okay. Not crazy at all.

PAT: Now when they say the end of the world is coming because of Donald Trump, it's perfectly fine. There's no problem.

Just -- I'm not asking them not to say it. I'm just ask them to notice that you thought all of that was crazy in 2008 when we were concerned.

JEFFY: It would be nice. There's no way.

PAT: And maybe you could learn the lesson from us that, "Okay. We thought that he would -- and he did fundamentally transform America. But we thought it might be to the point to where we would even have no place in it.

I'm not sure what we thought would happen. Economic collapse. Who knows.

And he did do a lot of damage. But we survived it. And here we are.

So it would be nice if they could learn that lesson, that we thought it was going to be catastrophic when he was elected. And he's been elected to two terms. And we survived it.

We'll survive this guy, no matter what. We'll survive him.

And that's -- you know, I think that's what's given me so much hope, is that realization. After the election, I thought, "Well, you know, we've survived a lot. We survived a Marxist president."

JEFFY: Yeah.

PAT: Who I don't think even has much admiration for this country.

JEFFY: Not a chance. No way.

PAT: And somehow we got through it all. We survived his socialist program, his Obamacare. We survived the government taking over 17 percent of the economy. Now, it's made things worse. There's no doubt about that. And a lot worse. And even for people who don't have Obamacare, it's made health care extraordinarily expensive and has ruined our coverage.

We used to have the best coverage I've ever had. It has declined so much over the last few years, since Obamacare. It's almost unrecognizable now.

JEFFY: It's quite a bit different.

PAT: It's a lot different.

JEFFY: I mean, I got --

PAT: I mean, Glenn was really proud of the fact that he offered the best insurance available, and he did.

JEFFY: And he should be.

PAT: And he should be.

JEFFY: Yeah, absolutely.

PAT: Yes. But now, you can't even get that insurance anymore. You can't even get it. They won't even put the parameters into the computer because they don't have those parameters anymore.

JEFFY: It was -- as long as we're down this road. It was frustrating in our gatherings with changing of insurance that we kept here. Well, this is the best it is. This is the best --

PAT: This is really great.

JEFFY: Nobody else has got --

PAT: It was so frustrating that I had to point out to them: Yeah, well, it's not to us. Because we used to have much better. Yeah, well, that doesn't exist anymore. So...

Okay. Well, thank you, Obamacare. Appreciate it.

JEFFY: Right. And that's why Nancy Pelosi is proud to tell the Republicans, "Look, if you break Obamacare, they own it. They break it, they own it."

PAT: It's already broken.

JEFFY: No kidding. Nancy.

PAT: I've got news for Nancy Pelosi: It's been broken since day one.

JEFFY: Day one.

PAT: 888-727-BECK. More of the Glenn Beck Program coming up.

(OUT AT 10:50AM)

PAT: Welcome. Pat and Jeffy. 888-727-BECK. Hopefully will be back -- feeling better tomorrow.

JEFFY: Well, if he doesn't move.

PAT: Yeah, if he doesn't move.

JEFFY: If he listens to us.

PAT: Because, again, he was sitting in a chair, doing just fine. And then moved. You can't do that.

JEFFY: How many times we say, "Sit down, don't move."

PAT: Threw out his back. Don't move. And maybe he's learned an important lesson here today.

JEFFY: I hope so. I hope so.

PAT: I sure hope so.

We were talking about the Rock Hall of Fame a little bit earlier. Who were the -- are there five or six -- there's five or six artists that have got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame --

JEFFY: Strong.

PAT: Like Joan Baez. Who doesn't love Joan Baez?

JEFFY: I may have taken the full list down. But Tupac.

PAT: Tupac Shakur.

JEFFY: Journey.

PAT: Journey, who deserves it. ELO deserves it. And Yes.

JEFFY: Yeah.

Oh, Pearl Jam.

PAT: Oh, and Pearl Jam.

JEFFY: Pearl Jam.

PAT: So that's the other one.

Chris, in California, you're on the Glenn Beck Program.

CALLER: Hey. Absolutely.

So I think that we should probably go with Phoebe Snow. Because Phoebe Snow has got that '70s sound. We were all about '70s here, right?

