A Call From the Forgotten Man: His Pain Will Haunt You All Day

This morning, Glenn was sent a piece of audio from a radio program in Maryland. It was a caller named Allen who described himself as "the forgotten man." The pain in his voice was palpable.

If you're a long-time listener, you'll remember the book The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes.

"It was all about the Great Depression, and the forgotten man is the guy in the middle. The government is talking about the poor, and they want to help the poor. And so the government is person A. The poor is person C. And person A, the government, says we have to help person C, and we're going to take money from person B and give it to person C. A and C are fine, but it's the forgotten man, person B, who is crushed by this weight," Glenn said.

That's exactly what happened with Obamacare. The government promised person B that they'd get $2,500 back, keep their doctor and maintain their current health care. Only none of that came true --- and for the forgotten man in the middle, health care premiums have gone up 140 percent.

"I got up this morning, I heard this audio, and I sent it to my entire staff. I also sent it to a few friends in the media on the left with a little dissertation. This is why we're having problems in the country. This is who is not being heard," Glenn said.

Allen's emotional plea for help was an eye opener.

"Those of us who are not in Allen's situation need to hear him, need to find him in our own lives, need to understand that, most likely, there are millions of Allens who will fight you on Donald Trump and fight you on Russia because they're flailing. They're drowning," Glenn said.

What can be done? Glenn offered a solution that'd you might not expect.

"There's something else we can do, something you've never heard coming from Glenn Beck before: Let's make America great again," Glenn said.

Listen to Allen's emotional call and read Glenn's message to Congress.

GLENN: I got up this morning, and I was sent a piece of audio from a friend of the forgotten man. If you're a long-term listener of this program, you remember Amity Shlaes, and she wrote a book called the forgotten man, and it was all about the Great Depression. And the forgotten man is the guy in the middle. The government is talking about the poor, and they want to help the poor. And so the government is person A. The poor is person C. And person A, the government says we have to help person C, and we're going to take money from person B and give it to person C. And A and C are fine. The forgotten man, person B, they're crushed by this weight. And that's what happened with ObamaCare.

The government said we want to help people who don't have money, and they promised person B you're going to get $2,500 back because person B was, like, wait, I like my doctor, I like my health care, and I'm barely holding on as it is. Don't worry, said person A. You'll keep your doctor. You'll keep your health insurance, and you're going to get $2,400 back every year. Well, they did it. Now person C has it. Person A has power. But person B is being crushed. The forgotten man. You need to hear the audio that I heard this morning. And then what we're going to do about it. We begin right now.

GLENN: I got up this morning, I heard this audio, and I sent it to my entire staff. I also sent it to a few friends in the media on the left with a little dissertation.

This is why we're having problems in the country. This is who is not being heard.

This audio is from WMAL.

>> Allen from southern Maryland, you're on WMAL, go on.

>> I'm sick of the Donald Trump stuff. The Donald Trump stuff. I consider myself one of the forgotten men and women. I'm worried about job creation, I'm worried about tax cuts, I mean, more money. I'm living paycheck to paycheck. They just cut off my cable bill. I'm rubbing two nickels together. We're out here struggling, and these people don't get it. I don't have money. I'm cutting back on my medicine, my groceries, she can't find a job.

>> Do you feel like the president is keeping his head down and doing what he promised to do to try to help you and other Americans like you?

>> If they let him do it and give him a chance. They're fighting him every step of the way. We need help out here. We've been struggling for years under Obama. And he had the right message. We need tax cuts. I need a couple extra dollars in my paycheck every week. We need jobs.

>> Thanks, Allen.

>> And these liberals, the press, all of this, they need to get off of that and think about us. Putting on your boots every day getting up at 4:00 in the morning going to work and providing for your family. It's hard.

>> Thank you, Allen.

GLENN: You see, we look at people in Washington, D.C. and in the media centers of New York. We look at people as Republicans or Democrats. We look at them as the rich or the oppressed. We forgot about the people who are putting their boots on every day and getting up at 4:00 in the morning just trying to make ends meet. Who have played by the rules their entire life? The media paid attention to people who wanted free phones.

>> You got Obama phone?

>> Yes. Everybody in Cleveland no minority got Obama phone. Keep Obama in the president, you know?

