Former Military Listener With Latino Heritage Grades Trump

Glenn took calls from listeners today who graded Trump on his first 100 days as president. The answers varied greatly, but one listener from Georgia who is also former military, gave Trump a C- and shared how his Latino heritage has him torn on the issue of immigration.

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Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: Hello, America. Let's go to Dave in Georgia. Hello, Dave. What grade do you give the president for -- for his first 100 days?

CALLER: Glenn, I would say like a B-minus. Maybe a C-plus. And I'll give you a reason why. Georgia went for Trump, I know. But I wrote in someone else, someone who was a more security-minded person like myself.

But, anyway, Trump's the president. So I say, "Okay. Let's see what he does." And so I like Gorsuch, don't get me wrong. But then we're at 6.8 percent into the term, and I -- you know, I'm not one for giving out a trophy for participation, but I'm not one for, you know, grading someone at 6.8 percent of the score here on how they're -- how they're doing --

GLENN: I agree -- I agree with you. I agree with you.

But this is a deal that, you know, every president deals with, the first 100 days.

PAT: And it's a landmark he set up.

GLENN: Right. It's a landmark that he himself said in the first 100 days, I will do these things. He's not done almost all of those things. And, in fact, folded on some of those things.

So, you know, just grading him on the landmark that every president has had to do and he himself set up this own thing. So we're just asking to judge him and trying to hear from the people of the country, not the media. I mean, it's the people of the country that matter.

CALLER: Agree. Agree. So just putting on blinders and looking at these 100 days, I would say that there are three or four things that are good and that there are three or four things that are bad. So it's middle of the road. But it's still early overall to be able to say, yay or nay.

GLENN: I agree. So what are the things that you agree with?

STU: Right.

CALLER: I like Gorsuch. I like strong on security. I'm a former military person. And that is something that I'm seeing that -- that I align with. And I'm also interested in seeing sanctuary -- well, I've seen some backing up on sanctuary cities.

GLENN: Big time.

CALLER: Which is something -- I'm of Hispanic heritage. So I have this mixed emotion about, because my Latino side says, "Well, let's be a little lenient." And my, you know, military American side says, "Wait a minute, we have to put up borders. Our country has to be protected." And so I have a mixture of feelings with that.

But I think that you do have to look at immigration as a whole, and that he is looking at immigration as a whole. And that we've seen illegal immigration drop drastically. And so those are the three key things that I say that are happening positive.

GLENN: That's great. Dave, thank --

CALLER: The things that are negative, there are a lot of other things that may be --

GLENN: Yeah.

CALLER: Like you feel like he's dragging his feet on. But it will happen. It will happen.

GLENN: Okay. Dave, thank you very much for your phone call.

You know what's very interesting, I asked, before he was elected, I said, "Is there anything that he could do that would make you turn on him, Trump supporters only?" And it's strange because they're not. The answer was, "Yes --

PAT: Immigration.

GLENN: -- if he doesn't build the border wall."

PAT: Yeah.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: We now have a new budget out that specifically says no money can be used to build the border wall.


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