JEFFY: I love Phoebe.

PAT: Poetry man? Right?

JEFFY: Come on now. Yeah.

CALLER: No, no, I was thinking more of Midnight in the Oasis.

PAT: Oh, that's Maria Muldaur.

CALLER: Oh. Maria.

JEFFY: I've got an album of Phoebe doing some covers, and she may have done that song on that album.

PAT: She might have. But nobody does it like the original done by Maria Muldaur.

JEFFY: I know. I know.

CALLER: Well, there you go.

PAT: Midnight at the Oasis.

JEFFY: Come on. Who doesn't love that song? Who doesn't love Midnight at the Oasis?

PAT: Oh, I think everybody does. I know I do.

JEFFY: Thank you. He's got a point with Phoebe Snow. I mean, Poetry Man is --

PAT: And as long as we're at it, why not put Minnie Riperton into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the one who did loving you is easy because you're beautiful.

JEFFY: I mean, there should actually be like a wing to the Rock Hall and Fame, to the one-hit greatness of songs.

PAT: Well, there's definitely a wing for rap artists. There's a wing for R&B. There's a wing for people who are just influential.

JEFFY: Yeah, to their core.

PAT: That you've never heard of. But people were influenced by them, whether they were a producer or they were a writer or they were a band that nobody's ever heard of. But bands heard of them.

JEFFY: But the iconic band came from here.

PAT: Yes. And liked them, so they're in. So why not, a one-hit wonder wing? It's -- the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a sham. It's a travashamockery. And I think we all know it.

JEFFY: So what happens? Do you change your tune if they -- if they put Foreigner in?

PAT: Well, it will help. I don't know if it will cure the disease. But it eases the pain a little.

JEFFY: It will ease the pain a little. That's just a throw-in.

PAT: But look how long it took to put Journey in. Come on. That's a no-brainer. I'm not a big Journey fan anymore because they're so overplayed. I just got sick of them. But it's Journey.

JEFFY: I'm not either, but it's Journey. It's Journey. Come on.

PAT: They sold 100 million plus.

JEFFY: It's not about that.

PAT: Chicago went in I think last year. They sold 125 million.

JEFFY: At least.

PAT: They're iconic. How do you leave those bands out? ELO just got in this year.

JEFFY: Well, so did Tupac. So that's good. That's good. Tupac is in.

PAT: Yes. And, I mean, he was shot nine times. So he should have been in a long time ago. A long time ago.

JEFFY: Right!

Featured Image: Promotional studio portrait of American rock group Foreigner, 1977. (L-R): Lou Gramm, Ian McDonald, Al Greenwood, Mick Jones, Dennis Elliot. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Do YOU pass? Glenn Beck takes the WHITE PRIVILEGE test

Image source: BlazeTV video screenshot

On his Friday Exclusive show, Glenn Beck took Monitor Racism's white privilege test, administered by psychologist Dr. Karlyn Borysenko. The test is comprised of 26 questions designed to assess how much white privilege plays a role in the test-taker's life.

Watch the video clip below to see how Glenn measured up:

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Dr. Scott Atlas, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow and former chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Monday to cut through the confusion and politics clouding our understanding of COVID-19 and to give the facts about the so-called second wave of this pandemic.

"I think everything should be done by looking at the data, instead of just models, or even just allowing fear to go into the exchange. So if we look at the data, we see there's no question that [COVID-19] cases are increasing in many states. And that's to be expected, for a few reasons," Atlas said.

"Of course, when we test more, we're going to detect more cases. And when they have thousands and thousands of people in the streets protesting, and screaming, and sharing megaphones, we're going to have more cases," he explained. "The question really is: What is the significance of these cases, and how we're going to handle these consequences?"

Atlas noted that the overwhelming majority of people getting COVID-19 in this "second wave" are younger, healthier people who are not at significant risk, according to "evidence from all over the world, including the United States."

"The overwhelming majority of people recover fully from the infection, so that's not really the issue. In fact, the issue is only two-fold," he said. "We need to protect the elderly high-risk people, particularly in nursing homes ... and prevent hospitals from being overcrowded. This is the point of the policy. The policy was never to stop all cases of COVID."