GLENN: The media paid attention to people who wanted Obama cash.

>> Here's a portion for Obama.

>> Where is it coming from?

>> Obama.

>> Where is it coming from?

>> Obama money.

>> What kind of money?

GLENN: Okay. So obviously, a horrible cut of that. Obama cash. When asked where did that money come from, she said I don't know. Obama's stash.

They paid attention to the plight quote in air quotes of the Occupy Wall Street crowd that really -- they weren't oppressed. They were people going to Columbia University. They listened to those people, but they weren't listening to the people who eight years ago were struggling, and they were struggling under George W. Bush as well. People who haven't had a raise since 9/11. And these people have played by the rules. These people were out among us. As tea party people saying this economy is going to collapse. This can't continue to go this way. Stop. Create jobs. The government doesn't create jobs.

And now they're not listening to reason anymore because they are so far under water, a drowning man will push a lifeguard underneath the water. You can't reason with a drowning man. Nobody listened to them. And this argument back and forth -- look, it's important. I think this is a danger. What's going on in our country right now in Washington is a danger to the republic on about 40 different levels.

The Democrats and the media do have a seemingly abnormal hatred toward Donald Trump. I can't control the media. You can't control the media. We can't control the Democrats. We can't control the Republicans. We can't control our neighbors. We can only control ourselves. And when we get into the position of Allen, we can't even control ourselves. We are working so hard just to make sure our children have food on the table. There is -- we can't handle anymore.

I'm not loyal to the GOP. I'm not loyal to -- I'm not loyal to Donald Trump or Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan. I am loyal to the things that will protect my children. That will help my children. Will help me feed my children, educate my children. I have a deep loyalty to the neighbors and the friends who, like Allen, are doing everything they can to keep their head above water. It's why we started. I get it today for the very first time. Why five years ago I heard build the framework of hope, and I didn't even understand it. Until today, I didn't really understand it. I understood it in a mathematical way. I understood it in an intellectual way. I knew what was coming. I had been warning you what is coming. But Larry is already feeling it. It's why when we started Mercury One, and we have the labor of love, I've been saying, please, go help your neighbors. Please, go find the people in your own neighborhood. They have to know somebody hears them. Somebody sees them.

My grandparents were not wealthy. But my grandparents -- my grandfather, never telling my grandmother, would take his lunch -- and if I heard it one more time, I would explode as a kid -- lard sandwiches. All they had was lard. Would take bread and put lard on it. All they could afford was lard sandwiches. They cannot afford butter or anything. She would make bread, and that was his meal. And my grandfather during the depression was going to work and giving it to people who didn't have a lard sandwich, and he would skip his lunch. That's who we are. Those are the roots where we came.

So how do we help Larry?

The first thing we do is remember what the 912 project was about. We're not alone. You're not alone, Allen. There are people that hear you. We, who are not in Allen's situation, need to figure out a way to help Larry. And the help is not going to come from Washington.

What happens to Allen God forbid that the stock market finally takes the tumble that we all know it's going to do. It can't go this way forever. And I'm sorry, but anybody who tells you that the stock market -- look at the stock market.

A, who cares about the stock market, except those that have so much money that they've got it from the fed, from the discount window that doesn't mean anything anymore, and they've invested it in their own company stock to inflate the price of their own stock so they have a golden parachute.

Let me tell you who cares about the stock market. Anybody who has worked their whole life and has a pension and were lied to by the unions and the politicians. All the cops, all the firemen, all the teachers. They care about the stock market. They've played by the rules. And when the stock market comes down and their pensions can't be paid, then what happens? We all have to be prepared to voluntarily share what we have. Not some government coming in and taking it and taking 70 percent of every dollar so the fat cats can get rich.

Those of us who are not in Allen's situation need to hear him. Need to find him in our own lives. Need to understand that most likely, there are millions of Allens who will fight you on Donald Trump and fight you on Russia because they're flailing. They're drowning. And if we stop and listen to them, perhaps we can get to where he was. We can actually hear what's underneath that. What's happening in your life? What's happening? How can I help?

There's something else we can do. Something you never heard coming from Glenn Beck before. Let's make America great again. Let me tell you what we actually can do when we come back.


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