Dr. Atlas argued that political policies need to focus on protecting the most vulnerable without destroying the lives of those with extremely low risk.

"Frankly, one of the most egregious failures of the policy people is, not just allow[ing] fear to infiltrate their own thinking and do lockdowns, which are severely harmful," he emphasized. "But secondly, they have failed to reassure the public about the facts, and about the relative risk here. It's a very serious dangerous disease — for a group of people. And we know who those people are. They are high-risk, elderly people with comorbidities. Everyone else, it's not a high-risk disease."

Glenn asked Dr. Atlas to weigh in on whether or not schools should be opened in the fall.

"This is a slam-dunk issue," he answered. "There is zero science to back up claims that the schools should be closed or even opened with any constraints whatsoever."

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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Roger Stone is kind of a scumbag but the outrage over his commutation by President Trump has gone off the rails. Thus far in his presidency, Trump has commuted the sentence for 11 individuals while in comparison, Bill Clinton had 61. Even worse, Barack Obama commuted the sentence of 1,715 criminals! Just by the numbers, the outrage is insane. But then add in that both Obama and Clinton commuted or pardoned the sentence of terrorists and/or "friends" of the the president and the double standard is outrageous.

Here is a list of just a few of the worst offenders:

Bill Clinton Pardons/Commuted sentences


  • Commuted the sentences of 16 members of the FALN, a Puerto Rican paramilitary organization that set off 120 bombs in the United States, mostly in New York City and Chicago. There were convictions for conspiracy to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as firearms and explosives violations.
  • Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg were both commuted and both were members of Weather Underground and the May 19 Communist Movement, and were convicted on weapons and explosives charges.

Case similar to Trump/Roger Stone

  • Susan McDougal was sentenced to 18 months in prison on contempt charges for refusing to testify about Clinton in the Whitewater scandal only to have Clinton pardoned her.

Pardons/commutations that look like a response to bribes

  • Carlos Vignali was convicted for cocaine trafficking. Almon Glenn Braswell was convicted for mail fraud and perjury, and was under investigation for money laundering and tax evasion. Vignali was commuted while Braswell was pardoned, but they were also both caught paying approximately $200,000 to Hillary Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham, to represent their respective cases for clemency.
  • Marc Rich fled the U.S. after he was caught owing $48 million in taxes and was charged with 51 counts for tax fraud. Everyone was surprised when Clinton pardoned him. It was later revealed that Rich's wife made substantial donations to both the Clinton library and to Hillary Clinton's senate campaign.

Pardon for a member of Clinton's family

  • Clinton pardoned his brother, Roger Clinton, who had been convicted on drug charges. A year after the pardon he would be charged for Drunk driving and disorderly conduct.

Drug Cartel lawyer

  • Clinton commuted the sentence for Harvey Weinig, a former NY lawyer who was sentenced in 1996 to 11 years in prison for facilitating an extortion-kidnapping scheme and helping launder at least $19 million for the Cali cocaine cartel.

Obama Pardons/Commuted sentences - the most since Truman: Obama granted clemency to nearly 2,000 individuals, including 212 pardons and 1,715 commutations.


  • Obama commuted the sentence of another FALN terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera.


  • Chelsea Manning: the former Army Intelligence analyst was convicted of leaking documents that revealed classified information on military and diplomatic activities all around the world only to have her sentence commuted.

Case similar to Micheal Flynn or Roger Stone

  • Obama pardoned General James Cartwright, who had been convicted for lying to the FBI (sound familiar?!). Cartwright was considered "Obama's favorite general".

On his Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck goes where the Left and the media don't want us to go. The protests, riots, pandemic — it's all one big distraction being weaponized to shield the Deep State from the big reveal.

The case against General Michael Flynn is bigger than a phone call with the Russian ambassador; it exposes everything. Glenn reveals multiple cogs in the Deep State wheel that tried to destroy Donald Trump's presidency.

This story has everything: secret meetings, spies, glamorous European locations. Glenn puts all of the pieces together and interviews the man who was an eyewitness to all of it — former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos. Specifically targeted by this Deep State coup, his reputation and life may never be the same. He reveals the names of those he believes were behind his setup and the coup against the president.

Watch a preview of the full episode below:

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